A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Seven

One thing was clear, Lavender was going to be pissed in the morning. We were making so much noise and hadn’t bothered to turn off the hot water. We just got out as he carried me to the room, stopping occasionally so I could bounce on his dick as he fucked me hard against the wall. I was a moaning, giggling mess as we finally made it to my room and he threw me on the bed before closing the door.

“I swear Iris, this will be a night you’ll never forget and it’ll be for the right reasons.” he promised before making his way back over to me. I barely paid attention to the fact that my bed was made and my things were put away. Even my tv was back in its place. None of it mattered now that I could see him clearly in all of his glory. I was noticing just how much him really had changed physically and I was loving every inch of it.

He climbed over me giving me another heated kiss before turning to lay on his back and lifting me as if I weighed nothing at all. He held me there straddling him as he scooted down to better situate himself. My eyes widened realizing what he was about to do. Oral was something I hadn’t participated in since him. Giving or receiving. I just wasn’t as comfortable with anyone else like I was with him to try it again.

Before I could stop him, his tongue took a long slow swipe between my folds, stopping momentarily to enter me, before sucking my clit into his mouth. All my nerve endings were in shock as I rode his face.

“Holy shit Jackson!” I screamed out as an orgasm took over me unexpectedly as my body violently spasmed as I rode his face a little bit faster trying to prolong it as much as possible. That far better than what I remember making me regret not trying to achieve it with someone else sooner. Before I could ponder it any further I was being flipped over onto all fours with him positioned behind me.

“Get out of your head Iridessa.” he teased “Become the girl that I remember and let loose.” he whispered leaning over to kiss my shoulders. A quick flash of why he kept kissing those spots went through my head, but was interrupted by the sensation of him entering me from behind. He was teasing me, going slower than I would like. I couldn’t take it and he knew it. The bastard wanted me to beg for more.

“J-jackson please,” I moaned. “Please fuck me already.” I begged. I screamed out as he took a firm grip on my hair pulling my head up as he fucked me to the point of no return. All you could hear besides my screams of pleasure was the sound of our skin slapping together. “Fuck! Yes daddy yes! Yes yes yes! Make me your bitch!” I moaned as he reached over rubbing my clit. “Fuuuccckkk Jacksoooooonnnnn!” I screamed as another orgasm broke through me as my legs shook before I collapsed on the pillow beneath me.

He didn’t stop.

I was seeing stars and barely able to breathe. He was possessed as he kept going prolonging my orgasm until finally he had reached his own climax. I was panting as he filled me up, thankful that I was on birth control, before finally laying down on the side of me.

“That was amazing. A hell of a lot better than I remember.” I teased as he turned his nose up at me.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Go to sleep.” he rolled his eyes as I grinned before pulling me close to him as I laid on his chest. He was right, this would be a night I would never forget. For both the good and the bad, but the good was definitely outweighing. A yawn escaped me as I tried to get comfortable in the position we were in. It’s been a while since I’ve cuddled like this. I was spent. My body was sore and tired. The weight of the night was crushing me. I felt as he kissed the top of my head as I let his breathing lull me into the needed slumber I deserved.

He was right. I did need this.

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