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One call messes up my life, Eleven months I am away from my club , my family , but most importantly, Maya. The girl I fell hard for. Now I'm back and everything has changed. There is a war going on between my club, The Hell Riders and our rivals, the Demons. I just don't realize the lengths they are willing to go to. I had no idea , until I came home, that they went after my girl and the baby I didn't know I had. I'm out for blood, I'm out for revenge, I'm about to unleash the beast that I keep locked away. No one messes with what's mine and lives to talk about it.

Drama / Romance
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~Chapter One~


As I walk down the steps of the plane, one word comes to mind.


Spending the last eleven months in Afghanistan was agonizing. I hated being away from home. It feels so good to be back. I make my way across the landing strip to my childhood friend, Conner. Passing all the other soldiers, watching them latch on to there parents, kids or there spouses made my heart sink. My thoughts went to her, Maya. God I have missed the hell out of her. I haven't seen or talked to her in eleven long ass months.

I had got a call from my Sargent saying that they needed my team for some top secret mission. I got up out of bed and turned to where Maya was sleeping , she was so damn beautiful ! I tried to wake her up but she wouldn't budge. I gathered up my duffle bag and packed up my clothes. I tried one last time to wake her but she still wouldn't wake up. I kissed her on her forehead, whispering that I loved her. It was pretty fucked up that the first time I told her I loved her and she was asleep. I walked to the door looking at my beautiful girl one last time , then walked out the door.

That was really painful for me to walk away from Maya . I didn't get communication with anyone the whole time I was away. It took over ten months to take those asshats out.

She probably thinks that I just wanted a piece of ass , which is so untrue. I have been In love with her for years.

"Jase"! I hear Conner saying , shaking me from my thoughts .

I reached his truck and sitting in the back was my beloved Harley.

"Conner , how the fuck you been man"? I said pulling him in to a hug . "Thanks for bringing my baby, I missed her".

He stepped back from the embrace and laughed.

" Ahh, I can't complain, and your welcome". He looks at my face and laughs . " Still have that damn beard I see". He says with a laugh. " They didn't make you shave that shit, or cut that girlie hair"?

I laugh!

My Sargent made us fly back with other soldiers that were coming home on leave so it didn't bring any attention to the wrong people . Conner is the only one that knows what I was really sent to do.

"Yeah" I say running my hand through my beard . It had grown out a few inches over time while I was over seas. My black hair is cut short in the back and up the sides and longer on top. "They ain't cutting my shit, it's my trade mark"!

He laughs!

"So how's everything been with the club"?

I am president of the Hell Riders MC, Conner is my Vice President. He ran things at the club for me while I was gone. Maya never had a clue what I was into. I kept that life hidden from her. I hated lying to her , but it was for the best , to keep her safe. We do illegal shit at times and deal with some shady ass clubs. I didn't want her in the line of fire. I kept away from the club whores that live at the clubhouse when I met Maya. I used to screw around with them, but when I laid eyes on her I didn't want anyone else. She was the total opposite from those bitches. She's beautiful, long brown hair, light green eyes , natural full pink lips, gorgeous soft tan skin, and a killer curvy body that was all real, not like the glossy eyed, caked on makeup, fake bodied coke whores that live in the club. If she ever found out about that side of my life she would never want to see me again. Hell she probably doesn't now.

" It's been going, now that your back you can deal with the shit"! He says pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up.

"What shit" I ask.

"The Demons are trying to move in on our turf"!

"Well, that shit ain't going to happen"! I snarl.

"Yeah, I know"! He says blowing a cloud of smoke into the air.

He gives me a weird look as he helps get my bike off the truck bed.

"What's with the look"? I ask

"What do you mean, what look"? He asked dropping his cigarette to the ground and puts it out with his boot.

As I strap my bag to the back of my bike, I ask.

"The look you're giving me man"! He just stares, not answering me.

"For fucks sake Conner, spit it out"! I snap

He meets my eyes and looks almost sympathetic. My heart sinks thinking the worst.

"Is mom ok , is.... " I pinch the bridge of my nose. "Maya, did something happen to her"? I couldn't go on if something happened to her.

He seems to sense my unease and says.

"No man, Maya is doing ok"! He shakes his head. "It's just that she.... he trails off looking away again.

"Then why are you acting like something did"?

"Maybe you should hear it from her"! He says running his hand through his hair.

I feel like a ton of bricks are sitting on my chest, I can't breath! I try to calm myself a little before I speak.

"Is.... is she seeing someone"? I choke out. I shouldn't feel like this, it would be my own fault if she was.

He laughs, and it pisses me off.

"What the fuck man"! I spit out . "Why are you laughing"?

"Just the look on your face"!

"What look"?

"Like someone stole your Harley"! He says still laughing.

"Conner, what the fuck"! I shout. "Tell me"!

The smile quickly leaves his mouth and he says "Nah man, from what I've heard from Kendra she isn't".

I let out a huge sigh of relief, that would fucking kill me. Kendra is my sister. Her and Maya have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Conner has had a thing for her for a long time , I dont want him touching her because I know how he is with women. If he hurt her, he knows I would kick his ass.

"Well"? I urge.

"She.... he stops what he was going to say.

"What"? I say getting irritated.

He sighs. "I should just let her tell you, I'm not getting in the middle of shit"! He climbs in his truck and rolls the window down and says.

"Just don't freak the fuck out on her man, she's been through hell these past eleven months". He doesn't let me respond, he just drives off.

I start up my bike, loving the feel of the power underneath me. I head out of the airstrip and merge onto the highway. My thoughts drift to what Conner said, Maya has been through hell. What the fuck, I think. I try to imagine what she's been going through. Is it because I left , fuck dumbass it probably is. I scold myself. I have to find out what's going on, but I highly doubt she'll tell me shit.

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