Silent Worlds: Book 1

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Young Moments

Pictures were being taken, awards are given out, and food passed out on paper plates. The entire cafeteria smelled like pasta sauce and cheese. There were no complaints about the menu choice. The mothers and fathers who'd helped out had done a good job on the food. It was almost kind of irritating- at least to the lunch ladies.

Ai made a big show of applauding and whooping it up when the coach called his brother's name as the VP of the basketball team. This would be his last year in the sport because he planned to focus more on his art. He considered it a go-nowhere hobby, but you never knew how things would work out in the end. Life practically screamed at you to face another direction once you'd made up your mind about life plans. And secretly, he was getting a little tired of being at school for practice when a lot of the time he'd rather be somewhere else. Not to mention having his name mispronounced in front of a large crowd, then Ai and his parents and friends start screaming their heads off like it was correct was kind of embarrassing.

He really hated the attention and compliments of any kind- well, physical based compliments, he didn't mind ones about his intellect or talent at something. He used to wear brown contacts to cover up the unique-for-his-race blue-green irises- and he still does, at times. But he stopped wearing them, permanently, after one slid a too far over and got stuck in his eye. Very painful.

Girls always made such a fuss over it and were quite pleased when he'd stopped covering them up. They even asked him why he'd bothered, and he lied to them and said that it was because he was nearsighted and didn't wanna wear glasses. As for their being brown that was his own business.

But he smiled graciously and nodded his thanks, blinking rapidly from the brighter flashes of the non-digital cameras. He wasn't sure why anyone would want a picture of someone else's kid, but they could be scrapbookers. The yearbook club isn't allowed digital cameras because of the editing issues with film development.

It was strange, though. Every time one flash went off he could hear a strange click in his ear. Like someone was right up at his side taking a picture. Maybe not that close but close enough to hear it. Turning his head, a concerned, curious look on his face, he leaned back almost as if there was someone beside him, glaring him down through the eye of a lens. Paranoid much? How would that even be possible? Stepping down from the stage, he sat down at the table with his family.

"What?" Ai asked, seeing some confusion on his brother's face.

"Nothing serious. But... did you guys see anyone besides the stage taking pictures?" He looked over his shoulder. "I was blinded by the camera flashes so, even if someone was there, I didn't see them."

They looked around the room with necks craned to see if they could spot the culprit, but none of them saw a thing and ended up shaking their heads.

Now confused, Ai asked. "Why?"

"No reason, I just thought I heard a camera in my ear."

Across the room, a girl smiled, lost in her infatuation with the Asian American. Her camera was raised high enough so that he showed up on the little screen and with one touch of the button, her camera made the moving picture on the screen freeze, trapping it to a still moment. Yakusoku looked so handsome tonight! Looking at the screen her giddy butterflies sent her across the room, past the table where her secret crush sat.

'Congratulations, Prom'.' She thought as she went by.

Yakusoku looked towards the exit where he spotted a blonde, ponytailed girl making an exit. 'Was that Maria?'

He wondered why she would be here but then figured that she was probably on the yearbook committee or something. It was strange, though, how he'd felt a slight buzzing in the back of his mind. But when the double doors snapped shut, it stopped. He really needed to get on some meds to help him sleep tonight. Otherwise, he would turn into a complete basket case!

It wasn't any wonder Maria- if that was her- left. Students didn't make a habit of coming to these functions when they don't have to. In fact, the only time he'd ever known a non-player to come is if they had been brought along by a friend.

As the dinner ended, all the families flooded the hall, chatting with one another, bragging about their children. Chester Flint located Yakusoku in the hall and wrapped an arm around his neck, practically wrestling him to the floor with congrats. Yakusoku returned the favor.

"Hey, you guys don't mind if I borrow a night over with you?" Chester asked of the Lands.

"Of course Chester," Quinn replied. She held the doors open for her family.

The Flint's didn't mind it. In fact, they seemed almost overjoyed at the thought. Chester and Yakusoku could have barfed, knowing that the only reason parents wanted kids out of the house was when they wanted to get physical. And to be loud about it. Gross!

The sporty twins waved their goodbye as they exited the school, following their parents to the car. Already fed from the banquet the two boys' only goal, once inside the Land home, was to load up on snacks. Ai was with them, eating chips and onion dip while they watched the movie, Wolverine.

Reeve checked on them by simply peeking over the railing overhead. He laughed when he saw the elated glee the boys were in over a simple movie before they all broke into a fit of 'cool' and 'awesome'. Returning to the master bedroom, he felt no need to have to tell them to get to bed afterwards. It was the weekend after all. Let them stay up.

"Dude, it sucks that Wolverine only has claws to work with. He's got all this blind fury and can barely do anything with it but slice you up." Yakusoku said while looking over his shoulder, chip in hand trying to locate the dip. Once he's found it, he dunked the rigged ranch flavored chip into the white cream then stuffed it into his mouth.

