Anywhere but here

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The mind of 24-year-old Dominic Hayes is like a chaotic thunderstorm, and the only way to escape is through dancing. He's not interested in planning the future but prefers to glide through the days, not taking anything seriously. Nicole Thomas is a 22-year-old figure-skater with the goal of eventually being the best of the best. One day, the two opposites collide: Nicole is in awe of Dominic's free spirit and envies him for it, while Dominic admires the dedication Nicole has for her future. But it doesn't take long before he discovers the personal demons that are haunting her, both around and within. Suddenly, all that matters to him is to help her overcome them. Will Nicole be consumed by darkness before Dominic can reach her heart?

Drama / Romance
K. Artifex
Age Rating:

Authors note

I just close my eyes and count to ten
Breath in twice and open them
Know where to go ’cause I’ve been there before
In my mind it is near
I escape all I fear
So by closing my eyes, I am anywhere but here

~ Christina Aguilera, Anywhere but here ~

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