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Do you know that author? The one who's writing is in every online platform to read. Her books make you fall in love with the characters and eager for the next chapter. She writes romance, mystery, adventure, and many other books to please her readers. She even published her books. You know her penman as Savannah Collins. Everybody else knows her as Mia Leons. Your average sixteen year-old girl. She's smart and shy and no one really knows when did she came to O'Brien High School. She is the writer of those books. She pours her heart and soul in her writing. But she keeps it a secret. What happens when someone gets too book obsessed and searches for this mystery author? With secrets and rumors exposed, how will they survive a drama beyond the pages? Find out in the Author.

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She stared at the paper. She tapped the pencil on her notebook, agitated.

She sighed. She practically wanted to bang her head. "Stupid writer's block...." She muttered distastefully.

"Mia, Sweetie? Are you ready?" Her mother asked. Mia scowled at herself for losing track of time. "Yeah!"

Mia rushed to slip on her black sneakers and furiously brushed her hair to a side. She shoved her notebook in her backpack and stomped the wooden stairs of the two story home.

"Have a good day." Mom kissed her forehead. Mia smiled and waved as the screen door swung open.

"Mia!" Mom tossed a green apple, which she caught in her mouth. She muffled a thanks before running out.

She juggled between running and putting on a track jacket. "Why?" She asked herself as the apple fell out of her mouth, bouncing out into the street. Sighing she picked it up and groaned as her stomach growled viciously. The zoo inside rumbled.

Continuing to run all the way to school. She relaxed when the O'Brien High School sign greeted her.

Mia smiled and zoomed in. She paced as she fought crowds to reach her locker. Scrambling as she turned her lock the door swung open. Stuffing her books inside, she caught herself in the mirror.

There she was. Ugly and all.

Mia scowled as she saw her light brown hair pulled into a sloppy pony-tail. Her light skin symbolizing the need of sun. Her imperfect body slipping like melted ice cream. And what she hated the most, her eyes.

Grey irises gleamed at her tauntingly. They were pure and abrasive. Cold and stony. They practically scolded everyone with their vitriolic sharpness.

Sighing, Mia slammed the locker door closed not wanted to see her stupid face.

Mia sucked on her lip as she thought about her appearance. She was very hideous in her opinion. Compared to the models at her school she was a nobody. Invisible and sneered at.

Her own teachers never knew her own name, even after attending this school for two years. She guessed that's what she wanted. To never be noticed.

She wanted to be liked. The only one who did was Warren....

"Hey, Snob!" A voice called. It was deep and cold. Mia turned around to see, Lucas Walker.

Mia groaned. Not him, she thought. His warming chocolate pupils swirled like stirred hot coco. He wore his medieval smirk at her whining. "So, Snob when we gonna meet for studying? Of course, if you want to do more, I could tutor you on somethings." He said suggestively.

Mia was about to puke her half-eaten apple right there. "Shut up, Bastard."

His eyes created a loving look, "Aw! Snobby likes me!" He mocked. Mia rolled her eyes, "Don't call me a snob." She ordered.

"Nah. Snobby is better than your name, Mylene." He shrugged.

Mia bit back a mouth-load of curses, "My name is Mia not Mylene." She lowered at him.

He genuinely looked taken back at that, "W-what? For real? Are you sure it's not Mylene? I could've sworn...." He trailed off scratching his head.

Mia glared at him, aggressively. She desperately wanted to smack his sorry self.

"Are you new, this year?" He asked, his eyes blurred as if recalling.

"No!" She hissed with poison in her words. "Been here for two years. Heck, I've known you since fifth-grade!"

He looked shocked, "Really?" He questioned.

"Ugh! Stupid, pompous, arrogant, ignorant, dull-witted, and simply brainless fowl human being!" She muttered in utter annoyance. "And a downright pain in the rear!" She concluded.

"What kind of pain?" He made a smug smile. Feigning innocence.

She growled lowly. "Meet me at my house today at 5:00 pm, for tutoring. And nothing else!" She remarked bitterly.

"Why does Mr. Hank hate me?" She mumbled to herself.

"Great! Meet you soon, Snobby! Unless-"

"No, no, no, no! Soon. Unfortunately, but soon." She interrupted him.

"Whatever you say, Snobby!" He winked and smoothed away.

"I think I lost more than the average brain cell lost in that conversation." She said as she headed for English.


"Mom! I'm home!" Mia greeted. She dumped her backpack at the kitchen counter. "Mom?" She asked in the silence. Worried, she rushed to her mother's bedroom. There laid a woman, snoring. Mia scanned the room, and her eyes laid on the paper trashed.

Mia tucked her sleeping mother in the covers before cleaning up.

"Oh Mom, why did you overwork yourself?" Mia asked. Of course, no response.

Mia ran her fingers at her Mom's tangled hair. It was a lovely golden blonde, curled to perfection. Mia was jealous, her mother was breath-taking beautiful. She was young, barely thirty-two. She was a teenage mom but the best mother.

Her pure kind blue and green eyes fragile into oceanic colors. Her tanned skin was desirable.

Instead she looked like her father, grey cold eyes and symphony brown hair.

She remembered him, very little anyways. Mom and him were married and he stayed for a while. He loved Mom but hated having a child. He stayed for Mia's toddler-hood before taking off.

He was always cold to her, he would tease and taunt her. Yet, at night when everyone was asleep. Mia would find him reading to her to sleep. Just the two of them, he actually showed love. They would play and laugh.

Mia would be his "Little Bear"and he would write her stories of brave heroines.

When she was five, he left. Mom was devastated and Mia would cry for his return.

Now, it all changed. She was his spitting image, and she was afraid she would become like him. Harsh and absent.

Tiptoeing, she opened her mother's closet. She pulled a box and carried it away.

Sitting in the sofa, she opened the sealed tape. Her trembling hands gaped at the pictures. Pictures of her father and herself.

There four-year old Mia hugged her father. Love pouring out of her child eyes. Her father, Jason Leons. He had love in his eyes, too. Those grey iris glowed with it. His handsome structure, stood. He wore a blue hoodie and jeans. Little Mia wore a small blue hoodie with a purple skirt.

They were posing in front of the lake. Mom was taking the photo.

Mia cried silent tears. She curled up and cried.

"Where are you Dad?" She asked to no one.

A knock interrupted her mourning. She sighed, before stuffing the picture back to the box. Her eyes laid in the box, spotting something.

The blue hoodie.

Her mind fuzzed and she auto walked to open the door, staring blankly at the hoodie.

She opened the door.

Leaning, and smirking was Lucas Walker.

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