Silent Worlds: Book 1

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Now This Is Interesting

Ai wanted so much to hear what was in the diary, but first he had to make a quick stop to the bathroom to relieve his nerves. He'd been painfully pent up while waiting outside for his brother. The dark, the bug noises, the one car that went by made his blood run cold, he thought for sure it was this girl and her mother returning. But no one came, and ten minutes later his brother exited the home.

Shaking his hands out into airspace he then brushed them down the front of his cotton pajamas- he changed into them when he went to the bathroom- to remove any excess water, he flopped onto his brother's bed, laying there on his stomach like he was in for a really good bedtime story.

Yakusoku wet his lips with nervous anticipation, then he carefully opened the book. As careful as one would if they were told there was a Black Widow spider hidden within the book on one of the pages. But there was no spider, only words but they could be just as venomous. Sighing, he checked his voice then read out loud.

Dec. 4th,

Again, fucking again, my mother is bitching at me to learn my stupid signs and, again, she smacks me across the face when I tell her that I don't need it. But I know she has a point for it, I just wish that she would figure out that it doesn't mean anything without someone to do it with me, and I gotta tell ya, I'll be damned if I spend my middle school, high school, college life- whatever- talking to teachers and other special needs weirdos. I can read lips, and I'm doing just fine.

That's what he'd meant about words having venom? Right off the bat, he's smacked in the face by this little chunk of words. 'I don't... i-is she deaf? She seems to understand me and my friends just fine.' Biting his bottom lip in thought, he thinks about this. 'I've always thought that she stared at me just a little too hard- maybe with too much intensity. Can it be that she's, in fact, deaf?'

Taking the words in himself, Ai waved a hand in front of his brother's face, he asked. "Yaku' what's up? What are you thinking about?"

"I didn't think that Maria was deaf. I thought she could hear us- me and the guys, I mean." He blinked, face still showing disbelief. "But, wow, deaf." He felt a sick pang of guilt wash over him.

Shaking his head in his own disbelief, Ai says. "I've gotta meet this chick."

"Ai." Yakusoku hoped he sounded scolding, but he sort of smiled thinking that it was funny.

He had built Maria up to be this mountain when she's, actually, not even a molehill. Although now that he really thought about, 3 days ago he had a very heated conversation with the girl and she didn't look at him but once. Her head had been down, and then she responded quite rudely to him too when he was finished talking. Scaring him to the point that he'd drunkenly walked into the opened door.

She slipped something into his drink, he can't let himself forget about that. No matter how lonely she may be, that was out of hand. He can't let his guard down now because he feels sad for her and her 'maybe' handicap.

"Read some more." The younger boy encouraged.


Dec. 18th,

He's cute with a capital 'C'. Why can't guys like that be into me? I look in the mirror and I see a pretty girl, my mother sees a burden and a punching bag. I wish I could tell her off, then she'd see that I'm not worthless. Anyway, back to Kevin, I might just bite back my nerves and ask him out. Wish me luck.

Dec. 20th,

He said 'no'. I asked, and he said 'no'. At least, he didn't laugh, he just called me a freak. I wrote a letter because everyone- thanks to my stupid sister- knows that I can't speak, and I swear he might have said yes if he didn't know. God, I could kill that bitch for telling. I'm going to bed now.

"Sister!" Yakusoku heard himself shout, not loud enough to draw unwanted attention to them but loud enough.


"She told me that she was an only child." He still heard the loud volume in his voice- raised because his hairs are standing on end from the cold chill that gripped him from reading that.

"So?" he shrugged and sat back on his leg calfs. "A lot of guys I know lie about being adopted because their older brother, or sister, teases them."

"It was the way she said it, Ai." He shook his head remembering her words. 'She did say "well" after all when I asked about her having any siblings.' He thought, and the rational part of his brain wanted to believe Ai's words. But his wild imagination was running amuck with worry. What if Maria really did kill her sister?

"She didn't. She couldn't have." Ai cuts through his thoughts.

"You're right. No one just kills somebody, you'd be messed up in the head from it."

Ai had to shrug when hearing that. "You did say that she weirds people out, almost right off the bat."

"Maria would be haunted if she killed her sister. Not by a ghost but constantly by the memory; and she doesn't seem haunted. Quiet. Shy. But not haunted." And as an after thought he couldn't help but think. "She may even have impaired hearing, not completely deaf but it's bad enough for you to think so."

"That would make me behave funny. Not being able to hear all the time, people teasing me because of it." With the back of his hand, he pats his brother on the outer thigh. "And the signs that are mentioned could be sign language."


Ai was itching with a mix of excitement and curiosity. "Go on, read some more."

Jan. 9th,

Diary... what the fuck was that? I can't even explain it, just know that it was strange.

"That's all it says?" Ai asked.

"Yeah... Wonder what happened?"

Ai gave a gesture for his brother to keep going.

Jan. 20th,

It happened again! It happened again! I was sitting outside at the giant tree having lunch when I heard Kennedy Angel thinking that she had bad breath after the cheese sticks she ate for lunch; she also wondered if Michelle Trust would give her a stick of gum. It's like my prayers have finally been answered! Once I can figure out a way to do it without getting a headache I'll... Well, I don't know what I'll do, but its gonna be BIG!

April 20th.

I screwed up. Mom's sending me to live with my aunt...

"That's it? What happened all those months in between?"

