Stolen Secrets

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It is hard to believe the person you believed in the most could hurt in such a way well my best friend and I don't believe why was it because of fame did she really want to be like Tessa well whatever I'm over it but it doesn't mean I'm not getting back at her for this she played with fire blazing fire on an abandoned peak and now wants to ignite better than before for it's crucial and I'm real they won't know what hit them.

Drama / Romance
Landon Colman
Age Rating:

The Coincidence

Maybe I was just over reacting basing myself on the fact that Tessa was much more better than me, I do know, I was the kind of girl who party all night and rejoice my mortal life. Tessa was the kinda girl who would snatch what mostly mattered to you like a boyfriend..yes my boyfriend and just after that day I hated her guts like for real.

'Oh hey Amy didn't know you'd show up after you lost your boyfriend' she said giving me a slutty look.

'Your know I'd not hold my hopes high knowing I'm a homewrecker more like a slut who can't stand when someone has a reasonable boyfriend' I alluded pouring champagne on her head walking away.

I believe she got what she deserved I can't stand her not even for a minute in front of my face, just to think that the wounds of Jason breaking up with me were starting to heal was starting to heal but she just had to rub salt in them.

The only thing left for me to trust was my diary, I always keep it close to me just in case I had something to write in it well I also trusted my best friend Maggy but she still didn't some of my secrets just in case she turned against me.

'Who am I kidding Maggs could not betray me she's like my mother she a person who can understand me and knows me well very well in fact.

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