"You're kidding? He rules because he only has claws to work with. It takes a man to have to battle up close. Any jackass can pull a trigger. This guy is combat."

"Tch. The only good thing about him is that he can heal really fast." Ai chimed in.

"Are you insane?" the older boys snapped in unison.

Ai only shrugged. "I didn't say he wasn't cool, I only meant that out of all the other mutants..."

"I guess." Yakusoku chewed his lower lip in thought. "I wonder if he's heavy? His bones are made out of adamantine steel. He's gotta weigh a ton."

"Hmm. You know what's good about that little feature?" Chester said over a mouthful of donut minis. "He can never break a bone."

"But Magneto can still pull him apart." Ai reminded them.

Both boys nodded in agreement.

Nudging Yakusoku, Chester whispered. "Plus, he must seriously get a stiff rod when he's hard."

Yakusoku chuckled, shoving Chester back.

Once the movie ended Ai retired to bed. He was bushed and had plans for tomorrow. So he said goodnight and went upstairs to brush, change, and pass out. When Yakusoku and Chester were sure the boy was out like a light, they knew Quinn and Reeve were asleep, the Land child grabbed the remote and turned on a movie channel. Going into the 'late night' section, he scrutinized the choices then decided on one pressing play.

"Fast Forward to the good parts," Chester said as if he had to.

Yakusoku waved the comment off. He knew the routine.

And before they could reach into the bag of chips to grab a bite, their eyes were enchanted by the sight before them. A naked woman sprawled out over a long, leather cushioned table. Her moans were lowered by the volume of the television, but by how wildly she was throwing her head back and forth, she was really feeling the ministrations of what the man was doing to her.

From what they could tell, the man is a massage therapist and he was definitely making the woman comfortable. Both boys swallowed hard when the camera panned up her legs resting on her vagina; the wetness there was very visible, more so, when the man's fingers played through the soft bits of hair that weren't waxed away.

"Oh my god... have you ever seen anything hotter?" Yakusoku asked nearly drooling.

He'd never thought too hard about sex, mostly because he'd never met anyone he'd wanna have it with. But if he did... man, he was sure he'd really nail that chick.

"Yeah... two chicks," replied Chester, wiping his mouth and leaning in a lot closer.

The shot changed and now the woman is on her stomach and pulled to the end of the table, though she's still resting on it, her thighs are parted wide, and her legs are wrapped around the backs of the man's. His hands were on her hips to give him some stability while he thrust himself in and out of her.

Both boys cocked their heads to the side when they showed her from the front; breast jiggling and popping together as though they were applauding the position. She threw her head back in a brown spray of hair that slapped the man against the chest. Her mouth is opened wide for mating music.

Chester would have given his left leg to have his cock in that wide- but tiny- mouth. These casting directors really knew how to pick them!

A mucky euphoric scent filled the living room when the camera got a shot of her wetness, and how it was leaving moist streaks on the leather upholstery, her pink bud lapped through it lavishly.

Both boys were sure that if the other male wasn't in the room he would be touching himself. This wasn't their first pornographic viewing session, and it wouldn't be their last. But as far as masturbation in front of each other, no rules had been set nor did they have to be. It was an absolute NO! But they would make use of the bathroom in a minute, then they'd return to the living room with no questions asked or assumptions made.

Nothing is said about if it would be too weird or not. But, they're best friends, so it shouldn't be. They've been in locker rooms changing and showering, but masturbation... that's a tough one.

Chester seemed to make the decision for them and unzipped his jeans. His hand lowered beneath the band of the boxers and he latched onto himself like a dog would a bone. His hand would be the mouth slobbering all over it, up and down. He bit back a moan, grunting as pleasure washed through him.

Yakusoku watched his friend for a second with disgust in the back of his throat. But looking at the screen again, he figured that if Chester was going to be brave enough... so would he. Unzipping his jeans, he sort of wished that he'd changed into his pajamas so he wouldn't have to do anything but shove his hand down his pants. Because, again, if Chester were brave enough then so was he.

Grunts and quiet groans filled the room, nearly covering up the low volume of the television. But they can still hear the woman crying out from the speakers; their eyes were locked on the television, and they match their strokes with the man's thrust to make the fantasy that the brunette vixen was responding to their thrust more believable.

Yakusoku's head dropped when his body twinged with thunderous pleasure, leaving him panting into the floor. He had no idea that masturbation could feel that good! He'd been awake so many nights wondering if sexual exhaustion would put him to rest, but he could never get an erection. Turns out he only needed some motivation. Obviously! He doesn't turn himself on, he's not a weirdo.

