A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Fourteen

Iridessa p.o.v.

I could feel him trying to pull away from me, but I couldn’t allow that. It was easier to let this happen rather than continue talking about everything. I would never see him again after this, I’d made sure of that, but now I was starting to regret it. I would never be able to kiss him like this again. To hold him this close again. It didn’t matter to me if we never spoke again after this, what would matter is what came next.

If we could do this, after everything that was said, it would show how he truly felt for me. It would be the perfect kind of unexpected closure and that was all I wanted. Doing this would make me a hypocrite, acting like this went against everything I’d said to him, but I didn’t care anymore.

Clearly the Jackson and Iridessa saga was over. Although it wouldn’t have that fairy tale ever after, at least it could end with us both being sexually satisfied. I could feel his restraint slipping as he grip on my tightened a bit. I smiled on the inside feeling like this once I had won. This time I had used the same kind of tactics he always used on me to get what he wanted.

This time I could be the manipulator. I could make him feel amazing, doing things I hadn’t even dreamed of doing again and leaving him wondering like he’d done to me. I could make him feel like shit, make him cum and break his heart all just once. Then a few years from now, I’d show up by coincidence and tell him that I too had lied the last time he saw me.

I’d tell him that it didn’t happen the way he thought. That I was just hurt. I coerced him into having sex with me again. Pretend that it was all I wanted and then bring up all that happened just to end up in another argument like this one. At this moment I could show him once and for all that he wasn’t the only one that could play with hearts. I could show him that I wasn’t playing good girl any more. That I could get just as crazy as him.

I could finally do to him everything that he’d done to me and more.

“Stop! It wasn’t Iris that slept with your brother! It was me Jackson! It was-” by the time she made it where we were we both stood there in shock before separating from each other. There were so many questions that I needed answers too, but I had no idea where to start. “Iris, Jackson knew you were going to need help because I texted him and told him. I’ve kept in contact with him this entire time and I won’t apologize for it.”

“Lav I-” I started only to get cut off again.

“Lavender I hate you. I hate so much about you right now, but what I hate the most is that for the past few years you didn’t think to tell me she was getting abused. I don’t give a fuck what your excuse is for not saying shit because it doesn’t matter. I COULD HAVE FUCKING PROTECTED YOU BOTH!” he yelled at her. I gasped. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually seen him get this upset. It makes him banging against my door earlier seem like a light tapping.

“Jackson calm-”

“What the hell did you expect me to do Jackson?! She fucking hated you, or so I thought. I WASN’T GOING TO RUIN BOTH OF YOUR LIVES FOR SOMETHING SHE MAY HAVE HATED ME FOR!”

“So you put yourself above her own safety. Nice, real nice Lav. It didn’t matter who you told, it didn’t have to be me. You could’ve told Jace since apparently you’re the one he’s been dicking down. You’re a fucking idiot. A pitiful excuse for a friend. You think with your pussy and that’s it. How in the hell do you think Jace is going to feel when he finds out. He thinks of her as a little sister you inconsiderate cunt! It doesn’t fucking matter if you do have good pussy, it’ll be worse than sushi to him when he knows that you let her get beat because you didn’t want her hating you.”

I gasped wide-eyed as she ran to her room tears in her eyes. I sighed, this was going too far. Right now though, I had to calm him down. For once it would have to be with the truth.

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