the girl and the boy who broke her

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“We all have different ways to express how we feel. Some write. Some dance. Some draw. Some speak. Some sing.”

“Mwuahahaha!” Nora cackled, running around with a phone in her hand. Harris was chasing her and I was sitting on the couch munching on popcorn as I watched them.

“Nora! I swear I will...” I could see Harris trying to find an insult, yet I doubted there were any in his body.

Nora giggled.

“Come on, Ris... let me show Athena the clip. I’ll even let you pick the movie,” she sung seductively.

Harris glared. “You’re mean.” He huffed, walking out of the room. Nora grinned triumphantly, plopping down on the couch next to me and opening a video.

She pressed play and I watched, intrigued. The video looked like Nora had filmed it in secret, the angle was weird. Harris was sitting at a keyboard, wearing a green hoodie that set off his eyes perfectly. His hair was rumpled, and his expression was relaxed.

His fingers began to flutter over the piano keys, the melody arising. I couldn’t help but feel profoundly at peace, yet also sad as he played the notes.

When he began to sing I slipped into a sort of trance, my mind focusing on the lyrics as they slid like honey into my ears. “Dang.” I muttered when the video had finished.

Nora smiled.

“I know, right? He’s so talented but way too shy to ever play in front of anybody. I had to hide in his closet to record this.”

“But he’s so good!” I pointed out.

Nora shrugged. “Yeah, well. He’s much too modest and shy. That’s my brother for you.” She tucked her phone into her back pocket and switched on the TV.


I covered my ears with my hands.


She grinned sheepishly. “Sorry.”

Harris walked into the room, two plates of food in his hands. Nora smiled. “Ooh, thanks for the food little bro.” She tried to take a plate and he ducked out of the way.

“This is for Athena, go get your own.” He glared at her.

She gave him a sly look. “And leave you two alone. Smooth, bro.”

Harris blushed.

“That’s not what I—”

Nora winked, skipping out of the room. I laughed a little. “Is she always like this?”

He smirked.

“Basically.” He handed me the plate of food and I shyly took it from his hands. “Thanks,” I murmured. He looked kindly at me.

“Anything for you, baby girl. You deserve so much more than—” he took a deep breath, sighing. “Ignore me.”

I peered at him curiously, but focused my attention on the food, making a sound of delight when I noticed he had given me a generous portion of strawberries. I plucked the red fruits delicately off the plate, popping them one by one into my mouth.

Harris watched me, smiling. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat so gently.”

I smile sadly.

“Yeah, well I don’t have much fight in me.”

He opens his mouth to say something when Nora bursts in, her presence seeming to capture the room as soon as she enters. She has that kind of commanding energy about her.

“Did ya pick a movie yet?” She flopped onto the couch.

Harris shook his head, picking up the remote. He began to scroll through various movies and I saw one that made my breathing halt.

It was the movie I watched with him.

That last night.

The night when it all went down.

When I broke free, and unknowingly sentenced myself to months of torment.

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