Stolen Secrets

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Unbelievable Reasons

Just as much as I used to miss Jason's soft loving arms run down my body reaching the lavender parts of my skin I had no other choice but to fake hatred for him for I was shattered when he left me... 'KNOCK KNOCK' Maggy shouted chasing up to my room kicking the door open.

'Get up it's time to go SHOPPING or should we go to the salon and get our nails done oh I know we cant go diving how about...' 'Maggs chill come can you keep your voice low and also summarize the words you say.' I said interrupting her. 'Is it the breakup I mean look at you you're a mess I'll make sure Tessa pays don't fear because your Maggs is here.' Maggy said kneeling on the bed giving a great hug.

'Thanks I don't know what I'd do with put you.' I said with a running down my cheek.

'Wait what are you crying I thought was time to go out not stay indoors and get all emotional.' Maggy said frowning at me.

'If I may ask what did you and Jason do last Friday I really...' 'No you may not ask.' I quickly interrupted her before my sorrows went to level two or maybe infinity 'Fine then get dressed and lets go shopping before you break my head next time' Maggy said with a look that showed hoe shocked she was. I jumped into the shower to take a bath and got dressed.

I must say it was the biggest mistake of my life agreeing to go shopping with Maggs cause if I didn't I wouldn't have seen such a heartbreaking view before my eyes as tears run down them like a waterfall raging with water.

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