Silent Worlds: Book 1

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I'm Flagged

Yakusoku’s drained body was dragged back to the mattress and spread out like a Thanksgiving turkey, ready to be carved open. Maria, please as a cat in a fish market and empty of human life, unzipped the fly of her lover’s jean shorts tugging them down, then off. She wet her lips at the meat on display. And with not even an ounce of shyness does she touch the length of his member, petting it like a faithful pet.

Yakusoku looked on as she does this, unable to so much as frown. His placid face remains expressionless while he watches, his doped up brain useless to him to even understand what’s going on. But he can feel all of it. His vision is blurred for a moment as his shirt is jerked sharply over his head.

‘Beautiful.’ This girl admired.

Yakusoku felt the wetness on his chest from her parted lips leaving kisses around his torso, he felt her palms brush over his nipples, over and over before her hands scrunched so that her nails dug into him. Maria laughed at something she thought was funny, before licking the reddening streaks trail.

‘Does that feel better, Promise?’

The perked nipple vanished between her lips, and the bud is lavished with flicks from the tip of her tongue. Yakusoku watched as his hand raised on its own and wrapped around her back.

‘Oh, you want to see me naked? You’ll have to wait, all good things come to those who wait but...’ She lifts her violet pink mini-shirt revealing that she hadn’t been wearing underwear from the start. ‘I can give you a little sample.’

Her hips rock and grind against his bare genitals smearing her sticky leaking juices upon them. And she moaned like she was in heaven, she actually moaned like she was in a porno. Hyping it up when it couldn’t possibly feel like anything. But then that’s just in his opinion.

Her grind became harder when his penis erected beneath the crush of her hips. Her voice is in his head, deep in his head screaming “oh God, oh God, yes”. Her breath is brushing wistfully against his neck, where she’s buried her face and upon her eager climax her teeth.

He’s bleeding, he can tell. She’d bitten into him hard enough, how can he not be? She’d decided to kiss him while riding out the rest of her climax; her hips slid up and down leaving a very thick scent in the air with her mess; you’d think his penis were a tongue cleaning her up afterward with how she’s rubbing into him. Her kisses are breathlessly urgent against his lips.

It seemed to him that the real fun was starting then, because Maria stripped herself naked, everything- including her skirt went over her head so she would not have to move from his lap.

Again, his hands moved on their own, his palms cruised up her thighs, thumbs brushed teasingly against her slit. How was he moving? Is Maria this good with her gift that she can manipulate his movement? It would explain how he’s doing it, that’s for sure. Because trying to move on his own, so much as twitch the side of his mouth is impossible.

Hips up, she lowers herself over his length and put her body into full swing as she fucked herself over his hard-on. He can hear the sloppy slurping sounds coming from her wet tunnel, he can feel the drooling and heat that’s encasing him. Is this supposed to feel good? Because he feels sick to his damned stomach.

Yakusoku was sure that once he’s regained feeling in his body, his lap will be ridiculously sore because of the trampoline way the girl is moving on him. Her raspy pants are still buzzing in his mind, curses and sighs, moans and pleased sobs. And she would kiss him uncontrollably every time she climaxed, and by every time he means that he isn’t sure of how long they’d been in the cabin, because at one point she was naked, another point she was only wearing her skirt, another time she was completely dressed again, but with one peek of her shirt raised where his hand was seen massaging her small breast.

It seemed endless, but after a point he acknowledged that he was tired, he even felt his breathing pick up. As a test, he twitched his finger and it moved!

Maria had missed this because she’s giving him a blowjob while her fingers and palm tickle at his balls. It seemed after he blew his load into her mouth that the torment was over, and only after she’d licked him clean does she get herself together.

‘That was amazing.’ She whispered.

Yakusoku could only stare before he drifted off to sleep. When he woke up he was still inside the shed, Maria still with him, perched on the stool and staring at him. Positively captivated by him, judging by the dreamy look on her face. He only then noticed that he’s still naked, and she’s probably focused on THAT. Mouth set into a displeased straight line, the boy expelled a small cough in order to find his voice and when it came out it was low and shallow.

“Its hard, isn’t it?”

Her gaze goes out the small window, then comes back to him, her expression became emotionless.

“Being forgotten about.” He continued.

“Harder than you’ll ever know.” Her voice is sad. “...No one would ever forget about you, but I-..” She dropped the end of her words.

“...I’ll never forget you.”

The girl smiled just then, standing up she walks over to him sitting down beside him on the futon. Her hand came up to caress his chest. “Oh Promise, you don’t really have a say in the matter.”

“What?” His breathing picked up. Panic returning.

