Blue Roses, Blackened Heart

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Chapter 11

"Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires" – William Shakespeare, Macbeth

The journey down the stairs in the hospital is peaceful. I meet no one on my way down the multitude of stairs, the only sound I hear is my footsteps echoing off the stark white walls. Enough time to think, to contemplate my faith, to plan for my future. I need to change my strategy and just leave the country. D3 is still alive but my plan has not failed me miserably...I got Canaan Demetrius Black II, good.

I reach into my pocket to grasp my gun to gain control over my racing heart and my fingers circle around a phone. His phone; all but forgotten from the night I shot him. Pulling it out I power it up for a few moments and quickly punch in his password. Perks from being his best friend, well, his former best friend. Scrolling through his emails, I discover one from Anna-Leah Greene. Interesting. Never knew that D3 is friends with the world's top model. Thought models all fell victims to his censorious gaze. It is like I never knew you, D.

Rapidly, my fingers response to her little email.

"Good day, Ms. Greene,

Sorry for the late reply, there have been false reports of my shooting circulating around the world. I had to put out a few fires and terminate a few personnel. I am very intrigued by your email and I would love to meet you in New York at your earliest convenience. What is this pressing news that you talked about? I understand that whatever you need to tell me is sensitive but I would like a heads-up about what I might be stepping into.

And because of security reasons, you will have to contact me through my temporary email address as follows:

[email protected]

It is very crucial that you keep this information to yourself, I might be in danger and I do not want you caught in the middle of this disaster. This is only until everything has been rectified.

Thank you and see you soon

Canaan Black"

I hit send and smile wickedly. Perfect.

Now to safely leave the country and head to the land of opportunity – the good ole USA.

Meanwhile back in Texas


An email arrives on Leah's phone. Quickly she grabs her phone to view its contents. Beth is finally taking a nap. The past few hours have taken a major toll on her psyche.

It's from Canaan Black! Oh my God! He's alive! And he is okay. The best news ever but has she continues to read the email; she discovers that he wants her to keep their correspondence a secret. Security reasons. Makes sense, she doesn't want him to be placed in danger and of course, herself.

Without hesitation, she shoots back a response:

"Hello, Mr. Black,

Thank you for getting back to me. Well, the only information I am willing to divulge at this moment, is it has to do with the night you spent with a friend of mine. You will get all the gory details when I meet you in a couple of weeks. I am on an impromptu vacay. Thanks again.

Anna-Leah Greene"

London, England

The burner phone vibrates in my pocket. D's phone I dispose of a few blocks away from the hospital in a waste bin after removing the sim card. Never could be too careful. I am ecstatic. The bitch from New York has contacted me back quickly. Eager much?! A ONE-NIGHTER DEMETRIUS?! Really? Damn Bro! You, actually know to have sex?! And here I thought you were a fucking eunuch. This is going so swimmingly. I cannot wait to meet Anna-Leah Greene in a few weeks.

Walking through the streets of London, I remember my childhood, growing up with my mother Rachel in our one-bedroom apartment, sometimes hungry, sometimes cold but always happy. I miss her dearly; she died when I was seven years old.

A hit and run

They never caught her killer after twenty-five years. Still, no one found that man who took her away from me forever.

Then I was hungry always, constantly cold, living on the streets after running away from foster care but I was free – away from the abuse at the hands of a monster; Mrs. Silver. She did things, vile things that I forced into the deepest recesses of my soul. Never thought after so many years SHE would resurface again.

Push it down Nicholas! Life is great right now – I am in Zen mode. Nothing is going to get me to forget my ultimate goal.

I make my way to the Port of London to meet my guy on the Ladybug; a cargo ship leaving for New York City in a few hours. My window of opportunity is closing rapidly and I need to leave immediately.

And in a few short weeks, I will be face to face with Ms. Anna-Leah Greene, my ticket to D's final demise.

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