A Single Night Of Passion[Book One]

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Part Nine

Lavender’s word kept running through my mind.

They plagued me with determination and a severe lack of courage.

I was overthinking that situation, yet not thinking on it hard enough. I had lost track of time. I don’t know how long I had been sitting in the living room, but the sun was finally starting to come up. Every muscle in my body screamed for me to stay my ass right here, but my heart was lurching towards her door.

The last thing I wanted was for her to wake up and freak out on me because I was forced to stay here. I didn’t want her to think that I had mistaken what last night really meant for what I wanted it to mean.

It was one night and nothing more.

She’d made that crystal clear and shattered what was left of my heart in the process. Sighing I pulled the thin blue blanket tighter around me as I tried to get comfortable in my recliner. I would have preferred to stay in her bed with an actual warm blanket to lay under, but I didn’t want nor need the confusion.

More so my owns, than hers.

“If all you wanted was the sex, you could have said that.” came a raspy voice from behind me. “Then again, I doubt that you expected the storm to get this bad so quick. Couldn’t make your escape and now you feel like you’re stuck here.” there was an unsurprised undertone to her voice blanketing an unknown emotion. It was something I had grown used to when she spoke to me, but hearing it so unfiltered after last night had thrown me.

“Iris,” I breathed forcing myself to look her way. Her hair was thrown into a ponytail, her eyes were still puffy and slightly red. Now that I was paying attention one of her eyes weren’t puffy from crying alone. I clenched my fist wishing even more that I had taken a second to beat his ass. She was wearing the smallest pair of black booty shorts I had ever seen on her with a simple black sports bra. She’d gained a little weight, but it was all in the right places; her bruises stood out more against her skin making question after question run through my head. Her brown eyes stared me down pleading me to say something about them so that she could curse me out.

I sighed, clearly there was no point in trying. Lavender was wrong.

No matter what I’d say or do, she’d always see me as the cheater.

“Don’t bother Jackson.” she tsked with a roll of her eyes and a simple head shake. “I’ll get you a pillow and a blanket. Clearly it’s easier to just stay away from me than to wake me and tell me we’re snowed in. Please try to grow up while I’m gone Jackson.” she growled before rolling her eyes again and stomping her way to her room. I cringed as the door slammed before Lavender’s laugh taunted me.

Being here with them still pissed at me was going to drive me crazy.

“The fuck!” I yelled getting to my own feet and following her. Clearly, I will never know what she wants. Somehow I’d always be in the wrong, but that part I already knew. None of this was far.

“Try harder Jackson!” yelled Lavender enjoying my discomfort. I was confused now than ever and I didn’t like it.

“Open the door Iris.” I groaned jiggling the handle as my fist pounded on the door, Lavender’s laugh deafening in my ears. I got nothing. No response. No footsteps. She didn’t laugh with Lave and she definitely wasn’t coming to open the damn door. “Damn it Iridessa open the fucking door!” I yelled pounding on the door harder.

“No!”was all that came before she went silent again.

“ARGHHH!” I groaned punching the door one last time before telling myself to calm down as I sat in front of it. I will not let her piss me off right now. She can be childish all she wants, but I will not stoop down there with her.

“Color me surprised.” laughed Lave as I glared at her. Why couldn’t she have stayed in her room?

“No Lave. Not now. I am not in the mood for this. You two will be the death of me.” I snapped at her and of course she wasn’t phased by it in the slightest.

“Excuse you? First, I didn’t think you could be so stupid. Losing your temper and yelling at her isn’t the way. Scaring her won’t make her open the door you idiot. Regardless of what you think Jackson, I am a neutral party here that wishes to stay out of it. However, I can still express my own personal opinion if I decide to. I want you both happy. Honestly, I am surprised though. It took literally no time at all for you two to be all Jackson&Iridessa like. What happened to change? Y’all still sounding toxic as fuck to me.” she laughed.

“Fuck off Lave.” I spat before she rolled her eyes and went back into her own room. My head was starting to pound already and I had no idea how long I was going to be here. Everything was snowed in and the plows hadn’t even been this way AND IT WAS STILL SNOWING. The snow was fresh and untouched. It already would reach my waist if I went out there and it was still getting higher.

We had to be caught up in the moment with each other if neither of us paid attention to how cold it was or how high the snow was getting.

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