Flipping back to some earlier pages he finds nothing interesting, just typical first-time diary entries. What you ate, who you see, where you've been. Nothing interesting. Flipping farther past the bizarre entry, he skims over the events that have happened that he is aware of: their going to the store together, considering coming to one of the movie nights- which he hoped like hell she doesn't actually do- his coming over, and how strangely he acted by the tree that time he had a microsleep.

The only weird thing about these entries is that she keeps saying that they are just alike. Just alike how? He has friends, he's talkative, he can hear- if she can't anyway, he's still unclear about that bit of information- and lastly- well... he's not a freak. He's a perfectly normal human being.

'And what exactly does she do?'

Sadly the hot-diary gave him nothing to go on, just more confusion and concerns. Stuffing the diary into his dresser he decides that he'll either give it back to her tomorrow or give it back to her by simply leaving it on her doorstep, it's not like she'd know he had it.

Hearing the door open, he turns his head. "Ai?"

"I'm going to bed. Let me know how things go tomorrow, okay?"


"And Yaku'... I really hope it ends once you return her diary. I mean, I'm all for curious snooping- I do it myself- I like to hear the positive conversing you and your friends do- but, I'm starting to worry about you. All I hear is Maria, this and Maria that... I think you've gotta let this go. She's just a shy girl who makes people feel uneasy. Nothing more."

Yakusoku could only blink hearing this moment of clarity from his little brother. "A... alright. I'll cool it with the snooping, and suspicions. And we're not obsessed or anything, we're just concentrating very hard on her."

"Call it what you want, but it's alarming. If anything, she should be the one concerned about all of you."

Shaking his head, Yakusoku completely disagrees with that. "You're wrong about that Ai, something is going on with her, and its only gotten worse since Enid and me."

"What about you and Enid?"

He'd forgotten he hadn't told his little brother about that. Not that telling him was something he'd planned on doing at all, but now it's out there. "Okay, but, don't tell mom and dad. I wanna be the one to tell them that Enid and I are dating."

"You and Enid? How did that happen?"

He shrugged. "I can't get into the details," He mentally added because he's 10. "but we're together... And honestly, I like it. It feels good."

Smiling, Ai nods. "That's good. Focus on that, and drop the Maria thing... I mean it." He made a playful fist at his brother.

"We will."

"Thanks. Night." Closing the door, he walked into his bedroom leaving the door open.

Yakusoku looked at the door for a moment, then got himself up from the bed to change into his night clothes. His mind feels heavy with thoughts and worry over this whole situation. What if the diary wasn't lying? And this 'screw up' the girl spoke of was the death of her sister, by her hands! What then? He's been hanging around this girl, talking to her, trying to be her friend. A girl who can kill without care.

He really doesn't want to worry his little brother or his family. But he can't let this go. Not yet. There are just too many weird coincidences, almost like she knows what he's thinking sometimes. And that's what hit him. He'd completely ignored the sentence because it was too strange to understand, but Maria wrote that she heard a girl's thoughts. Could it be that she actually did- can!?

"Is she psychic?" He wondered out loud.

Saying it out loud really shot the words through him like a bullet. Could it be true? Is such a thing even real? It's one thing to believe in ghost, spirits do exist; magic is fun to pretend its real, but it could never really be real because every trick, no matter how big or small, has a technique for it to be done well enough to fool people. And as far as shooting magical powers... rubbish. A psychic. That is something new to consider.

'She talked about something in her diary.'

He whipped the hot-item out like it was an old habit he was hooked on and trying desperately to kick, but somehow he failed himself this time. Flipping through the book, he found an entry that he'd only skimmed and read it entirely.

May 30th,

At first, I wasn't sure about him but I'm almost positive now that Yakusoku Land is 'the one', my other half, the one that will help me feel whole and wanted and accepted. There have been others- sure- but none just like myself. (there are three hearts drawn after this) I swear I can feel his mind screaming from his body, latching on to mine.

At first, it hit me so hard I had headaches come and go after seeing him in the hall, but every time I see him the repel becomes less and the bond more. If I could only get him to see this! But I have to move faster because that bitch named Enid (drawn knives circle Enid's name) has a thing for him, and you should really hear some of the things she thinks about.

"Yaku', why won't you notice that I love you?" and "I wish he'd stop wearing those contacts so he'd look at me with those gorgeous blue-green eyes."

Sick! Sick! The reason he wears those contacts is so ugly whores like her will stop staring at him so hard. No matter, though, he'll come around because even if his heart doesn't want me... his mind will. And if he still rejects me... I'll just eliminate the competition.

Yakusoku felt a wave of nausea wash over him; it was as thick as a brick to swallow. This is absolute proof that Maria is messed up in the head. 'So much for thinking that she could murder her sister and come out of it all right.' The teen also felt kind of stupid for not listening to his friends.

They all warned him, but damn it that his 'hero complex' didn't shut them up and out of any doubts he might have had normally. But who wouldn't think they were just being creeps? They don't want any one else joining their happy 6, so why not reject before the person was even brought up for discussion? Why hadn't he just found a stray cat, like usual, to sate his need to protect? Or maybe a fallen bird pushed from a tree by its mother, and unable to fly it lay on the sidewalk ready for some thug to come up and crush it.

But no, it had to be Maria. Well, if the girl did pull anything funny he'd have this diary as proof she was the one who did it. And that being known, he surely can't give it back to Maria now. She'll just have to assume she lost the damned thing somewhere and replace it. Dropping the disturbing thing onto the nightstand, he rolled over under the covers and waited for sleep to take over him. But it was not a restful one.

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