Silent Worlds: Book 1

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Well, imagine that

May 1, 2010.

It was as if the gods had smiled upon the Land child and his friends, because when school rolled around Maria was nowhere to be found for two days. But that was only two missed day. Who knew what tomorrow would bring. Luckily, it brought on nearly as good. Maria was there, but she paid them no attention. In fact, she'd even gone as far as to sit in the cafeteria rather than outside by the tree.

Even in class. She didn't pay any mind to any of the 6, she happened to be in class with. Rejection seemed to work well; Yakusoku could have patted himself on the back for being so good at the 'just friends' speech. He honestly thought that she would push the issue, maybe try to drag it out, but it didn't go down that way. She simply chose to ignore them, him most of all.

Not that he tried to speak with her, but when he saw her enter the room for class he did try making eye contact. She all but turned her nose up before choosing a desk at the far end of the room. That was fine with him. Better than fine. He hated to be the one to start acting so cruelly to a person, just because she took an interest in him that he didn't want. His father taught him far too well.

He'd once been wrestling in the grass with Massiel- she was practically a boy! And when he'd elbow-dropped the girl, Reeve practically took his head off for it. Even with the girl standing right there saying she was fine and that she rough-housed all the time with guys ten times Yakusoku's size, Reeve Land wasn't having it. So no bruising them and no verbal cruelty. Women were wonderful. His father is sticking him to that.

But still... the rejection had him curious; and he caught himself stealing glances- just to be sure that Maria wasn't stealing glance as well! He really had no interest in the girl. And he never would.

"Eyes to the front, Mr. Land," his teacher ordered from his desk in a bored tone.

Three kids in class glanced at him and laughed. He didn't really care, and returned to reading from his assignment book.

It was the middle of the week when something horrible happened. Chester Flint, Yakusoku's best and probably only guy friend outside of his brother, announced that he was moving away by the middle of summer. Talk about a blow to the head. He didn't think he'd manage being the only male in the group; people would start talking. Not to mention, the fact that he was going to miss his best friend like a missing limb. Luck that bad, you would think he was paying for a debt he owed the universe for giving them a Maria-free week.

Another thing that happened was during the sleepover at Enid's. They were all supposed to be there, but, one by one they backed out for one reason or another. Chester and Sophie were fucking nearly everyday in hidden places in the area, or each others' house when their parents were away. You'd think he only had one hour to live. And the twins were packing to go to New York for their aunt's funeral. That left just him and Enid.

This wasn't unusual in the least, as the 6 of them often had sleepovers with just one or more of their little group, so there was absolutely no tension in the air; just watching a simple horror movie, when out of the blue two of the characters starting having sex. Graphic sex, not like a porno but they showed the thrusting movement of their covered bodies, and the girl's breast were exposed.

Though they appreciated the little peek-a-boo romp in the sheets, they thought that the scene was horribly out of place. But its because of that 2 minutes of shame the movie produced that in the dark, on Enid's soft bed with the flower covered blanket, the two shared their first kiss. It was warm and sweet, and quick as a whip due to uncertainty.

Enid blushed; and Yakusoku winced, thinking that he'd done something wrong. He'd felt even worse when Enid covered her mouth to laugh. That was all he needed to know, but instead of running like a coward he instead got up off the bed to get a sleeping bag. He can't sleep in the same bed as her, not now.

Embarrassment giving him speed, he started for the door but Enid stopped him by grabbing his arm and pulling him back toward her where she drew him into another kiss. Longer. Slower. And it shook through them like an earthquake. Yakusoku was back on the bed, topping the girl with his weight, to keep her soft body beneath him.

The two wasted no time in letting their hands closer explore a body of the opposite sex. So soft and squishy are female breast that Yakusoku found it hard to stop kneading them within his palm, whole-handing it, to moving his hand to the side so that his thumb can brush over her nipples.

Yakusoku's swimmers physique wasn't anything to be impressed with yet, but he was getting there, and the semi-toned abs were impressive enough to Enid; and she moaned when the pad of his thumb brushed her stiffening nipple; their lips hungrily tasted and passionately bruised the others, and yet, there was no real sexuality behind their actions, just complete curiosity made physical.

Enid's hand glided over the flesh of Yakusoku's genitals, being the first to really venture bravely; and she gave it experimental tugs and strokes, smiling when he responded to the point that he broke their kiss to groan into dip of her neck and collarbone. It felt awesome! And honestly, he can't recall ever being hard before... Not even when he had watched porn with Chester.

Wanting to do the same for her, Yakusoku's hand slid roughly down the girl's abdomen to her hip bone, his other arm hooked around her back to keep her close and he began kissing her again. Yakusoku noted that Enid's butt felt a lot like her breast, only a bit more firm and with no peaks in the center. She did have an up-grown mole though and much like with her nipple he pinched it to try out its effectiveness, but she didn't really respond to it.

