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Perfectly Me

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I am Julia, age of twelve. This is a novel of a girl. She is the girlfriend of a boy named Torrian McCormick. She has the almost perfect life. Currently, she feels comfortable with her friends and family. It wasn't always like that. Not many people like her because she's with Torrian. Comfort doesn't last long in her world. She's self conscious of public speaking and of what others hear about her, but discomfort doesn't end there. A new boy enters the picture. His name is Camden. He had been at her school as long as she had been, but she never paid him any attention. Now they're in the same class. Torrian is the friend of Camden. She's in the same class as her boyfriend, Camden, Andrew, Sena, and Giezel. All friends now. To make matters worse, just when she needs someone to talk to, Sena starts to turn on her and Giezel. Will she, let me rephrase, will I stay with Torrian, or kiss him goodbye?

Drama / Mystery
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The First Chapter

This first memory is from fourth grade. I used to be friends with the girl named Maddy. She was, and still is, the richest girl in school. I didn't have many friends at the time. Then, she accepted me like I was as nicely dressed as her. Not just her, but her group, too. About five or six people. At the time, I couldn't believe that I, the girl that had almost no one, had them. One word can change your life, I guess. Mine was yes. Powerful word.

Maddy wasn't there a couple of days later, so I decided to sit alone at lunch. I always felt like a rabbit surrounded by coyotes and one alpha. The blond haired boy sat by me, but not too close. They started gossiping and joking about why I was sitting alone. I glared at the boy. He scoffed and continued his conversation. Later, I got up to leave. He stopped me with only a couple words. It's been two years, so I'm going to be off, but his words were along the lines of,"Are you alright?"

I ignored him and kept walking. After all, I did hate him. Maddy didn't come back for a couple of days. I always sat in the same spot. So did he. One by one, his friends stopped sitting by him. He had a couple. We exchanged glances. Soon, we had a meaningless conversation.

We talked about our favorite shows, foods, most decent cafeteria food, it was meaningless, but it made me hate him less. A lot less. I played with him that week. We played Sandmonster, basketball, catch, tag, he even convinced me to get on the swing. It was fun. I was also a lot less stressed now that I wasn't around Maddy's group.

When Maddy did come back, she saw me talking to Torrian at breakfast. I ignored her, and she decided to play that game called revenge. During the first recess, I decided to play one more round of Sandmonster with Torrian before going back to my usual routine. Or so I thought.

While I was It, she came to our game and started to talk to me. Something about how my week was without her, and how I was fine even when she wasn't there, that kind of stuff. I rolled my eyes and got back to trying to tag the others. Eventually, she just stopped talking and stormed off. Every once in a while, I would catch her gaze. She scared me at the time. After all, she was a lot taller than me. Instead of keeping my eyes on her, I decided to keep my eyes on whoever was It. Most of the time, it was me, so I tried to focus on Torrian. It wasn't the easiest task in the world. Although, now it's a game I play to keep calm when I want to scream in anger, frustration, or confusion.

Soon after, Maddy started a club that lost her friends, so she called it off. Not surprisingly, she gained her group back in just a couple days. I guess I dodged a bullet.

Two years can change a lot. Now, Maddy has some of her friends, some new ones, she's still rich, and we hate each other. As I've said, I am now always with Torrian and Andrew or Sena and Giezel. We still play Sandmonster, basketball, catch, all that fun stuff. Although, I haven't been on a swing since we first met. Captivated yet? No? It gets better.

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