Girls Like Me

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Chapter 3

Muriel Walked Out Of School. Her Father Was Doing The Night Shift And Didn't Want Her To Be Alone. Muriel Walked To Alice's House. Alice Was Muriel's Aunt And Was Way Worse Than Anthony. Alice Was An Alcoholic, She Was Violent, And Was Always Working On Wednesdays As A Prostitute. Her House Was Not Far From School Or Muriel's Home. Muriel Made It To Her House And Ran The Doorbell.

The Door Opened And Muriel Was Encountered With A Woman With Blonde Hair, Wearing Jean Shorts, A Red Crop-Top, Lipstick And Mascara, In Her Late 30s, Wearing Blue Heels.

"What You Want", Alice Said As She Begins To Smoke A Cigarette

"Dad's Working Until Tomorrow", Muriel Said

Alice Rolled Her Eyes And Letted Muriel In. Muriel Went Upstairs And Put Her Stuff In The Guest Room. She Sat On The Bed And Began To Do Her Homework. As Muriel Laid Down In Her Bed, She Took Her Phone Out And Began To Look Through Her Social Media Accounts.

Muriel Went Across Her Snapchat And Saw A Video Taken By Sophie, One Of Gina's Friend. She Watched The Video And Saw Her Crying With Students Chanting "Crybaby Muriel".

Muriel Sighed As She Turned Off Her Phone. Her Daydreams Were Interrupted When Alice Knocked On The Door.

"Come On And Eat"

Muriel Went Downstairs. She Sat Down In Front Of Alice. Despite Alice Being Troubled, She Was A Really Cool Aunt.

"How Was School", Alice Said Eating Pepperoni Pizza With A Side Of Spaghetti.

"Year 10 Is A Piece Of Shit", Muriel Said Picking At Her Food, "Everyone Hates Me. All Because I Kissed My Friends Boyfriend"

"You Stole A Girls Babe", Alice Said Sipping Her Fanta Mixed With Wine

"I Didn't Steal Him", Muriel Said, "It Was Just One Kiss. And Now Everyone Is Now Calling Me Crybaby Muriel"

"Well That's Because Year 10 Is Like America", Alice Said, "In America Girls And Boys Start High School And It Was After All"

"A Piece Of Shit", Alice And Muriel Said

"But How Do I Go Over With Drama?", Muriel Asked

"Use Your Confidence", Alice Said

"I Tried That", Muriel Said Sipping On Her Pepsi

"Or You Could Use Your Intelligence", Alice Said

"Intelligence Is Kinda Unlikely", Muriel Replied

Alice Sighed As She Putted Down Her Drink

"When I Was In School, I Was Bullied For My Weight They Called Me Skinny Legs. So I Ate Junkfood So I Can Gain A Couple More Pound But That Didn't Work. But Age 23 I Realized That I Can Love My Body No Matter What. And Trust Me Nobody Was Complaining.

Alice Walked Over And Grabbed A Glossy Red Lipstick And Applied It On Muriel.

"You Have Got To Use Your Confidence And Intelligence", Alice Said, "And That Could Be Your Greatest Strength"

"What If I I Don't Have A Greatest Strength?", Muriel Asked

"Everyone Has Great Strengths", Alice Replied, "I Got Like 11. I Mean Who Doesn't".

Muriel Finished Her Dinner And Kissed Alice Goodnight As It Was Getting Late. Muriel Took A Shower And Put On Her Pajamas And Fell Into A Nice Deep Sleep.

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