A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Two

My jaw hung as I stared at him in disbelief. Whoever said it wasn’t possible to be impaled with both ends of a double edge sword had been lying. Clearly, I had fucked over someone in a past life and it was coming back harder than ever to bite me in the ass. I was amazed. My eyes refusing to blink as I took in as much of him as I could.

He looked the same as I remembered him, and beyond different all at once. He was still this light skinned devil with devilish good looks, yet he seemed more mature. More man now than boy I had dealt with. The boy that left me broken. When we had dated he was this six foot two kind of chunky guy with soft curly hair that he kept cut low. I remember begging him to grow it out so that I could really see that curly hair of his.

He had also gone through a wanting facial hair phase while we were together. I have nothing against beards and those who adorn them, but with him specifically, I thought that he would look better with a goatee. I’m surprised that I didn’t notice his scent sooner. Maybe the wind had been blowing it away from me, but it was still there. After we ended, I hated that I didn’t know the name of the cologne her wore, but I would always know that smell. It had quickly become one of my favorite smells.

That was the only thing about him that stayed the same, apart from his shining hazel eyes, his scent. His voice was deeper thanks to the completion of puberty. He seemed taller, but I wouldn’t know for sure until I reached my destination assuming he would help me unload my things. His hazel eyes were softer now, but they had always been soft when looking at me. His hair was longer now and pulled back into a thick curly low ponytail. My hands were itching to reach out and remove the elastic now that I was aware of it.

He’d finally taken my advice and gotten the goatee and, as expected, it was sexy as hell on him. The only thing that really surprised me about his changes, was the buldging muscles protruding from his sleeves. He looked both chunky and muscular and we both knew how much that was type. That particular type had gotten me in so much over the years that I went against myself and dated differently hoping for an outcome that wouldn’t leave me looking stupid.

Now that I was in a car with my first love, after I was just basically kicked out, who is more my type now than he’d ever been I had failed in my hopes. Still, my mouth was both dry and salivating at the sight of him. I was confused as to why he still affected me, but if he was feeling what I was feeling he’d have to make the first move. He couldn’t be a rebound if I never really lost feelings for him, but a quickie wouldn’t hurt either.

“You get more beautiful every time that I see you.” he teased a soft smirk on his face as a scoff escaped me.


It was so easy to fall back into habits with him. His teasing tone was over something that we joked about while we were friends and even after we started dating. It was something he did when felt like I needed a little pick me up just to get me to smile. It should be shameful that even after all of this time it still worked. My hair was thrown haphazardly into a bun that had been loosened when he pulled it. My eyes were puffy and swollen from all the crying I had done.

I had on a simple pair of sweats, and not the warm kind. My shirt was a thin, slight to big, t-shirt that kept falling off of my shoulder. The tip of my nose had turned bright red against my caramel skin and my eyes were running a bit from sitting in the cold too long. There was blanket that felt like ice against my skin now that the snow had started to melt into it. His joke warmed me making me wish for an escape now more than ever.

It brought back memories of us laughing together and enjoying each other’s presence before it all went down hill. Everything came at me full force, memories of us just being us so effortlessly sent a violent shver down my spine and butterflies rampaging in my stomach. I felt nothing like that these past few years. I wrapped my arms around myself as I sat there shaking as if they could protect me from the boatload of emotions I were feeling.

“Are you still cold? Wet?” he asked genuine concern in his eyes. It was too much. A quick glance told me that the heat had been on and I really should have started to feel the effects of it by now, instead it was my silent desires warming me in ways they shouldn’t.

“A bit, yeah.” I lied.

“Here. At least it’s dry.” he smiled. I watched even more amazed as he reached a red light before pulling his jacket off that was soaked in his scent before placing it over my shoulders. The moment his large calloused hands brushed the smooth skin on my shoulder the shiver returned more violent than the first. He sat back and smiled wider as my shaking got worse. I was wide-eyed.

What the fuck just happened? Did I just have an orgasm?

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