Hell at Boot Camp 2

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It's advised to read "Hell at Boot Camp " first. There is a growing trend in the United States to send a troubled child or teen to a discipline camp. This story follows the experience of a young girl at one of these camps, the worse of its kind. The experiences she has are similar to many that some have had in reality. This is a story of abuse and the need for strength and hope. It could upset some people. Hell at Boot Camp 2 follows the story of Heidi, who is sent back to camp, where they have special plans for her. Will she find happiness?

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Back at RAD

This is the second book of ”Hell at Boot Camp” Series. Look at my profile to read the first book, which is the first part of this.

I told mom that I hated her and said that everything I said about the camp. Mom stood there for an hour telling me she did not believe me and why could I not just be normal? I sat on my bed and swayed back and forth, even when it went quiet. I fell asleep crying and afraid.

The next day there was a knock at the door. It was a man’s voice. I said I was not coming out. Then the man informed me I can do this the hard way or the easy way.

I chose to stay sitting on my bed.

Then there were some noises as they were picking the lock on my door. The door opened and two men came in. I could see mom standing behind them.

“Heidi,” one man said, “We are here to take you to RAD. This time it is serious. Your mother has given us full custody of you. There is one thing for certain, you are coming. Now get up and let’s go to the van”

I screamed and shouted that I did not want to go. I kicked when they came close to me and punched as much while I was calling every them every name in the book. Mom asked them do they not see what she has to deal with? This made me stop as I was so confused. I told them to take mom, as she needed the camp more.

In the end, they had me restrained. They put handcuffs on me and said that it was normal.

I cried as I realized that I was going back to RAD.

I was dragged out to a van and pushed in the back seat. I asked if the handcuffs could be taken off. The man beside me just laughed and said that I was not so rebellious now. He told me that for my safety sake, the handcuffs remained on. On top of that, he put this black bag over my head, I was in darkness as I heard the van driver and the men laugh and talk with each other.

We were driving for ages, and it was torture seeing black and nothing else. It did not help that we seemed like we were driving to the other side of the world. At first, I pretended to be blind. This made me realize that I was so lucky that I could see. Then I started sobbing as the two men could not see me crying. I escaped this camp one before and now mom has decided to send me back. I tried the best when I was at home. What did she expect me to be? A saint? Now I was on the road again to the camp. The General would be waiting for me with his hikes and punishments. I put up a fight the last time I was there. Tears were rolling down my cheeks thinking that I did not want to go through that again.

The van finally stopped. I got out and was led to the office where the general was waiting for me, He was standing up and smiling saying that he knew I would be back. I started cursing at him to let me go home.

”I do not want to be here” I started, ” I want to go home. Why would I want to stay here? You are a mean man that just likes torturing children. You don’t care if we are good or not. You get your kicks from seeing us cry. You think that taking me on a hike will make me into a good girl. You are not a general. You are just a moron. You cant see that I am already a good girl!. So you can get off your high horse and send me home!”

I looked at the general as he tapped his finger on the desk. I expected him to tell me that I would be put in some cage or maybe this time punishment would be to crucify me. The general just smiled and said that it was time for inspection. Maybe the old man was getting soft.

I should have not even thought of him getting soft.

He gave the same speech as he did when I was stuck here the first time. We were all bad children and had nothing to offer society. He would break us down and build us up again as someone our parents would be proud of. I wanted to say that this was not true. I passed his program and my mother was not proud of me. She sent me back!

Then the general stood before me. ”This girl is only 12 years old. She has not even started puberty and yet she is a bad apple. She thinks she is God’s gift to society and does not realize that she is a thorn to society. This little girl needs to get her act together. She is not a good girl. She is not a woman. In fact, she needs to wear diapers at her age!”

I was so embarrassed when he said that I had to wear diapers. It was his fault that I wore them, His punishments have done things with my bladder so that I could not control it.


I was now in tears. It was hard hearing that my mother did not love me. The fact was that I believed him. Why else would she send me back to this mad man in handcuffs? They were still on me, and I felt like such a criminal.

My humiliation was not over yet. The General placed a dog collar around my neck. This took away what humanity I had and made me feel like I was the camp’s pet! It must have been the generals revenge for the outburst I had earlier.

Of course, the next thing we had to do was to go on a hike up the hill. I was told that I would be doing it in handcuffs. This was no easy feat. It meant that it was hard for me to balance myself and climb over rocks. We were not allowed any water and the sun was pounding on us. The dog collar around me felt like it was choking me. I do not know how many times I slipped and plummeted to the rocky ground. I was covered with cuts and sores.

I tried thinking about the first time that I went up this hill. Noah was my only friend at the camp and I remembered how he supported me. Why did he have to run away and leave me here? I started crying when I thought of Noah. It was him that phoned me when I was home. He sounded like he was afraid and that he needed help. I was so confused. Where was Noah? Was he in danger? The fact was that I could not help him while I was stuck in this camp.

