A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Five

I moaned into his mouth as he pressed me tighter against him. The kiss was deepening becoming something more than I could handle right now. I could feel just how much he wanted me since it kept poking me in my abdomen. Strangely it was only turning me on, but I couldn’t let this happen right now. At least not like this. Not because of the events that led to this encounter. It wouldn’t be right.

“No.” I said trying to physically shake away the deep levels of desire I was feeling as I reluctantly stepped away from him. “No Jackson, we can’t do this. Not like this.” I cried continuously stepping back as he stepped forward. I was back by the passenger side of the car before we finally stopped moving.

“Damn it Iris. Would you stop?” he groaned annoyance plaguing his features.

“Why?” I breathed practically begging for him to be blunt and honest. If this was leading to just sex then say that. If he was looking for more than sex, I’d rather he say that instead of leading me on.

“It’s like I said Iris, I know what I want.” I groaned. He knows what he’s saying is a heavy load either way. For the first time, I truly can’t decipher what he means by what he’s saying. I don’t know if he wants me or just wants my pussy. What scares me the most is that I can’t read him right now. The only thing I had to go on was the past. From the past all he wanted my pussy and that didn’t make things any better.

“No. I won’t use you like that. I won’t allow us to come full circle and do to you what I did to others because of you.” I cried. “Just...just open the trunk so I can get my things.” I knew he wouldn’t listen, he never did, but it didn’t hurt to try.

“I told you before Iris, I don’t mind being used.”

“That’s how we got into this mess Jackson!” I snapped. “You don’t mind being used because you don’t mind using others for your personal gain. Let me guess, I’d be just as much of a rebound for you as you’d be for me. That’s the only reason why you’re pressing this hard.” I spat trying anything I could at this point to change the atmosphere we were in. I needed to get the heat off of me. He was too close to me again and suddenly it felt like I couldn’t breathe. My heart was leaping out towards him. My body was reacting to his words, but my mind couldn’t let go.

“I. Don’t. Mind. Being. Used.” his tone was firm as he put emphasis on each word. I could feel it coming up before I could brace myself for it.

“But I mind using you!” I yelled so much truth behind those five little words that it damn near knocked me off my feet. Clearly I had stunned him too, but this time it wouldn’t keep him quiet.

“Why?!” he yelled back. “Why does it matter?! Why can’t you use me the same way that you once used those dudes because of me? If you truly feel nothing for me and have moved on then it really shouldn’t matter Iridessa. You should be able to see me as just another conquest for you that you used simple to make yourself feel better. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless,” he paused stepping even closer to me as he lowered his tone back to a sedultry whisper in my ear. “Unless, you still love me and are fooling yourself into thinking otherwise. Maybe you want me back as much as I want you right now. Maybe you miss me in ways you aren’t willing to come to terms with and can no longer delude yourself into thinking otherwise. Baby, I know you miss me. I know you still love me...all you have to do is admit it.”

“I feel absolutely nothing for you.” I spat narrowing my eyes at him as he invaded my personal space even more. The only space left was the few millimeters between our noses.

“Prove it.” he demanded slipping his hand into my pants and rubbing my clit gently. I threw my head back and moaned right before he pressed his lips to mine again. My things and the winter storm surrounding us was long forgotten as pleasure encased me. “If you really don’t care for me, then act like you don’t. Do to me what you did because of me.” he growled picking up speed as I moaned harder. I was quickly losing this battle and he knew it. He knew he had the upper hand. Literally.

“Fine. Let’s go inside.” I panted.

“After you.” He smirked before removing his fingers from me.

Clearly I had failed at all that I was attempting not to do.

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