Silent Worlds: Book 1

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Boy Is He Weird

Clothes removed the two lay down on Yakusoku's bed, him on top and Enid on the bottom, making out like their ship was going down. Enid wouldn't have minded too much because she knows the boy isn't going to try anything funny with her, but when moisture stuck to her thigh she gave him a tap on his shoulder.

"What, what?" He asked in a pant instantly moving from off the girl. He thought maybe he were crushing her, although to be honest, appearance-wise Enid is heavier than he is. Yakusoku is a tiny little thing by male standards. "Are you hurt?"

"No, I just... I don't wanna get pregnant."

Blinking in confusion he asked. "How now?"

"Well, this girl got pregnant by her boyfriend and yet they didn't have sex- the definition of sex anyway."

Sitting up, she felt a strange need to cover herself, since his focus was no longer on getting off and he could actually make out her every shape and size in the broad daylight of his bedroom. But Yakusoku's attention seemed elsewhere at the moment.

"Oh, come on Enid, we all saw the same movie. I know what you're getting at."

In a foreign film, a girl was impregnated by her boyfriend when the two had a little grind session and his semen got into her vagina when he sprayed on her- not in her- and they called it a virgin pregnancy. He put his hands up in defeat, either way, if she's worried, she's worried.

"But I don't exactly have condoms to keep from leaking on you." He was briefly amazed at what a sexual deviant he sounded like when before he wouldn't give Enid, or sex, a once thought. How things change in a single moment. "I could borrow one from my dad- scary thought- but he might have some."

"I don't think I wanna do this knowing that I'm brushing against something your dad touches."

"Me either." He laughed.

Mood killed he got himself off the bed and dressed. Enid watched for a moment then did the same. No sense in trying when it just wasn't going to happen.

"Maybe someday."

"Yeah, when we're married." He joked about the time span and being married to each other.

"Aaaw, you wanna marry me? Aren't you cute."

"Shut up." He swatted at her move-in to pinch his cheeks. "Wanna play Devil May Cry? We can take turns doing the missions."

"No. Boring." She declared as though it were the last thing she'd ever wanna do. "Mario Kart D.D." Double Dash.

Already heading out the door to go downstairs, he rolls his eyes. "You only wanna play because you know I suck at it."

"Well, stop sucking and you'll have more fun."

"Stop sucking and you'll have more fun." He mocked in a voice that was supposed to sound like Enid's.

Setting up the game the two play with good spirits, until the larger group race, where it turned a little serious and each race was like a real workout of concentration.

"Yes, yes, yes!" The boy cried out as Luigi and Toad approached the finish line at the desert.

"Not, this time, my friend." Pressing a button Enid grinned in triumph as a red shell knocked Yakusoku's racers into a wall just at the finish line.

Hers wasn't the only car to pass him and instead of being first, he had to come in fifth.

Eyes slitted in bitter defeat, the male dropped his controller and crossed his arms like a pouting child. "Get out."

"Don't be mad." Enid laughed heartily. "You'll win the next one. I promise. I'll stay four cars behind you."

"Don't patronize me, Aarenstrup." He sulked.

"Aaaw, come oooon. Don't be sad."

"I'm not sad, I'm bored."

"Only because you're not winning."

"Only because it's true."

"That you're not winning? I completely agree." She poked him with her index finger on the cheek.

Smiling, he let the matter drop. "Hey, have you seen Maria lately?"

"No. Thank god." She looked at him with concern. "Why, have you?"

"No. Not since 3 days ago."

"Good. You know, I didn't wanna say anything before but when you didn't come back to the park, that day you went over there, I was really worried something had happened to you."

He didn't dare tell her that something, sort of, did.

"But you were home, and you were fine."


"What I don't get is why you didn't, at least, come by and tell us you were heading home."

"Should I have?" He wondered but it came out kind of rude. "I mean, I just sort of left and didn't really think too hard about it. Sorry."

"It's okay. As long as you were ok."

"Nothing was broken."

It dawned on him then that he could put his little experiment into play. "Enid," He started then looked around. "don't tell the other guys, I'll ask them when I see them, but do you wanna go to the beach on the weekend?"

Thinking it weird he would ask so discretely she nods. "Sure."

"Good. Thanks."

"Nooo problem." She still had wondered and concern in her voice. "Is something going on?"

"No," He shakes his head.

"Okay." She had her doubts but no longer questioned it. "Back to the race."

And when they got to the finish line and still Enid placed first the boy looked at his girlfriend and said in a tight, but playful tone. "I quit."

Enid laughed and laughed.

Dustin came over as he'd asked; the three boys played video games, switching then to a card game at the kitchen table after the dinner dishes were cleaned up. Dinner was mauled by the three boys- even the lima beans didn't stand a chance, but then swimming in roast beef gravy will make even those dried out little beans taste good. When it came time to sleep, Dustin grabbed a sleeping bag and went into Ai's bedroom. And all the house turned in for the night.

It was around 2 in the morning when Yakusoku's bedroom opened. Dustin, sleepy as anything, wandered in from his bathroom break and climbed into bed with the older male believing that he was in Ai's bedroom and in the sleeping bag.

Yakusoku roused a bit from the movement in the room but drifted back off when noticing that it was only Dustin. He was sure that if he'd got himself a little more alert, he would have kicked the boy out of the bed but he didn't care at the time he's too tired. As long as the boy didn't drool, let him sleep behind him. So what.

At least 'so what' is how it should have been but ten minutes later Yakusoku found himself smiling in his mid-drift of awake and asleep. Something pleasant was washing over his body in little tingling ripples. He hadn't felt that good since this morning when he and Enid were-

Sitting up in bed as if he were launched up like a rocket ship. Yakusoku looked down spotting that the reason for this unknown pleasure is that Dustin's hand was beyond the waistband of his pajama pants, fondling away at his balls.

"Dustin what the fuck!" He snapped shoving the kid off the bed.

Drowsy, or, at least, giving up a good act that he was, Dustin sits up looking over the side of the bed at the angered male. "Why- what? Hmm?"

"Don't play dumb, get up." He tugged the boy from the floor to a stand. "What the hell were you doing?"

Blushing, Dustin realized that he was caught. "I... I don't know. I just kind of thought that you wouldn't notice. I... I do it at home to myself and" He dipped his head shyly. "I was kind of curious if it would happen to you too?"

Disgusted, Yakusoku asked despite his rage and sickness. "If what would happen?"

"You know... when a guy is excited..." He trailed off.

Blinking, his anger welling up again. "Get out of my room you little weirdo, I'm not into that shit."

"Neither am I!" Shouted the accused. "Its just that we learned about it in school and... I and some other guys were wondering stuff."

Yakusoku rolled his eyes feeling a bit of embarrassment wash over him. For fuck's sake, the kid is ten. Of course, he's curious and wondering things- especially if they've gotten to the Sex, Ed. a portion of health class. They really do teach that shit to kids a little too early. Sickening really. But he hadn't meant to make the kid cry, as it seemed that's what Dustin was trying not to do at the moment.

"Listen, it's fine. Just, don't do it again. Okay?" Gesturing to the door, he said. "Go back to Ai's room- and don't do anything like that to him either." He thought he should warn.

"I won't. But I'm really not like that."

"I know. And a time will come- when you're old enough- and some girl will make you feel all nice and tingly- but don't go wondering with boys. That's what makes gays." He gave the kid a shove as he went through the door. "Now, goodnight." Closing the door, he made sure to lock it so this little moment didn't happen again.

Kids can be so damned weird.

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