the girl and the boy who broke her

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h u g g a b l e

“And you were always there, holding me up when I couldn’t stand on my own.”

After a week or so in the hospital the doctors had deemed me well enough to return home.

I was laying in bed when a soft knock sounded on the door. It freaked open and Dorian smiled at me. “You’re friends are here.” She said softly.

Nora and Harris walked in and Harris’ eyes zeroed in on Smokey. “You have a cat?” He almost squealed in excitement. I laughed a little. This kid was adorable.

“Yeah. His name is Smokey.”

“Can I pet him?” Harris sounded like an excited little kid, his green eyes twinkling.


Harris wasted no time in gently stroking Smokey’s fur. “So soft...” he murmured.

I was so intent on watching the red headed boy in front of me that I completely forgot about his sister. Nora smirked at me. “Well if you’re quite done—” I cut her off before she could finish that sentence and embarrass me.

“Why’d you come?”

“We are kidnapping you.” She said cheerfully.

“What?!” I asked, eyes widening.

Harris rolled his eyes at Nora and turned to me with a smile. “Dorian said you could come to our house. We were thinking a movie and some snacks.”

Nora grinned. “Kidnapping.”

Me and Harris snorted in unison and both turned to each other at the same time, before blushing simultaneously, and turning away from each-other just as quickly.

“Yeah, okay.” I said nervously. I never went to friend’s houses.

Nora smiled. “Good.” She chirped in her distinct accent.

I looked down at my sweat pants and baggy t-shirt. “I should probably change first.”

Nora nodded, heading towards my closet and flicking through the clothes. She picked out a royal blue short sleeved dress that was formfitting and than flowed into a casual skirt.

The flame haired girl turned towards Harris with raised eyebrows. “I know you’d like to stay but...”

Harris turned pink as did I. He shuffled out of the room, flustered.

Nora clicked her tongue, shaking her head. She smiled at me as she helped me out of my t-shirt.

I slipped into the blue dress and Nora sat me down as she applied mascara to my eyelashes. She then got a light colored matte lipstick and gently slid it over my lips.

“I think that’s good, I mean, it’s just a movie,” I cut in.

Nora pouted. “Please can I finish? I just want to do your eyes?” She begged.

I groaned softly. “Okay, fine.”

Nora flashed me a grin, showing off her pearly whites. She took a liquid eyeliner pen from her purse and expertly lined my eyes, with only a small wing.

She stepped back to admire her work.

“You’re one heck of a beautiful lass.” Nora smiled. I feel a warm sensation in my heart, ducking my head.

Nora peered at me.

“You don’t have much experience with compliments, do you?” “To say the least,” I replied with a sigh.

“Soon you will. I know one boy in particular who will make sure of that.” Her eyes glinted mischievously.

I rolled my eyes, blushing. “Oh shut up.”

Nora giggled.

She helped me out of the chair and down the stairs, where Harris was waiting. His eyes landed on me and they widened. He muttered something under his breath and I squirmed a little under his gaze.

“Ahem. Her eyes are up here.” Nora said with a wide grin.

I elbowed her in the ribs and Harris blushed nearly the shade of his hair.

“Harris, come over here and help Athena to the car, I’m driving.” She walked me over to Harris and as soon as his arm had supportively encircled my waist I felt a jolt run though my body, yet a pleasant one.

I shyly met Harris’ gaze and he smiled gently at me. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you stumble.” He assured me.

My heart pounded and my smile grew. I resisted the urge to lean against his arm. What was it about this boy that drew me towards him?

Harris lead me out to the car and helped me into the front seat, taking the back seat for himself. Nora winked at me and pressed on the gas.

She was a better driver than I had expected her to be.

My mind searched for a conversation topic and it finally landed on one. “How’s training with Alex going, Harris?”

He grimaced slightly.

“I think I’ve been in a state of constant soreness.” He admitted. Nora chuckled, looking back at her brother in the review mirror. “Your bod will thank you for it.” She sung.

This girl had no filter.

Harris looked bashfully out the window.

“He’s fine just how he is. Huggable.” I suddenly blurted, wishing I could take it back the very next moment. Nora was laughing, her eyes sparkling with glee.

“Huggable, hm?”

I blushed and looked out the window. I could feel Harris’s gaze on me. And I didn’t mind at all.

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