Blue Roses, Blackened Heart

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Chapter 13

"I am a forest, and a night of dark trees; but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses" – Friedrich Nietzche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Walking down the corridor to the board meeting with Pam in tow, my thoughts are heavy. Every person we meet quickly avert their eyes and scurry away; like rats. Pam is grasping on for dear life to seven very important files. With these; I will forever change the face of Black International.

"Mr. Black...sir...we were unable to recover the location of your missing cell phone" She is hesitant, cautious even while relaying the disappointing news. Since my shooting, well, my near-fatal shooting, every person that comes into contact with me treats me like porcelain. It has to end.

But it is still strange, that my phone is missing. What would he need it for? I will not lose sleep worrying over such a trivial matter as a missing phone, I have everything on it backed up...EVERYTHING. All my information – contacts, contracts, and emails sent and received, invoices, and salary payments are stored through an encrypted cloud-based service. No one, not even my trusted personal assistant Pam knew about this. Later I will check my backup to see what files Christopher got his greasy paws into.

"Do not worry yourself over it, Pam." I dismiss her, mentally. I have greater thoughts to deal with right now. My pain killers are starting to wear off but the pain that is radiating off my body is keeping me alert and hungry for blood.

We arrive at our destination in record time. I look down at my favorite timepiece; my Patek Philippe 5004T. It is at exactly 2:30 pm. Holding open the door I motion at Pam to enter, first.

"After you Pam my dear; let's make history." She looks confused at my statement but still, she quickly obeys my command. As soon as I enter, seven pairs of eyes instantly look in my direction; unblinkingly. They look happy, eager even to be here; to be in my presence. I am not impressed. Little did they know that since my 21st birthday after the Second's grand announcement of me taking over the reins of the operation, I had started files on them. All SEVEN of them; on every vile and disgusting thing they have done over nine long years.

1. The President – Samuel "Sami" Hubbard aka The Child Molester – raping his daughter since she was seven years old.

2. The Vice President – Michael "Mickey" Perkins aka The John – into prostitutes, a lot of them, a different flavor every day.

3. The Secretary – Pearl Fowler aka The Zoophile – I will say no more. The pictures say a thousand.

4. The Chief Financial Officer – Omar Williamson aka The Embezzler – insider trading is his game.

5. The Chief Operating Officer – Jonathan "Jon" Connolly aka The Adulterer – has a few mistresses; his wife's mother, sister and her best friend to name a few.

6. Board Member: Thing 1 – Asher Owen aka The Gambler – every club in Las Vegas knows his name, every bookie has his number, and he owes millions to some of the worse scum on the planet.

7. Board Member: Thing 2 – Darius Parsons aka The Addict – drugs and alcohol reign supreme in his life.

These are the people that surrounded my father in his business life. They will NOT be surrounding mine.

Making my way to the head of the table I stand there looking across and down at them and I clear my throat.

"Good afternoon lady and gentlemen. Thank you for joining me on this sad day for my family but death cannot stop the world from turning. I am saddened that today is the day that I say goodbye to my father and take up the mantle here at Black International. Canaan Demetrius Black II taught me only ONE important lesson in my life." I indicate to Pam to hand out the files, each addressed to their specific owner. "Trust only yourself, not even your family members. I am now the CEO of Black International. I waited nine years to tell you all this... GET THE FUCK OUT! YOU ARE ALL FIRED!"

Pam looks over in my direction in total disbelief. Never in all the years, she's been working for me have I ever used vulgar words.

"Excuse me?" Samuel Hubbard raised his head, his jowls violently shaking. "Do you know who we are?! You cannot fire us!!"

"I know exactly what you are. Open the file in front of you." They hesitate. "Open them now!!" I scream, not caring what they think of me. Papers rustle and breaths around me become ragged.

"I will repeat myself; only once, get...the...fuck...out."


Then, seven chairs scrape back simultaneously, papers are hasty scrambles and they exit the board room and my life.

"Come on Pam, let's get out of here and go celebrate. Things are looking up!"

More confused than ever Pam follows me out the door.

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