Girls Like Me

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Muriel Higgins Needs Help. Her Father's Alcohol And Drug Addiction Is Getting Worse, The Girls At School Begin To Physically And Verbally Abuse Her, And With Her Sister And Mom Dead In A Car Crash, Muriel Is More Alone Than Ever. Who Will She Turn To? Who Will Help Her? And Most Of All, Who Will Understand Her Problems?

Drama / Humor
Jasleen Faydelarosa
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Chapter 1

Muriel Higgins Didn't Want To Get Up. The Summer For Her Had Been Awful. Her Mother And Older Sister Elizabeth Had Died In A Car Accident. Muriel Was In The Car And Was The Only Survivor. Flashbacking The Incident, Muriel Was Startled When A Loud Bang Hitted Her Door.

"Get The Bloody Hell Up", Anthony Higgins Yelled

Muriel Got Up And Took A Shower. Muriel Was Always Afraid Of Her Father. He Was An Alcoholic And Abusive Towards Everyone, Specifically Muriel.

Muriel Put On Her Uniform And Made Her Way Downstairs With Her Father Giving Her An Evil Look.

"When I Tell You To Come Down", Anthony Said Pulling Muriel's Hair, "You Come Down. Just Sit Down, Eat, And Get The Bloody Hell Out"

Muriel Sat Down And Ate Her Cereal. As She Finished her Breakfast, Muriel Went Outside.

Year 10 Was Going To Be The Worst For Muriel. During The Summer, Muriel's Best Friend Georgina Richards Turned On Her After Muriel Was Seen Kissing Gina's Boyfriend. Once Gina Found Out, She Shook Things Off With Her Boyfriend And Told Everyone What Happened. Since Then, People Began To Treat The Same Way Gina Was Treating Muriel Now.

As Muriel Got On The Bus, She Saw People Start Staring At Her And Began Whispering.

"Boyfriend Stealer", Evan Williams Whispered

"Fatty", Dennis Cranston Whispered Back At Evan

"She's So Ugly", One Girl Whispered, "It's No Wonder Why Her Sister Mum Died Or Why Her Daddy Beats Her"

Muriel Turned Around And Saw It Was Gina's New Best Friend, Mia Whispering Stuff About Her. Gina Smirked At Muriel Waiting For Her To Do Something But Muriel Just Sat Down By Herself.

"Scaredy Cat", Gina Whispered Loud Enough To Make Everyone Laugh

This Was Gonna Be A Long School Year For Muriel.

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