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Lilac Summers has a perfect life. She is a straight-A student, popular, and has a boyfriend that every girl would kill for. But, as always, she isn't truly happy. The sleepless nights that she feels unwanted for her true self she spends loathing her "perfect" facade. Cue in Ace King and a bunch of other people, Lilacs mask is slipping and Lilac starts to wonder if there is more to life than perfect.

Drama / Romance
No name >^<
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1.The Other Me

The other me, laughs at my friends jokes, agrees with my friends fashion trends, nods to what everyone says, the other me has decided what's best for me. I mean the other me has gotten me this far, might as well see through it to the end. I make everyone proud. I'm not lying, I'm not being fake. The other me is me and that is not a lie.

The other me walks with Jonathan's arm slung around my shoulders. I am walking with his arm slung around my shoulders. I am talking to Tasha and I am giggling with Renee. I am doing all these things only me. The other me.

Walking with my boyfriend is the best, I can see he really does love me. I love him to. He cares for me just like every other day. He walks me to my class, Spanish. I sit and take notes the conjugations are getting really annoying but this is the only class I'm having trouble in. I need to get that B up make my parents proud.

"Ahora voy a pasar el examen de ayer."

Ms. Garcia hands me my paper and I see the big green A on the right corner of my exam. Studying paid off.

"Most of you did not do so good so today I am going to review the answers with you."

I decide to take the time to do my homework from my other classes. English, then Math and then the bell. Heading to my locker I see my bestfriend since 8th grade, Tasha.

"So... guess who I saw at Kevin's party last night!"


"No silly, Jake."

Here we go again usually when she sees some guy at a party she is drunk to the point where they most likely had a makeout session if she remembers them. Jake is probably her next conquest.

"Yay I think I see him over there."

She might look stupid but she has conquered the whole of the class with her tactics. She might look bubbly and nice with her personality but I now she is very conniving.

I watch as she sways her hips and makes her way toward Jake. They will probably be over by next month. All I know is that Tasha sees her chance at rising in social status. Jake is what is called "socially advantageous."

I'm only really friends with Tasha because she has seen me. She doesn't really accept me but just like she is to me I'm a social advantage.

I mainly help her with her rise in status as many of her tactics I have helped her perfect. Which may or may not, be like a double edged sword.

Walking to lunch I head over to my regular table seated next to Jonathan. He looks over at me with his regular adoring gaze and I give him one straight back.

I notice Tasha and Jake have already started to hit it off. Tasha clung to his arm acting needy not of attention but of a "I need to rely on other people" I see what she really is up to.

Jake has been known to be a really dominant guy. So acting reliant on him just boosts his ego which eventually lead to his very downfall. Just one of the many ways that Tasha gets what she wants.

"How about we go on a double date?"

I carefully place the idea so that Tasha can build off of. I have to be careful on what I say, but becoming accustomed to Tasha's tactics I can easily manage.

"Yes, that is such a great idea, how about we got to that new diner..... what was it called?... I can't remember. Jake could you help me? Pwety pwease."

Tasha says this while pouting her lips seemingly to make Jake feel more reliable and smart. Really Jake's as good as trapped in Tasha's web.

"You really do need me don't you. It's Folly Place Diner." Jason says and smirks with the sudden ego boost.

"You're right. I know I can always rely on you." Tasha emphasizes the word she probably didn't even plan it.

Sometimes I really do wonder if she knows what she's doing or if she just does it out of instinct.

"How about Friday after school?"

Already Tasha has made it seem like her idea, just another tactic of hers.

"Sounds great how about it, baby?" Jonathan says to me while wrapping his arms around me. Just being there feeling cozy feels great.

"Sounds perfect." I breathe out as a snuggle closer to him.

It creeps up on me out of nowhere and I am suddenly rushed with a sudden wave of despair. The nagging feeling at the back of my head has finally caught up to me.

No one really likes me they like, the other me.

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