Girls Like Me

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Chapter 2

As Muriel Walked To Her Locker, Gina And Her Gang Came Up Toward Her. Muriel Tried To Walk Away But Evan, Dennis, And Mia Blocked Her.

"Well What Do We Have Here", Gina Said, "If It Isn't Muriel Higgins"

"You Mean Fatty Ugly Boyfriend Stealer Higgins", Taylor Said

Muriel Pushed Them Out Of The Way And Begun Walking To Class.

"Is She Crying", Mia Asked

"Don't Know", Gina Said As She And Her Gang Began To Follow Muriel, "Are Ya Crying Muriel"

Muriel Tried To Hold Her Tears Back As She Entered Her First Class. The Bell Rang, And Everyone Walked Into Class.

"Good Morning Class", The Teacher Said, "And Welcome To Year 10. Before We Get To Start To Learn A Single Thing Let's Go Around And Get To Know Each Other".

The Teacher Was Pointing His Finger Around To Pick A Student. As The Kept Pointing, His Finger Eventually Landed On Muriel.

"Starting With You", The Teacher Said With Muriel

Muriel Could Hear Giggles As She Stood Up From Her Desk.

"So Um, My Name Is Muriel", Muriel Began, "And Um. My Favorite Hobbies Are Art, Music, And Um Soccer".

"What Else Do You Like", The Teacher Said

"I Like Going To The Cinema", Muriel Continued, "Roller-Skating, And Um, Um"

"Hurry Up Boyfriend Stealer", Evan Yelled

Muriel's Face Was Red With Embarrassment As The Class Began To Laugh.

"What's Wrong Are You Gonna Cry", Rosemary Said

"Of Course She'll Cry", Gina Said, "She's Always A Crybaby. Crybaby Muriel. Crybaby Muriel".

"Crybaby Muriel, Crybaby Muriel", Mia Began To Chant Along With Taylor And Evan.

A Tear Began To Roll Down Her Face As Everyone Started Chanting "Crybaby Muriel".

"Crybaby Muriel, Crybaby Muriel, Crybaby Muriel, Crybaby Muriel, Crybaby Muriel"

Muriel Ran Out The Classroom In Tears.

"Bye, Crybaby", Gina Said

Muriel Ran Inside The Girls Room And Hid Under A Sink. She Began To Cry. Muriel Prayed This Day Would Be Over. She Prayed This Was All A Dream.

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