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By Beretta Riggs All Rights Reserved ©



People asked me who I paid homage too in the mission of '25 Bravo.

  I don’t hesitate when I tell them that it was the Lieutenant.

We always considered her very creative in the way she thought, always finding ways in and out of tough situations. We boys thought of her as upbeat, always willing to be “in with the guys”, but mostly in the way she could rally people around her to get something done. But, though she was creative, her ideas were so concrete and sure that the Privates were sure she’d formulated them on watch, on the backs of her field journals and such.

  Mostly, though, we regarded her as a girl who knew her job and knew it well. Everything she did was to the utmost superiority; very rarely did she shirk a task—if ever. Actually, she kept task-oriented, insisting that a task must be completed swiftly.

  I wouldn’t call her a head-honcho, but I would say she was pretty close. She always was glued to the Captain’s side, always spouting off her ideas and pitching in her two-cents here and there. We boys were jealous at first when they named her an officer, but we quickly got over it in the run of 86 Bravo, when she pulled two Marines out of a rolled tank singlehandedly.

  Captain always had her at his side it seemed; some of the guys called her the Captain’s “Right Hand Gunner” on field missions—she could get anybody out of anything, anytime, anywhere; probably because she was the only one who knew what in the world was going on out of all of us. She always had the maps and the log books, making records and consulting the wisdom of those who went before us onto the field. We kidded that she was the brain to the Captain’s brawn.

  Yet, the Lieutenant, as smart as she was, always found herself in the middle of us boys, breaking us apart when we were squabbling—we could’ve easily taken her, all of us. But, she was always the peacemaker of the Squadron, always shoving the stronger away from the weaker. The Lieutenant, ha, she always went head on into the toughest operations and never took on the easier ones. Really, behind all that bravado, she had a heart for the country; a vision for the weak and strong. A vision for the country and what we could be, not what we are…

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