Silent Worlds: Book 1

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Testing 1...2...3

As if life hadn't gotten weird enough, the next couple of weeks were on the high-ranking Bizarre-Train. Dustin pulled a disappearing act that night he stayed over because he hadn't come down for breakfast the next day.

Ai told him that he hadn't noticed when left, but knew he'd be back over because last night they had talked about playing with their Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. It was sort of for the best anyway though Yakusoku wanted to have a better talk with Dustin about what happened between them.

Deep down he hadn't really wanted to have the conversation, so maybe it was for the best that he didn't see the kid until later that evening when he'd come home from hanging out with Chester at the basketball court that's at 3rd Park.

The younger boy was, like before, taking the trash out. Yakusoku called out to him asking to talk. When they did talk, Dustin all but called him a fucking pervert saying that he needs to keep his gross dreams to himself. He'd of thought that the boy was shitting him because he was embarrassed, only Dustin sounded so damned serious about not knowing what Yakusoku was talking about, and he was undeniably offended. And when his little brother said he was ready to play cards, Dustin said that he was staying away from the weirdo family until they snapped out of it.

But that's not the end of the of things. Things have gotten so uncomfortable between him and Chester since he'd found out that his best friend was moving away over the summer. Of all the dumb luck. He'll be the only guy now, in a group of female friends. There would be no end to the talk that would go on around the student body- whether it's summer vacation or not.

But anyway, lately, whenever he's with the guy they have little to say. It's almost like how couples have that uncomfortable 'this is goodbye' moment before the break-up comes out of nowhere- or, at least, that's how it should come across- when in truth both parties know when it's over.

"Dude, you better, at least, call me once in a while. I know I'm not Sophie, but friends should have some sort of merit."

"I'll call. Besides, Sophie and I are gonna be finished once I leave." He bounced the ball thoughtfully. "She said that long distance couples never make it, and we'd be no different." He catches the ball within his grasp, sizing up the hoop he then tosses it. The ball made it through the net. "You don't think she has a guy on the side already, do you?"

Yakusoku shrugged. He honestly couldn't care less. And he was having a sense of deja vu from the conversation.

"What's really up with you and Enid?" Chester asked while retrieving his toss. "Are you two a real couple or just fucking?"

"We're gonna see if it works out."

Chester scoffed to that. It's one thing for him and Sophie, but Yakusoku and Enid don't stand a chance. Squeaky and Clean don't mix. That's why he and Sophie work, she's a snob and he'd be first in line calling her a bitch, and as for himself, he's no prize in the looks department and his mouth can get a little foul when he speaks to people but in the end, her good outweighs his bad. Balance.

"You see her naked, yet?"

"Full body."

"Damn, she's a slut!" Chester chuckled. "I had no idea she could be so easy. Maybe going for Sophie was the wrong choice."

"She is not. I'm just... I mean, she's seen me naked too."

"Oh, but who cares, she's seen me naked."

"That's because you're a streaker, and you're pudgy, so it's kinda hard to miss you."

"And yet, they looked on." Bouncing the ball on the concrete, he passed it to Yakusoku. "So are her breast bigger when she's naked or about the same? She dresses so freakin' conservatively."

"They're about the same, she's a 'C' cup."

"Niiice." He punched his knuckles to his best friend's.

"Meanwhile, if we're gonna be so open about this, what about Sophie? How'd she look naked?"

"Ehh, I mean she's got a hot body but her breast could be bigger. She's a natural redhead, you know."

"Chester, I wasn't serious." The Asian male rolls his eyes. Changing the subject, he informs. "My parents want yours over for a barbecue- everybody's, actually, the last goodbye before you go."

"Your dad makes some good ass burgers. Now that's how you say goodbye to summer!"

Yakusoku snickered at that. Chester gained 15 pounds one summer because he took down eight of his father's Jack Daniels original spicy sauce slathered pounds of meat. He never really did work it off, but it added to his charm really. Plus, in Yakusoku's completely heterosexual opinion, Chester looks better plump. When he was skinny he himself wanted to kick Chester's ass, just for the sake of it. And Chester would have understood because they're so cool like that.

He'd once told Yakusoku that he wanted to kick his ass for wearing a shirt that made him look like a dick because the collar of the neck was too high, and the Asian American never wore said-shirt again. He often wondered what happened to it, though.

It's things like that the male will miss most of all about his friend. He keeps him honest. He used to think it was all kindness that made friendships go-round, be an ass kisser and you'll go far, but this group of riff-raffs showed him otherwise and he's never once lost an ounce of love towards them or their foul behavior... but every now and then, he does feel he should say something. If only because he really is a good, bastard of a guy. Like with the whole Maria thing.

Hn. If only he'd gone with the group, then he wouldn't be where he is now. Holding a hot-diary, and waiting for something scary to jump out and yell BOO! It hasn't happened yet, but some weird shit has been going on.

Mostly he'd misplaced things over the week, or at least, that's what he's telling himself. He's misplaced it. And eventually, he'd find it- well- maybe not find it so much that it would just sort of re-appear out of nowhere and be right where he'd looked only a moment ago. It isn't funny, it's unnerving. Not to mention that since stealing the diary he's been getting those nasty headaches again.

In school on the last three days, Maria was openly stalking him around the building, openly staring, but silently. He'd even called her on her bullshit when she rode past his house on her bike by calling out to her and asking if she wanted to hang out. The girl put her nose in the air and hurried away. Was she snubbing him suddenly, and if so, she sure as hell was going about it the wrong way. You ignore them completely, you don't seek them out so you can show the person that they are being ignored. That there is giving them attention as well. Idiot.

In the meantime, due to Maria's diary, he allowed himself to get so much closer to Enid and he even stopped wearing his contacts. Fulltime. If she, Enid, really does enjoy looking in his eyes then let it be. She can stare all she likes. And as far as his psychic test went, Maria did not show up at the beach on that weekend school had ended, when he'd secretly asked his friends to come with him. For all her spying and riding past his house, she didn't know where they were going.

Which is why when the 17th of June rolled around he, very casually, walked past the girl's home and thought very strongly about the gang going to the beach on the 18th.

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