Silent Worlds: Book 1

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Baah Baah Bad Sheep

The next day around 12:19; Reeve Land packed his boys into the car and took them and Enid, who's getting a ride from them, to the beach. He dropped them off saying that he will pick them up when they're ready to go home, that they should just give him a call.

The group huddled together on the sand having their little-blanketed area look like a multicolored vortex to another dimension. Two umbrellas popped open to give them shade from the 92-degree sun. Once they've set those up, the next thing to put up was the net for volleyball. They played like savages. It's their way. Play to win. They all have sports backgrounds- even princess Sophie attends dance classes, and where its a different type of sport, its still very hard work.

"Spike!" Maina called out before cracking the ball over the net so hard it left an eroded crater in the sand.

Massiel hooted with laughter giving her sister a high-five. "I love making the ants scatter."


"Uh-huh. You bitches better watch your own scramble." Yakusoku chided taking custody of the ball. "Seven serving Twelve!" He called out before tossing the ball into the air and slamming his fist into it like it was his enemy.

Massiel returned the power serve like she was slapping water in the bathtub, rather than hitting a boulder poised to leave a nasty mark on her face. She laughed like the maniac that she is and allowed Sophie to take the return that Enid made. Sophie is hilarious because even though she returns it without much effort, she always makes an 'oh!' like it hurt or took her by surprise, leaving her to have just escaped with her life.

"I got it!" Chester went in for the highlighter green ball, but his return wasn't as strong as intended and the ball went out of bounds. "I'll get it," he called out before taking off.

Ai blurred past Yakusoku's vision a few times during the game, and he was finally able to steal a look at the kid. He's building a castle and was darting back and forth to get water for the moat and inground pool within the castle walls.

"Your serve," Chester gave the ball to Sophie who let it drop to the ground with little care.

"I'm done with this, I think I broke my wrist." The redhead declared.

"Oh come on!" Massiel groaned. "You're fine."

"No, I'm not. I think I would know. Besides, it's boiling out here, and I wanna swim." She stretched her arms over her head. "Come on, we can race."

"Sounds good to me." Maina agreed while yanking her ponytail loose to redo it.

Sophie, Maina, Chester, and Ai, who abandoned his castle, trudged off to the water. Massiel waved them goodbye and decided to grab a hot dog from a neighboring grill. Massiel doesn't have to know you to pinch something off of you.

"You want something to eat?" Yakusoku asked Enid.

"A yogurt would be nice, thanks."

"You got it." He grabs his wallet from the duffle that holds their sporting equipment then speeds off to the large hut-shaped snack vendor.

"Enid," he took a seat beside his girlfriend handing her the peach yogurt in a small waffle cone she'd asked for. "Sorry I took so long; the line had a newbie taking his sweet time ordering." Imitating the man he says mockingly. "I'll have... wait what's this flavor? Why is the 'cheesecake' flavor orange? How 'bout this one. Ugh, he went on and on." Noticing that she's looking at something with hard focus, he turns his head to see it for himself. "What? What's with you?"

The girl blinked, her light blue gaze from far away before landing it on her boyfriend. "I was just thinking about the fact that we may not all be-..."

Yakusoku felt a cold chill run down his spine. And though he wanted to hear the rest of what his girlfriend had said, his attention snapped directly to where the blonde girl is arranging her thing out on the sand. Her thin build covered in a dark blue one-piece bathing suit; her shoulder length blonde hair is tied up in a ponytail.

"You know what I mean?"

Enid's voice finally came back in on his frequency, but a little too late because he'd only heard her when she asked.

"Yaku' are you listening to me?" Following his gaze her eyes narrow. "Are you still feeling sorry for her!?" She barks out without meaning to, but it would seem that she's on a roll so why stop now? "Let me tell you something honey," the cute sentiment held no affection whatsoever. "She has no friends for a reason, and no matter how kind you are to her, she'll never be able to handle it right because she's never had friends- I'll bet. Maria Atkinson is crazy, and you'd better just leave it alone before she decides to start harassing us, namely you, again."

Yakusoku looked at Enid as though he'd never seen the girl before in his life, and after blinking thoughtfully for a moment, he frowned and said. "I'd like to but I can't... I need to know something." He knew it sounded lame. And he sure as hell couldn't tell her that Maria may be leaving them alone, but she isn't leaving him alone. So he smiled with a dry laugh coming along with it.

Livid, Enid cocked a fine brown brow and asked, "Such as?" to his very dry explanation.

Again Yakusoku looks at the girl with a hard glare. He's never seen the usually calm and collected girl act so stupidly. She can't honestly be-... oh, that's what it is. Nodding, he says in good-humor to ease the words to her ears. "Are you jealous?"

Enid could feel her blood boil, more than it already was in the hot weather. "Excuse me."

Smiling, the male says. "Well, if it will ease your fears, I like you not Maria. My relationship with her is strictly business." He touches the Swedish-American's cheek softly with the back of his fingers. Standing he says very hurriedly. "Now, I'm gonna go talk to her. I'll be right back."

Mouth agape, Enid stands as well. "Yaku' if you go over there," her eyes are blazing with anger. "I'll never speak to you again! You can just forget about us!"

'I wanna stay Enid,' he thought while looking over his shoulder, feet still traveling over to the blonde. 'but I really need to talk to her.' Turning his attention forward, he nearly paused in his steps. Maria is staring so intensely at him you'd swear she were summoning him over.

