Blue Roses, Blackened Heart

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Chapter 8

"The only thing scarier than telling someone you love them is telling them that you still love them" – Ella Dawson, Romantic Gesturing

Flashback- six months after Isabetha's sixth birthday

"Dear God, I am truly sorry for the life I have lead. Don't punish her, punish me. I am the bad one, she's an angel. The best gift you ever gave me. Please, God, I need your help."

Hard sobs wrack his body and he is choking on his saliva. She listens in at the door. And her heart finally breaks, letting him in.

Two months have passed since 'the incident'. The Second's brutal business ways had finally caught up to him. Putting Noémie in its cross-hairs and she paid the ultimate price. A knife to the belly; placed there by Marshall Halewood - former business partner and friend of the Second. He found her, lying there, a pool of blood drying around her.

She was cold

Colder than usual

His heart fell to the earth, shattering into a million pieces

"I'm sorry for your lost. The baby did not make it."

She was pregnant again

Now, pregnant no more

Never again

Thanks to him

He sinned and she suffered

No more

A gentle hand pats him on the shoulder and slowly moves down his back. He freezes and glances over his shoulder. He is surprised. It is Noémie and she is crying too.

"Am so sorry my love." My words flutter like the heart of a baby bird.

"You have nothing to be sorry for Canaan...nothing. I love you"

Jumping up he pulls her into his arms and her in. He is in shock and awestruck by three little words he has been waiting ten years to hear.

"Je t'aimerai Toujours, mon Cherie" (I will always love you my darling)

Je t'aimerais jusqu'à la fin de mes jours" (I will love you until the end of my days)

Je t'aimerais pour l'éternité" (I will love you for eternity)

Present Day – Saturday @ 2:30 pm

Noémie looks in at her son and remembers the first day she realized that she loved her husband. It took a major tragedy in their lives; the loss of their unborn baby daughter and her nearly losing her life to finally see the truth. She always loved him. She never could have another baby and turned all her attention to the son she neglected for far too long.

He is so still; it hurts

She prays silently that he will just wake up and smile at her again. He came back from New York City – changed. Lighter; happy, like the boy he used to be. She was so glad. That was until the Second forced his hand into doing the unthinkable. Betraying his best and only friend, Christopher. Look where that got us!

He is so still; it burns

Please, baby, do not leave me.

The doctor is preparing him for the scan when he starts convulsing.

"Code Blue. MRI Room. Stat!"

Pounding feet and rushing wheels make their way into the MRI Room and rapidly he is hooked up to a defibrillator. She enters the room unable to stay away from the vicious scene. The machine beeps indicating it is ready.


The doctor presses the button that sends electricity coursing through his veins.

"Start CPR and charge to 50" Then the machine beeps again


His body jerks and everybody's eyes focus on the heart monitoring machine. The erratic beeps slow then the sound is constant, a long flat piercing sound that breaches her ear, rendering her soul,

"Canaan? No!" Screams rack her body and she falls to her knees and clutches her chest.

"Canaan, please do not go! Do not leave us!"

Determined, the doctor starts pounding on the chest.

Persistent, fixated

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