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See life through the eyes of a 24 year old cocaine addict, Jordan. As he goes through life facing struggles and coping with addiction. Living recklessly and carelessly with no conscience, battling everything life throws at him. - Viewer discretion is advised, drug abuse is a major key to this story, violent experiences or events may happen & just all around throughout the story is very hard topics.

Drama / Action
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snow white


My name is Jordan Davis, I'm 24 years old and I live in Las Vegas. You must be thinking life of the party, right? I understand why you think that, who wouldn't? Well you are definitely correct. I'll do anything with my friends. Life is all about fun. I do not believe to find myself "addicted" to any substance, it's just a habit. I have experimented with so many different psychoactive substances, cocaine is my favorite. It's one of the most pleasurable head rushes in the entire world.

I must warn you on the journey of my life, they are explicit and full of detail. Up close and very personal detail and descriptions of my life experiences. I understand if my existence is triggering to most, shit, it's triggering to many people around me. My parents very obviously disapprove of the person I have become, they don't really acknowledge me at all, all the have learned to care for is their other children and their jobs. I have came to terms with it, it's out of my power really, I don't see a reason to change who I am, I live for the moment and very much enjoy life. I understand as well as enjoy the dangers that come from the life I live. I always love a good scare.

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