A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Six

He had a firm grip on my waist as he trailed closely behind me into the apartment, occasionally stopping us so that he could place tender kisses along my neck. Repeatedly finding the spot that only he could find. He knew what he was doing. It was the dead of night, beyond quiet and he wanted to keep me in this trance to keep me from changing my mind.

Although it was working and my brain was all fogged up, I was still having reservations about doing this. I knew why, and even though he was right, I would be damned if I admitted it. It wasn’t right given the circumstances and no amount of manipulative persuasion on his part could change that. I had to figure out one last time how to get out of this, it was my last chance.

As we entered my room, I saw just how bare everything really was bringing me back to reality as I smirked at my king size bed.

“Okay, so everything is in your car.” I laughed finally seeing my chance. “I really don’t feel like spreading juices all over my bed. Do you mind bringing it all in for me? I can make the bed and besides I need a shower. Dried blood and all.” This was what was best for us right now. We needed a breather before we went any further. He shrugged nodding his head in agreement as I raced to my bathroom quickly stripping any closing the door behind me.

The feel of the hot water against my skin had me ready to succumb to tears again. All the tension in my muscles seemed to dissipate the moment the hot water hit them. I could now feel how tender and sore my neck felt especially where he had been kissing. Now that the fog had cleared I knew why he’d been kissing me there. My body was riddled with bruises here and there from being hit. It didn’t take a genius to figure out there was finger sized bruises around my neck. I appreciated the fact that he hadn’t said anything about them, but it only made me question is intentions more.

The old Jackson would be in a jail cell right now when he saw the bruises. How much had he really changed? How much of it could I honestly trust?

“What the hell?!” I yelled feeling as a pair of strong muscular arms wrapped around me breaking me from my thoughts. If it hadn’t been for his scent, that I knew so well, I would be freaking out right now. I had no clue exactly how long I had been in here, but I definitely didn’t think he would take it upon himself to join me. Or that he would still be here. Still the shock of the intrusion didn’t stop me from melting into his touch as I leaned against him.

“Now baby you should know by now that you can’t get rid of me that easily.” He laughed as I blushed. Either he really paid more attention to me than I gave him credit for or I hadn’t been as inconspicuous as I thought I was. Clearly he had realized what I’d been trying to do and now that I was confronted about it, I was speechless. Before I could even have a chance to defend myself, he had me facing him and his lips were once again pressed against mine. His hands were slowly rubbing up and down my sides before one trialed over the small of my back before cupping my ass. The hot water was helping to slick his path as his hand teasingly moved between us, his movements feeling agonizingly slow.

He swallowed my gasp as his thumb brushed over my clit sending unexpected shock waves of pleasure through my body. “You know you want this Iris. You know you want me. Stop trying to fight it.” he whispered against my lips as his entered a finger inside me. My hands grasped his shoulders struggling to keep myself standing upright. It had been so long since I last had sex, the simple action of just being entered already had me so close to the edge.

Something about this being so deliciously wrong had me cumming quicker than I ever imagined was possible. His hands were magical as he began moving faster before entering another finger inside me. He was pumping them hard while simultaneously stimulating my sensitive bud. I was biting my lips trying hard to contain the moans threatening to spill over us in the small enclosed space of the bathroom.

“J-jackson p-please,” I stuttered struggling to get the words out. My body was in pleasure overdrive as my nails dug in his shoulders.

“That’s it baby moan my name.” he growled before removing his fingers and picking me up. On instinct I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as my arms wound themselves around his neck to keep from falling. I could feel him as he poked at my entrance, but he made no move to enter me. He didn’t have to, my body was responding on it’s own. I could feel myself sliding down his body to impale myself on his dick.

“Fuucckk!” I moaned, more like screamed, throwing my head back at the feeling I had long forgotten about. He was so long and thicker than I remembered. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his girth. His hands were on my ass guiding me before giving it a quick stinging slap. I moaned louder, feeling the moment take over me as my back pressed against the wall. He clearly was in the trance of this forbidden lustrous act as he began fucking me into oblivion.

My nails were digging deep into the flesh on his back as moan after moan rolled off my tongue. How was going so deep? Why this feel this good? It was wrong. If something so wrong could feel this good some part of it had to be right. If he kept this up I was going to cum on his dick hard.

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