I survived the hike, but a girl a small bit older than me collapsed when we came back to camp. The other children shouted that she fell down and she did not look all that well. The general said that she was faking it. I looked at her, and she did not look like she was faking anything. The General was smiling as he finally took the handcuffs off of me. He told me that the dog collar stayed on. I gave him one of the worse looks I could,

The little girl was still laying on the ground when we went in to eat. I could see outside the window that the nurse came and started taking care of the girl. It reminded me of my first day at the camp, where the general made me lay down in the hot sun. I could see that they put the girl on a stretcher and took her to the nurse’s office.

After we ate the slop that the camp gave us, the general told me in a high voice that I should go to the nurse to get my diaper changed. He was laughing and asking the other Children who wore diapers when they were 12 years old? The other children also seemed to think it was funny. One thing was the pain of being punished by long hikes and whatnot, but words, laughter, and humiliation were worse. I lowered my head in shame as I walked past everyone that was laughing.

As I walked into the nurse, I saw the girl laying on the stretcher. She did not look so good.

The nurse remembered me from the last time I was at camp. She was surprised that I was still in diapers. Then she gave a long speech that my mom should have had patience with me and help me get out of the nappies. I just looked up at her and said nothing. My mother did lots of bad things, and not helping me out of diapers was not the worse. As the nurse was about to change me, she heard the general calling her. She told me to wait here until she got back. She put a pacifier in my mouth, which I immediately spit out.

I could hear a lot of commotion and at one stage I could through the window a van parking outside. The girl on the stretcher was rolled on the van. I thought this was weird. Why was the van not an ambulance? At least it was good the girl was going to the hospital

The nurse came back and helped me change as if nothing happened. She was disappointed that I spit out the pacifier. I had to remind her of my age.

The next day at the inspection, the general told us that the girl was faking that she fainted after the hike. He said she fooled the staff as she was taken to the nurse’s office. Then the general told us that she escaped from the camp during the night. The other children looked worried as the general told them that the camp was in the middle of nowhere. He warned them that they would starve and there were wild animals everywhere.

After inspection, it was time to do some chores. I was back in the small garden. Gardening was not a punishment, but it gave me lots of time to think. I thought this girl. I did not believe that she ran away. I saw her on the stretcher and she looked very bad. She did not look like she could even open her eyes, nevermind get off the stretcher and run away. The fact also was that she was put in a van. Unlike the other children, I have seen this myself. Was if she was alive or not!

It was like Noah! They said he ran away. Yet before I was forced to come back, he rang to me on the telephone and asked for my help. He told me he was being sold!

I was picking up weeds as I thought what was happening here. I was never punished so much in my life. I was never humiliated so much in my life! The only thing I have learned from this camp was to hate the general and especially my mother! I felt the collar on my neck and thought that no child should get this treatment. I was only 12 years old, but even I could see that it was abuse.

I decided to do something about it.

Just as I was thinking of what to do, the General stood there. I don’t know why, but my body started shaking as he was standing there.

” You have been very quiet since you came here.” he said, ”You have not answered back or been cheeky. You did not even complain when I told everyone you needed a diaper! You did not even complain when I put a collar on you.”

” I just want to get the 60 points and go home.” I replied.

The general told me to sit next to him. He was now scarier than ever because he was not yelling. He even put his arm around me as if he was my grandfather. He told me that I could get 600 points, but I was stuck here. He explained that my mother signed custody of me over to the camp. I had no clue what this meant but was quickly told that my mother no longer wanted me.

Words can hurt so much and the general left me crying. I sat there thinking and crying that I was now his property. Again the question I had was what did I do to deserve this?

I walked around the camp. The camp staff could punish me all they wanted to. They would have to catch me. I was lucky that I found a hole in the fence behind some fences. I sat next to the whole for 20 minutes and thought about everything. Did I want to escape? Could I survive the wild animals and would I be lost? There was only one answer. Anything would be better than being in the camp.

I crawled through the hole.


I ran and ran as quick as I could. I quickly found the road and ran as far away from the camp as I could. My heart lept at every sound I could hear or every time I could see a shadow, I was afraid that some wild animal would jump out. This only made me run quicker until I no longer could run.

Despite that I was afraid, I must admit that I never felt so good than I did then. I was free! I was free of my mom and the general. I did not know what would happen to me, but I could feel already that my life was much better, Freedom was the best feeling I ever had.

Freedom was also short-lived. When I looked behind me, I could see the van I seen the day earlier slowly driving after me. I started running quicker but it did not help.

Two men got out of the van and before I knew it, I had handcuffs on once again as they put me in the back of the van.

I shouted at them that when I got back to camp, I would just run away again.

The man laughed and said that I was not going back to camp!

To be continued

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