“Did you think this was it? Ha! Oh, no no nooo, you and I are going on a little trip.” She tapped her index finger teasingly to his nose.

“No...” He heard himself say right before his body starts to jerk about in hyperventilation. “No!”

He scrunched himself into a naked ball, his forearms shield his head as if to keep the thought out when it had already gotten in. This can’t be real. None of this is really happening. He’s probably still at home passed out from heat stroke. Yeah! It was damned hot today, that must be it. He actually heard himself laughing. Laughing hard.

Embarrassed by the sound, Maria scoots away from him like she’s got something in her teeth or he smells. “What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?”

“You are!” He shouted without meaning to, but he’s laughing so hard his voice just kind of shot it out of him like a 12 gauge. “Listen to yourself, you loon; you’re in love with me, how retarded is that?” He clenched his stomach laughing further.

Blushing, the girl stands up. “Shut up! I do love you... and in time, you’ll love me as well.”

Shaking his head, lips still twitching with chuckles, though he’s calmed considerably. ”No, I won’t. And no matter how much time we spend together, I never will.” Maria looked appalled. “I love Enid, and I always will. If you’d like to know my feelings about you- needless to say, there are none. And the only way you’ll have a place in my life is through my hatred.. but you should feel some kind of joy in that, Maria... because I don’t hate often, so its kind of like you’re special to me.” He laughs again, just as steadily as before, especially when the girl shook with rage and sadness over this admitted information.

“No!” Her hands slam against the wall he’s sitting up against, pinning his head in place. Her tears slither down her cheeks like poisonous snakes, her voice is just as hissing as any serpent. “You don’t mean that.”

“I do. You see Maria,” He says with all the cockiness in the world, considering he’s helpless and naked. “I’m only into sweet girls, and you could never be one of them- ha,” He scoffs, “you’re hardly even in the unpleasent category, you’re just flat out awful!”

He thought she was unsightly before, but rage made the girl just ugly. Her features soured and scrunched, her ice blue eyes were polar caps stabbing him mercilessly in his own.

“Fucker! Fucker! Fucker! You fucker!” Her fist pound on the wall behind his head. “I’ll kill you!” Her hands clamp around his throat, and she had a grip like a vice.

Yakusoku tried to pry her off but it was useless. This was it. This was how he’d meet his end, in the hands of this crazy freak. He wished he’d listened to his friends back then. Back before this could ever come close to happening to him. But something happened... She let him go. She backed away and dropped herself into the corner of the shed, still on the futon but at least away from him.

“Ma... Ma... Mary had a little lamb.” She sang softly. “little lamb, little lamb...”

Dual colored eyes are wide with wonder and worry as Yakusoku watches the girl sing while tugging at her hair.

“Stop it!” She shouted halfway through the song. “When was the last time that you he- heard him sa- saay,” She sang again, only a different song. “I said shut up! And you’ll do it right now!” She grunted even before she started popping the back of her head against the shed wall. “Shit, shit, shit, shit” She sang. “Wouldn’t ya like to knoow!”

Yakusoku yelped from a start when the shed wall splintered behind him. The whole place seemed to be alive and shaking when Maria quieted down. Was she planning on crushing it with them inside?! He had to get out before that happened, but his body remained frozen in place. All he could do was watch her, and wait.

“Eeeenough!” she finally snapped when the window had shattered out. “Fucking look at ME!” She screamed out before getting up from the bed.

Yakusoku shielded himself thinking an attack was coming but it wasn’t so. Maria fled the shed as if she were never there. And Yakusoku only after another hour or so wait, dressed and left too. He had to be sure she was gone, he supposed. Had to be sure that he was safe. And with exhausted... everything! the boy walked home. Hoping to forget what happened, but knowing he never would.

The next day, with a power he got from who knows where he approached the girls home with a police officer and his father. He didn’t tell them everything, just that Maria had brought him to a cabin to talk and she went nuts. He lied and said that he was worried, and wanted to check on her- but only if he had them at his side.

The officer banged on the door but no one answered, figuring that they must not be home he did peek through the window in which he found the place empty. Stripped of everything that was once inside. There was, however, fold-out beach chairs but nothing more.

Yakusoku was warned by the officer not to make up phony things like that, but he only gave him a warning. Reeve Land shook his head in dismay, telling his son that he may have to see a therapist about his fits and lies. The two went home together.

But Yakusoku didn’t understand... unless... A chill ran up his spine as he went home that afternoon. Had it happened to him? Maria was real, there is no denying that part but... maybe... just maybe he was losing his mind as Ai had questioned. Made the girl a mountain, caused her to move because it was, in fact, He who was obsessed with her.

But, that just doesn’t add up... He’s normal... he’s normal...

To Be Continued

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