Chester here seemed like a seasoned pro, his eyes are still locked on the television, his strokes are hard and strong to light and faint.

The camera angle changed when the pairing had. Now she's on her back, and the man is no longer pumping into her rear. He was ramming into her a lot harder now, and lying down didn't seem to flatten her massive breast as they thumped and rocked in time with her body.

"Oh God!" She cried out before her left hand came up to her breast to pinch and tug at her protruded nipple. Her right hand was down on her gender doing much of the same.

Yakusoku lessened his pace when his body tensed then released into his boxer shorts, some of the semen coated his palm. He got up to get a box of tissues and returned once he'd cleaned himself off in the downstairs bathroom. Setting the box down for Chester; who still seemed to have some juice left in him for movement, Yakusoku brought his gaze back to the television.

The man's rapid bucking turned into hard pops; his nails are dug hard into her hips as he steered her up and down. This went on until the both of them arched and cried out with heads thrown back in divine release. Chester was done as well, and he snatched at four to six tissues stuffing them down his pants to wipe the mess away.

"Let's watch another one." Chester grabbed the remote and fast forwarded through the rest of the naughty movie.

When he didn't find what he was looking for, which is girl-on-girl, he stopped the video and checked through another movie finding a scene almost instantly. These two girls were in the shower.

A tall blonde is backed against the tiled wall of a very spacious shower with a glass wall. The door was left open, and down at her lap another blonde is licking her out, stopping occasionally to shove her fingers in and out of the standing woman's body. Sometimes she'd do both, licking at the wet lips while pumping her fingers in and out.

Yakusoku was done for the night as far as self-pleasure went, but it seemed that Chester had an endless supply of erections just waiting to happen. He let his friend be. Why embarrass him if he was comfortable doing something like that with Yakusoku still in the room? But he did watch the scene, with muted appreciation at the delicious sight. It was when the other woman stood up and they began to rub their wet bodies together that something stirred inside the Land child.

The shorter blonde ran her hand up the other woman's thigh, her fingers stopped at the crotch to swirl a smudge of sticky bodily fluids from the woman she was with on her fingers, then she brought them up to the woman's mouth where they were sucked on hungrily.

"I'm going to bed," Yakusoku announced as he stood. "Come whenever you want." He hurried away, unsure if Chester had even heard him over the blinding enjoyment.

The Land child went into his bathroom: brushed his teeth, then he changed into his pajamas. Once he finished relieving himself in the bathroom, he climbed under the covers in bed. Scrunching his eyes closed, he waited for sleep. The tiring effects of his downstairs activity were still drifting through him. He was sure he would get some sleep tonight.

Chester joined him twenty minutes later, sporting a goofy grin. He seemed quite pleased with what he'd seen. He brushed his teeth with one of the replacement toothbrushes from the linen closet. He'd decided to scrub himself clean with a wet soapy rag. His jeans had been removed completely, but his boxers remained on down at his ankles. He went to work at the sink, leaving the rag dangling from the faucet.

Pulling up his shorts, he grabbed an extra pair of pajamas from his friend- the pants only since they'd stretch. He's a bit on the full side compared to his scrawny friend, though he wasn't fat.

Shirtless, Chester slipped into the large bed and sighed in contentment. "Night, Yak'."

"Mhm." The sleepy male mumbled.

Not ready to sleep just yet, Chester glanced at the time. 12:20 a.m. Then he stareD up at the ceiling.

Yakusoku sighed in order to check that his voice was working, and then he said, "For the record, I'm NOT going out with Maria. I'm not interested in her in any way, shape, or form."

"Never said you were," Chester replied calmly, matching his friend's tone.

"I'm just being nice to her. For some reason, I feel sad whenever I see her. So much that I sort of feel like I'm shaking all over."

"Well, that's weird." He opened his eyes, turning his head to meet his friend's gaze- or at least he thought he would but Yakusoku's eyes were closed, and his head was dipped like he was already asleep. "How'd you know I said anything, anyway?"

"Sophie. I knew she wouldn't tell on you, but she'd gladly rat out anyone else just to see the drama, or me snapping at them."

"Oh. ...Does Maria know you're not interested? I'm telling you, she's got a thing for you man."

"Maybe... I mean, I really haven't given her a reason to think otherwise, but... maybe I should tell her point blank."

"Yeah, let's see how well that goes for ya." Chester rolled his eyes. "You'd panic. Better to leave it to someone like me, I can be your backup."

"Would you?" He opened his eyes then. "Thanks."

"No problem." Rolling onto his side, he snuggled in. "Well, goodnight- again." He chuckled.


Turning over on his side, he looks at the closet. For some weird reason, he thought someone was in there. Watching him. Yakusoku closed his eyes, and through the darkness, he wondered if maybe those black blobs had come back?

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