Blue Roses, Blackened Heart

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Chapter 10

"It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be heard, cannot be smelt. It lies behind stars and under hills. And empty holes it fills, It comes first and follows after. Ends life, kills laughter" – J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit or There and Back Again

Watching his lifeless body on the bed brings me no satisfaction.

Second's life is over and I am still hungry for vengeance.

I want to punch something; smash it into a million pieces. Annihilate.

The door suddenly opens and I come face to face with nurse Annie Summers. Fuck it all. She looks at me and the syringe which is still in my hand and quickly glances back at the bed where Second is located. Her eyes bulge and in the few seconds it takes her to realize what has happened, I had my gun trained on her person.

"Beautiful Annie Summers...a pleasure again to meet you...but unfortunately you are in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Please..." She knows that this is her end.

"Please..." She wants to live. But if I relent, I will lose.

"Come closer, my dear." She edges in but stops a few feet away.


When she is a breath away, I pull her into an embrace and inhale her scent and lick her flesh. Fear. It lingers on my tongue and I harden by the pleasure of it. Excitement sends my heart into overdrive.

"You're deliciously wanton. God!" I exhale harshly. "I do wish I could keep you."

"Why are you doing this?" She is trembling violently. She knows that this is it: Her demise. She is not ready for my answer.

"Come, Annie, let's dance." And I edge her body nearer to the window and push hard and she falls; making not a sound only the look of surprise etched on her face.


Annie's thoughts a few minutes ago

Something is definitely wrong with the scene unfolding in front of me. Dr. Spades is in Mr. Black's room, standing over a body lying in the bed. There's a syringe in his hand and the person is strapped down. What's happening here? Did he do something to that guy? I need to get help, but then I see a gun in his hand. This is no doctor. Foolish of me to think that my luck is about to change for the better. Meeting a new doctor and he's beautiful and he shows an interest in me. Yeah right! Fucking stupid for ten people!

He beckons me closer. I am terrified. I know that this is my end. He has that look on his face, a devil's child and he is hungry for the taste of death.

Present time

I am forced through the window violently. Glass shards pepper my body and face with hot kisses. No time to scream for help. I am falling, swiftly and surely, I am no longer in control of myself. Gravity's my enemy, pulling me closer to my inevitable demise.

I slam into the concrete pavement below and hear my bones shatter on impact. My breath comes out ragged and in shallow gasps. My ribs have snapped like twigs. Blood bubbles in my mouth; hot and metallic, suffocating me slow; the dirty taste of death itself.

Pain grasps hold and squeezes me hard, blinding my every thought and I blink slowly trying to remember, why?

"Oh my God!"

"Who is she?"

"Why did she jump?"

Curious faces peer down at me, wondering; accusing me of wrongdoings.

"Look up!!" I scream at them. "Look up and see the devil who has cast me down to earth." But no words my lips, not even a groan. My life force is swiftly slipping away to black.

I watch her fall with unblinking eyes.

Right until she hits the ground and a crowd starts to gather around her. Fantastic! The distraction needed to get the fuck out of here. I remove the blinds on his arms and legs and the gag on his mouth. Arrange his body on his side, like he is taking a wee little nap and leave quickly.


Their baby is alive and she is internally grateful to God for His Grace. She is so glad that Second was not here to witness his son's brief brush with death, he probably wouldn't have survived the ordeal.

"Mrs. Black, your son is stable for now so he will be taken back to his private room."

"Thank you doctor...for everything...I am lost for words how happy I am that he's alive."

The elevator ride is silent but light; for a miracle was witnessed by all today. Pushing open the door to room 3502 she is greeted by Second's figure in the bed. He fell asleep, so exhausted by the events of the past few days. Chuckling softly to herself she walked over and gently shakes him by his shoulder. But something is wrong.

"Second, mon amour?" Noémie's voice shakes in fear, why is he not moving?

"Second, wake up please." She shakes him even harder. Nothing.

"Madam..." The doctor's concerned voice echoes; warbles like he is underwater. She cannot understand why the Second is not waking up.

"Madam!" He yells at her, breaking her thought process; that panicked conclusion. "Let me exam him, okay?" The stethoscope hanging around his neck is quickly placed on his chest. Eyebrows are knotted together and a very concerned look flashes across his face and quickly disappears; replaced with sadness.

"Mrs. Black, I am sorry for your loss."

He is dead. Just like that, she has lost her husband, the love of her life. She holds her head and screams silently into the world.

"Please don't bring Canaan in here. He cannot know yet okay, please. Take him to a new room. Anything, just don't bring him in here."

Too many loses have occurred in her family. Too close, too soon. They have not even thought about burying her brother and his family and now this. She has not even cried for him yet. Her big brother was her lifeline here in England, he chose to leave the family behind in France and migrate here to be closer to her. Now he is dead; Esmeé, Justine. He even killed Jasper and his family. She could not believe that Christopher could be so evil. Canaan's best friend turned out to be a stone-cold murderer. She will not be able to go on without him but she has to. For Canaan's sake.

"Doctor, there's a jumper. Nurse Annie Summers jumped to her death." The nameless nurse's eyes are brimming with unwashed tears.

"Are you kidding me, Christina?!? Annie? Annie Summers? The fucking sunlight of this place! No! I don't believe you!" Dr. John races from the room to get the truth of the hated statement.

"Mrs. Black" A hand touches her on the shoulder, "your son has been moved to room 3515. He is conscious and is asking for you."

"Thank you"

And with a stiff nod of her head, promptly she turns and with no backward glance at the corpse of her husband lying there and walks away.

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