A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Twelve

Iridessa’s p.o.v.

Needless to say, I was pissed. My head was spinning as I tried to get a grip on reality. The only problem, I had no clue what that was anymore. Why would he suddenly just blurt that out? It didn’t make any sense. What game was he playing at and how could I tell him that I no longer wanted to play. This was harder than it needed to be. It shouldn’t have been this hard.

“You can’t just keep running away Iris.” he sighed sitting across from me.

“Well, you can’t be the only one who’s mastered the walk away.” I spat back. I could see the look of hurt crossing his features, but he deserved it. This wasn’t something that just happened that he was coming clean about. It had been years. Everything that happened afterwards was based off of that one initial moment. If that moment no longer existed, then what was the point for it all.

“Dessa I’m sorry.” he breathed.

“No! No, don’t you dare call me that. You don’t deserve to be able to call me that anymore. Do you think that because you didn’t cheat on me that it changes anything?”

“Well I was hoping that it could at least open the door to me having another chance.” I was shocked. Either he had sudden amnesia or he really was stupid enough to think there was no problem left.

“No.” I blurted, the single word rolling off of my tongue with a force I didn’t understand before I could even stop myself.

“No? What the hell do you mean no?” he yelled causing me to take a step back as I glared at him, but lowered my voice to a softer tone.

“I mean exactly what I said. No. No more chances. No more trying to be friends. No more sex. No more us. No more you. I can’t do this anymore. Every time I start to think that maybe this friendship will work you pull this kind of shit. Get it through your head already! I’m done with all this concerning you. I’m-” I gasped going wide-eyed as he grabbed me by my shoulders and practically forced me into a sitting position.

This was by far the roughest he had ever been with outside of sex and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t frighten me a bit.

“No, you will not sit there and act as if I am the one to blame for all of this. As if just my mere presence alone fucks with you. You’ve made it evident that not even the thought of me can stop you. You want to point the finger at me and make me the bad guy, fine, go for it, but do not sit here and delude yourself into thinking that you play no part in any of this. As far as I remember, you didn’t ask me a damn thing. You didn’t give me a single fucking chance to speak. All you did was yell, rant and accuse before kicking me out of your life and made it seem like it was for good. You want to paint me as the big bad guy so bad. I have a question for you. Who’s better in bed? Me, my brother or my best-friend?”

There was no way to hide the look on my face. Although I should’ve expected that at some point one of them would tell him, I never thought he would actually throw it in my face like he was doing now. My throat was a throbbing white hot fire and rage and I had my target in sight. Before I knew it a smirk had taken over my lips and my mouth and began to form words.

“Your brother was the best.” I laughed.

I heard the sound of a slap emanating like an echo before I felt the sting of it on the side of my face. He was staring at me with hatred in his eyes, but that hatred was exactly what I needed to burst the ball of rage. I wasn’t putting up with any more shit from dickheads like him again.

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