Girls Like Me

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Chapter 4

The Day Seemed To Be Endless For Muriel. The Teacher Was Blabbing About Pronouns And Adjective. Finally After 8 Hours, The Bell Rang For Dismissal. As Muriel Walked Out The Classroom, She Noticed A Paper On The Wall.

Enderton Primary School Volleyball Team

Tryouts: August, 19th-23

Place: Coach Tennessee's Room (209)

Sign Up:

Muriel Heard Snickers. She Turned Around And Saw Gina And Mia In Front Of Their Lockers.

"Your Gonna Tryout For Volleyball?", Gina Asked

"Um Yeah", Muriel Said

Gina And Mia Laughed So Loud.

"You", Mia Said, "An Ugly Boyfriend Stealer Wants To Be On A Volleyball Team"

"OMG", Gina Said, "I Can't Wait To Tweet About This"

Gina Shoved Muriel To The Ground. Muriel Got Up And Walked Out The School Waiting For Her Dad. Muriel Wasn't Sure If She Was Gonna Tryout For Volleyball. So She Would Want To Ask Her Dad.

"Dad?", Muriel Asked Nervously, "Can I Try Out For Volleyball?"

Anthony Pulled Up In Their Driveway. He Was For A Few Minutes Until He Began To Talk.


"Can I?", Muriel Asked

Anthony Slapped His Daughter So Hard, Blood Spat From Muriel's Mouth. He Grabbed Muriel By Her Uniform And It Made Muriel Cringe In Fear.

"Volleyball", He Yelled, "Ain't No Slut Like You Gonna Try Out For A Sport That's Not For Girls. You Need To Stay Here And Look After Your Old Man. Do You Understand?"

Anthony Threw His Daughter Out Of The Car. He Drove Away To Do Something.

"Clean The House", He Said, "Or Your Dead"

Muriel Couldn't Hold Back A Tear. She Ran Into Her House Crying Like Somebody Murdered A Loved One. All Muriel Wanted To Do Was To Die At The Moment.

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