His hand left her rear deciding to go full force into this thing, and it dipped below the waistband of her pajama pants. He had to admit that he wanted to look at it... you know, IT, but knew it would do no good to since it's very dark in the room-- minus the light from the television-- but with Enid's back to it, her exposure was in total darkness. Index and middle finger together like a tongue he began to stroke them roughly against her.

Yakusoku's outcry could have been passed off as moaning, had it not sounded so panic- not to mention he shoved her off him.

"What is it? What's the matter?!" She looked at her bedroom door thinking that her parents had walked in.

Eyes wide and frightened, Yakusoku pointed. "S- someone's watching us!"

"Who? Where?" the girl looked around frantically.

"There!" he practically shouted when the black thing moved a bit. "Can't you see it?" Yakusoku got off the bed. "In the corner of the room. The dark mass, how can you not see it?" he looked at the girl as if begging her to see it too.

But Enid shook her head. "No." Reaching for the lamp, she pressed the switch turning it on.

With the room lit up, both teens looked at the corner that Yakusoku saw the... whatever it was. The light shined brightly over the room revealing nothing human or otherwise in there with them.

Chest rising and falling hard from his panic, he shook his head. He didn't understand. It was right there! Waving a hand at the girl, he said. "Turn the light back off." When the room was cloaked back in darkness, he could only blink in confusion. "It's gone... I don't understand, it was right there." He reached into the now vacant space.

"But I never saw anything."

Staring for a few seconds more, Yakusoku returned to the bed taking a seat. Adjusting himself, he pulled the covers over his body as if it would ward off the evil of the creeping gaze. "There really was something there."

Getting beneath the covers, her own fears are fading away when she realized her friend was in no danger and neither was she. "Yaku' maybe it was just your nerves getting to you, you know, like when your parents go out and you decide to do something really stupid... But it feels as if they're watching you."

"Yes! It's exactly like that- minus the part about it being my nerves. Enid." He said in a serious tone. "I've been getting this feeling for about a month now... I used to feel it a lot when I was a kid, and then for no reason I would get really scared." Yakusoku hugged his knees to his chest, as those childhood feelings swept through him like they were the present. "It had gone away for a time, but recently it's come back... It feels so damned familiar."

"Familiar?" Enid asked.

"Like I know this feeling somehow, but... I don't know."

She could tell her friend was uncomfortable saying these things to her. She's never heard him speak in this tone of voice, or even in this manner before. But she could also tell that he really wanted to get it out, so touching his back she urged him on.

"Tell me, please?"

Yakusoku looked the girl in the eyes and whispered. "I think that Maria is stalking me."

"Maria is?"

"This weird feeling comes over me when I'm in her company; and since she's mad at me, it's only gotten stronger."

"Maria's mad at you?" Enid wondered out loud. "Is that why she's finally stopped hanging around with us at lunch, and after school?"

"Uh-huh. She tried to kiss me one day when she, me, Chester, and Sophie were hanging out over the weekend, but I turned her down." He explained. "We haven't hung out or anything, and since then... I feel like she's been watching- I swear sometimes I catch glimpses of her back riding down the street when I leave the house."

Enid had to shrug hearing that. She was concerned, but she also couldn't hold herself back from saying. "We told you that she was weird."

Scrunching his eyes at that, he lays down flat on his back, head on the pillow. "I could do without the 'I told you so', thank you."

Snickering, Enid patted the boy on the shoulder. "I'm sorry. But hey, at least the bitch is out of your hair for good. She had no right to make assumptions off of your generosity, and-..."

The two nearly jumped out of their skin when a loud thump cut through their conversation.

Gripping Yakusoku's arm, Enid asked. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know."

"It sounded like the bedroom door." Getting out of bed, she pulled her door open. "Mom!? Dad!?" She called out into the hall.

Her parents weren't gonna be home until a little later on. They were having dinner and a movie night; they left right after ordering a pizza for Enid and Yakusoku.

At the window, Yakusoku peered into the dark lawn. "I don't see anyone, and your parent's car isn't in the driveway." Turning around, he said, "See what I mean?"

"Not really." Shaking her head, she climbed back into bed. "Actually, it could have been anything that made the noise. The weather is warming up, and houses creak all the time."

"Yeah, but they don't distinctly sound like doors being closed." Climbing into the bed as well, he laid there turned on his side. He was done for the day.

"Don't be mad... Yaku'... are you mad?"

"No. I'm just tired." And he was. He hadn't even realized he had a small headache brewing until the door startled him, and made it go away.

"Alright... Goodnight."

He mumbled something in response, then drifted off.

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