the girl and the boy who broke her

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h e r s t o r y

“Innocence is beautiful, and yet the biggest weakness that comes disguised.”

She met him when she was fifteen years old. She was the nerdy, sweet, bubbly little theater girl. Her eyes were always a vibrant sparkling blue. Her long silky black hair was always braided into two thick braids. Her pale skin was lightly freckled.

She was adorable.

She didn’t have many friends at school, but she didn’t mind. She had her books. And people were nice enough to her. She was sorta the little sister to most of the kids at school.

That one innocent one.

When she met him he was skipping stones on a pond where she went to read.

He saw her.

She saw him.

He started to talk to her, single her out among groups of people, give her attention that she craved.

He began to feed that starved part of her lonely soul with his conversation, compliments, and smiles.

Eventually he asked her out.

She agreed, not seeing anything wrong with going to see a movie. And there was nothing wrong with it.

After the date he asked her out again and again. He would murmur sweet nothings to her, making her need him, want him.

And she followed him like his little dog.

The first time he kissed her she didn’t see anything wrong with the sweet little peck on the cheek.

Then he would kiss her harder.

His kisses would land on her neck, her ears, her lips. And they would get more aggressive.

But the girl didn’t want to tell him to slow down, she knew that if she did he would leave her. And she needed him. She needed his compliments and the feeling of being wanted that he gifted her.

Then it moved to groping, suggestive gestures, and possessiveness. She had to ask him before making even the smallest decisions.

But she ignored all of this. She needed him.

Than one day he forced her to sleep with him, seducing her with kisses and lies.

It didn’t stop there.

He began taking her to parties with his friends and soon he had them kissing her too, touching her.

She didn’t protest even though her innocent soul screamed for a way to break free, a way out. She needed him. She thought he loved her.

So she danced for the parties and she slept with her so called boyfriend.

Until one night it got worse.

One of his friends was drunken and he carried her up to a bedroom and had his way with her. The delicate girl was paralyzed, filled with fear and dread.

She told him what had happened and he promised to get rid of that friend. He never did.

She gave him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he still whispered into her ear, telling her she was beautiful. He still made her feel wanted and loved.

One day she wasn’t able to show up for a party and he beat her. She began to cry, apologizing profusely.

The next day he wooed her back.

She should have run. But she didn’t.

He began to sell her ‘services’ to his friends. She should have run. But she didn’t. She wanted to be loved. She wanted her starving soul to be satisfied with compliments.

And he would beat her senseless. But she just pulled down her long sleeves, telling herself it was only because he was drunk.

Than one night she found him with another woman. So she finally ran, to the police station. She poured out her story. They raided the party, arresting her trafficker, the one who she thought loved her. The boy who broke her delicate soul.

The boy who crushed a beautiful flower.

The boy who poisoned her pure soul.

And sold her virtue for cash.

And beat her soft body.

The boy who taught her she couldn’t trust. She couldn’t love. And she couldn’t even be whole again. The boy who made her believe she was dirty. Incapable of being loved. Only meant to be used and thrown away.

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