Her icy gaze fixated hard enough to give him a good freeze. Her pinched expression doesn't change when the male takes a seat across from her, but a little off to the side so that he's seated diagonally. Their gazes lock, and again, Yakusoku felt a cold chill runs through, telling him that he knows her somehow from somewhere. But where? Where, dammit!

'Don't lose it, man,' he swallows hard twice, 'you've come this far.' He schooled his frazzled nerves to relax.

Nothing would happen to him with all these people around. Not like when they were in her home. Alone. Just when he starts to open his mouth he's cut off by the girl.

"My diary is missing. You took it didn't you?"

Playing it cool he replied. "Maybe you misplaced it." He hadn't meant to drag the 'misplaced' but Maria's smile shook him from his ease.

"I don't care that its gone. I hope you found it to be an interesting read."

'How can she be so blase about it? Did she really want me to see it? Or was it planted there to see if I would?' The male wonders. 'No. That's a damn serious hiding place for something as stupid as a prank. It's real alright, which means she really did want me to find it and take it.' Something about that seemed to piss him off to the point of asking. "What happened to your sister? You said you're an only child."

"I never said that I was an only child, just that I had a cousin that I like." Her voice, usually so small and shy, is very snide and cocky all of a sudden. "You jumped to the rest."

Glaring Yakusoku shakes his head. "Either way... you said you've done something, but you never wrote it down. What was it?" He was very demanding all of sudden, when a while ago he was almost on the brink of afraid of her.

"I don't want to talk here. Meet me at my house, and I'll tell you everything that you want to know." With that said, she stands very slowly and gracefully, gathers her things then walks away.

Watching her go, Yakusoku lets out a hard breath of relief. 'I wonder if this is how Kevin felt right before the unspoken accident. Sad mixed with extreme dread.'

Getting up from the sand he brushes the grains from his butt then starts across the beach toward the blankets and umbrellas that he and his friends have put up. Yakusoku cocks his head when seeing that the others are gathered around Enid. Getting closer, he can see that his girlfriend has her hands up to her eyes, wiping them as if she were crying. But that couldn't be. Not over this.

Grabbing Enid's hand so he can look her in the eyes, he asks. "Enid, what's the matter?"

Sophie and Maina shoot him with their eyes, hard enough to make him release the weeping girl's hand.

Straightening up from the kneel she's in. Sophie's dark gaze continues firing off rounds at the confused male. "Look at what you did to her."

"Me? Wha-..?"

"She really cares about you, you jerk!"

"And I really care about her. So what the hell is going on?"

"She said you blew her off to be with Maria just now."

Scoffing, Yakusoku defended himself quickly. "I did not. I had to talk to her about something." He looks around at their accusing faces with pleading for anyone to listen, but he was met with walls. "She knows things, and I stole her diary, and she loves me- she keeps saying "we're alike" and... why are you guys shaking your heads?"

Slapping a hand to his best friend's bare shoulder, Chester shakes his head. "Yaku', stop. You're obsessed, and frankly, you sound just as weird as Maria."

Disgusted, Yakusoku smacks his friends hand off of him then pleads again. "...Did you hear what I've said? Maria isn't just some weird girl, she's really crazy. And in her diary, I read that she fell for some guy and there was an incident that made her mother send her away to live with her aunt... she has a sister..."

Chester, Sophie, and the twins just look at him with blatant disinterest.

"Why won't you listen?" He can feel a weird tightening in his chest. He hasn't had a panic attack since he was a kid and kept having nightmares. This was so not the time for that, not in front of these jerks.

Massiel says more calmly than anyone knew her voice could be. "Drop it Yakusoku; we're so over this it's not even funny anymore. Maria hasn't bothered us in nearly two months. If you keep talking to her, giving her false hope, she'll be right back at it again. So knock it off." Her brown gaze hardens. "If you can't manage that for your friends... we're done with you."

Forget the tightening thing, he just can't breathe. Stunned, he just looked at them. His dual colored gaze wanting some relief from a blink, but it received none as the male just stares. "Seriously?"

They nod all five of them this time as Enid finally stopped her tears to straighten up and look at her boyfriend.

"Wow." He finally blinks. "I always wondered what could possibly break up a bond as tight as ours, what could possibly come between us when not even Chester moving would change anything... I see now that it's a little individualism mixed with a dash of sheep, to create a pile of yes-men sheep who can't wait to abandon you when you wanna do something that hasn't been shown to the council."

Head tilted forward he snickers, softly, uncontrolled. "Its actually really funny, I never saw this until now, but it's true. ...You're all a bunch of sheep." With a shrug, he shook his head then gathered up his things from their colorful portal. "That's fine. If I'm this easily dismissed then have a nice life, assholes." Stalking over to his little brother, who'd gone back to his castle after the swim, he drops his things down.

"Hey bro', wanna help?" Ai, always glad to see his older brother, smiled at him.

"Sure." Grabbing a shovel and pale he joins in with creating the east wing.

He'll call his father in ten minutes and they'll go home when he comes to get them. He doesn't need them. And he never will. But, deep down, he wanted, at least, one of them to call out to him as he stormed off. To let him know he had a chance. But none came. What did he expect, though, when he was the one who sent them away.

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