Willow's Wonder

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After moving to the town of Floradale in America, Alice Willows gets caught up in a world she never new existed falling in love with the class trouble maker Mason and finding herself and what she really is along the way. Meanwhile back at home her sister is going threw her own drama that is full of life changing events after discovering she is pregnent with her flings baby. Now she must face the real world and figure out if she can bring up a child.

Drama / Fantasy
Enna Dawn
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Chapter 1


I stared at my half empty wardrob and sighed, what the hell were you supposed to wear for your first day of high school? Were there certain things you couldn't wear, a colour code maybe?

I groaned and jumped back onto my queen sized bed and stared up at the ceiling. It was a teal colour which I didn't like much but knowing my parents I wouldn't be in this town for long, so I didn't ponder on the thought.

I had moved four times in the past three years and each time I finally settled down my parents had found a new part of England they wanted to move to and explore. It wasn't that there job requierd them to move, they where both artists like me, they just wanted to explore the world and for me to see it with them.

And last month my mother decided that that envolved dragging me to America!

So here I am in floradale a small town in the middle of nowhere, lying on my bed wondering what to wear for high school!

In England I always had a uniform.

I picked up my phone, maybe Bethany could help with my dilemma, that's what sisters are for right...? I finished writing up my text when I realised Bethany, being on the other side of the world, would still be asleep, hell I hate it here already!

I looked at my desolate wardrob and shook my head, giving up, I'll decide later, I have to get out of my room, go down stairs maybe, anywhere a bit less green...


"Bethy, Bethy wake up your gunna be late for work!" I moaned as Josh shook my sholders roughly.

"Go away" I answered quietly into my pillow "I'm sleeping josh."

"Fine, sleep, but don't moan at me when your boss fires you for being late on your first day" Josh replied.

What? Work? Oh crap, work! My first day is today and I overslept! I sat up quickly, squinting at the light that peirced threw the cracks in the curtain. I turned to look at josh who smirked at me staring at my shocked expression with his lazy brown eyes. I glared at him.

"Hay" he exclaimed "you said that I could come over to your place as long as I woke you up at 7!"

I glared "Six, I'm pritty sure I said six josh."

God, what kind of idiot goes out to party and gets drunk the night before her first day, apparently I did. I had been trying to get a job at ZuZu fashion magazine since I finished school and now that it was finally happening I was about to screw it up.

"Whatever!" Josh groaned as he closed his eyes falling back to sleep.

I had 20 minutes to get ready and I was going to have to be quick!


I pushed a potato around my plate with my fork, thoughts lingering in my mind about what tomorrow would be like. Unlike Bethany I had always been slow at making friends and hated started new schools. My parents didn't know this though, I never told them any of my issues when it came to my nomadic lifestyle, as traveling and seeing different sides to the world made them happy, I also knew that they would travel a lot more if it where not for me holding them back. I've always tries to do what I think my parents would want me to do. My friends back in Yorkshire called me a pushover but usually when there happy they're less inclined to want move.

"You okay sweetie?" Mom asked from across the table, eyeing my mouth. I was chewing the ends of my chesnut hair, I did this when I was anxious, a bad habbit I know but it was a coping mechanism none the less. Mom used to tell me off, saying me and my sister had lovely hair and I should look after it like my sister does but over the years she gave up.

Huh? I blinked then nodded my head remembering what she asked me.

"You exited for high school gall?" My dad asked grinning, atempting at an american accent. I cringed but smiled too, my dad's smile was infectious.

"Yep" I lied.

After dinner I helped wash up then got ready and went to bed worring about the next day ahead.

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