A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Three

Well this was embarrassing. I can feel it on me. I knew what happened, I just had no clue why the hell it had. It didn’t make sense. Never, not even with the biggest dick that knew what he was doing, had I ever cum so quick and from something so simple as a touch and a few memories. It didn’t add up. From the way Jackson had been smiling, it was clear he knew what happened, but I’d be damned if I admitted it.

“I’m glad, and a bit proud, to see that I still have a special kind of effect on you.” he teased breaking me from my thoughts and the awkward silence we had found ourselves sitting in. As least on my part it was, clearly he was enjoying his surge of bragging rights.

“You must have me confused with someone else Jackson. You don’t, nor have you ever had any kind of ‘special effect’ on me at all.” I spat my face feeling hot as I returned my attention to the buildings we were driving by. My blush may not be as obvious as others, but it was still there and for him...it was noticeable. I was scared to meet him eye to eye. His arrogance could be suffocating with nothing to contain. I was affected by his presence in ways that he paid attention to, but not for the reasons that he thinks.

It was easy for me to fall into old habits with him. Both the ones with him and because of him. I was known for letting my emotions get the best of me and doing something stupid, and right now what was playing through my mind would could as something stupid. I wasn’t just reacting to his presence because it was him. I was reacting from hurt and being put out on the porch like a dog who wouldn’t stop pissing. I wanted vengeance. I wanted to make him hurt. I wanted to gut punch him like he’d done me so many times.

Both emotionally and physically.

Then again he could already know this and was playing on my emotions to end up as my rebound. Willing to do anything just to get in my pants one more time. This was the part that I hated about being around him. We knew each other well and yet not at all. We were predictably unpredictable when it came to each other.

“Don’t lie Iridessa, it’s not good for you.” he laughed teasing me further as my blush deepened. “Besides, I remember that kind of breathing/shake combination from you well. It doesn’t matter why it happened. It only matters that it does.” his ego was getting to big for the truck we were in. One thing that I knew for sure…he didn’t know when to stop and this time would be no different. “Clearly you’re boyfriend must can’t fuck you like you need to be, if me simply brushing your shoulder of all things can make you cum like that.”

There it was. There was the Jackson that I remembered. The one I hated and always wanted to punch. The acidic way he spat boyfriend at me, the arrogant ego trip he went on when talking about anyone else I was dating; like he wasn’t dating himself. How he’d randomly bring up our past to make some kind of point. Why couldn’t he keep it to himself and think about it like I did? I hated dealing with him when he was like this. He made it so much harder to just be. No one wanted to deal with an asshole, so why would they deal with a jealous one.

“What does that have to do with anything Jackson?” I asked trying hard to keep my irritation at bay. We were co-existing before he went and ruined it.

“It has everything to do with it. You deserve someone who can at least make you cum. Especially if the only thing their decent at is being a prick.” he frowned as I rolled my eyes. I knew what he was implying. I knew he knew that I knew what he was implying and I didn’t like. He’s knows better. All of my relationships, that weren’t mutual friends with him, were off limits and he knows that.

“Is sex all you ever think about?!” I snapped. “Your new girl must be over the moon with the amount of sex y’all are no doubt probably having.” I rolled my eyes trying to ignore the sting in my chest and the burn in my eyes from unshed tears. I hated the thought of him making someone feel like he’d once done for me, but I wouldn’t show it like it did. I always let him get under my skin and no matter how much I tried to hide it, I still ended up coming off as a jealous ex. Even if I was, he had no right. He had someone to go home to tonight and I was forced to go back to living with my best-friend, thankful that she hadn’t found a roommate yet. With a king size bed to mock me about how lonely I really was.

“I don’t have a girl Iridessa.” he breathed as I whipped my head back in his direction wide-eyed damn near giving myself whiplash.

“You fucking liar!” I yelled actually shocked that he’d have the audacity to lie to my face. Up until this point I held him higher than that.

“Why would I lie Iris?” he asked. “Especially about something so trivial.”

“That’s what you do Jackson! That’s what you’ve always done! It’s good to know some things with you will never change.” I could feel the lump growing in my throat again. It felt like it was getting harder to breathe as my breaths became shallow. Ugh! Why did it have to be him? Why does everything always point back to him? Out of the thousands of drivers, or exes, that I could’ve gotten, it had to be him. Why was someone insisting on torturing me tonight?

“Excuse me?” he snapped actually taking the moment to sound surprised.

“You heard me clearly Jackson.” I breathed trying to stay calm. “You’re a liar. Is this girl the same as the last? The one that you claimed didn’t exist, and then after we had sex she was calling? Or the one that didn’t exist until after you got my hopes up about us being back together and then kissed me? Do they only exist when it’s convenient for you? Do you expect me to believe that you actually get wrapped up in our miniscule exchanges and forget that you do indeed have a girlfriend? Or do you still get what you want, leaving the rest of us clueless and feeling good that you deceived a few girls who foolishly care for you?” I was beside myself as I felt tears coming down my cheeks.

Like an idiot I’d let him get to me and ended up admitting things that shouldn’t have been said aloud.

“What does it matter to you Iridessa?! YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND! Little Ms. Righteous, don’t forget that I know you. The REAL you. It’s a two way street Iris, try looking both ways next time.” he yelled putting emphasis on boyfriend and real. I bit my bottom lip trying to act as if his words hadn’t cut me. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down my cheeks as I cursed and swore hitting him and blaming him for all that had happened.

In my eyes this was all his fault. We were supposed to have been forever before ruined us. If he hadn’t broken me I wouldn’t have ended up with someone like that in the first place. One thing was for sure though, if it hadn’t been for the snow storm, I’d have to find a new way home. He would have turned around and ended up arrested for damn near killing my now ex-boyfriend for ever putting a hand on me.

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