Caught In The Rain

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Rain is a girl born into unfortunate circumstances. Her parents are drug and alcohol addicts. When her father suddenly walks out, Connie has to turn to prostitution to put food on the table. Rain is a talented artist and wants desperately to pull herself out of her tragic lifestyle. At the age of sixteen, she confides in her art teacher and ends up a ward of the state in Macon, Georgia. She is finally placed into a foster home where she meets Cameron, a troubled teen of the household. Things go from bad to worse when the pair run away.

Annette Spenner
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A Girl Named Rain

I can barely recall my real father, I was about three when he left my mama for another woman. Lord knows I’ve heard many stories about my mama’s life with him. She never had anything good to say. It made me feel like I must be the devil’s spawn. I have a faded memory of him. The memory haunts me sometimes. I was never sure if it was really a memory or just a bad dream. He must have thought it was funny or maybe he was drunk I don’t know.

Mama says she can’t recall the time that he pulled a knife out of the kitchen drawer as I sat playing on the floor. All I can remember is the knife as it sliced through my Mamas leg as she lay sleeping in a nearby chair. Of course, I screamed. mama started screaming too.

“It’s okay, It’s okay! It’s just Ketchup!” Mama kept saying it over and over again.

It must have scared the livin’ shit outta her.

“Damn it, Harley! That’s not funny. You asshole!” mama cursed and slapped the crap outta him.

I don’t know why she insists that she doesn’t remember. Maybe it was just a bad dream. Hell, sometimes I think my whole life’s been nothin’ but a fucked up dream.

Mama was young. She had me at only seventeen. She had no skills so after Harley left us she had to find some way to keep us fed. I can recall the first time some strange man came walkin’ into the trailer. I hid behind the couch. It sure wasn’t my daddy. Mama turned the television up really loud.

Racine, you sit there and watch cartoons for a little while. Don’t bother me. I’ll be out to make your supper in just a bit.”

I was too young to know what was happening. Too young and too dumb. All I knew was men came and men went a lot.

It got a little better when I started kindergarten. At least I got to eat a good lunch and my teacher was sweet to me. I fell in love with her kindness. She must have known I needed special attention. The kids in my class were not too nice to me. I guess, lookin’ back they must have seen I was different.

I was shy and awkward. I had no nice clothes like them. My hair was not tied up in pretty ribbons. Hell, I probably smelled. I had to wash my own clothes in the bathtub most nights. Sometimes I had to wear them wet. Mama was always so tired she barely came out of her room. I didn’t know why back then. I know now.

By the time I was sixteen I was plottin’ a way out. I didn’t know how I was gonna do it. I just knew I was going to do it somehow, some way. I started being nice to the men that came around to see Mama if you know what I mean. The way I figured it if you was nice to men, they was nice to you. What did I know, I was sixteen, goin’ on twenty-five.

I was in junior high school. I liked goin’ to school mostly. I got good grades and did what I had to do to pass. I stayed outta trouble and kept to myself. Most of the girls had nothin’ to do with me. That was fine. I just wanted to get some sort of education. Well, there was this one girl. She was nice. I knew her from the trailer park. She was like me. Her name was Darlene. I called her Darla and she called me Rain. I liked that name and it stuck. I never liked my given name much. Me and Darla spent a lot of time outside. She never seemed to wanna go home. Her Dad was a drunk and her mama always looked so sad all the time. We would walk up to the Dairy Queen and hang out sometimes on the weekends and get an ice cream cone. We’d just sit there all day and talk. Some of the kids from school would show up and sometimes they’d give us a hard time, assholes.

I discovered in art class that I had a God-given talent for drawin’ and my teacher seemed to take an interest in me.

He was my favorite teacher. I always looked forward to art class. He gave me things. Like colorin’ pencils and sketchbooks. He taught me a lot and I liked him. He was the first person in my life that didn’t make me feel like a loser.

“Rain, you're really good. You have a natural talent that not everyone has. You got this.”

Mr. Richards was tryin’ his best to talk me into entering that art contest online. I wasn’t so sure he was right. Mama always made me feel like I couldn’t do anything right. It took some doin’ but he talked me into entering that contest. He even helped me fill out the forms and submit photos of my artwork. It felt good havin’ somebody take any kind of interest in me.

I didn’t win that contest but it changed somethin’ in me. I had a flicker of hope inside me. People were lookin’ at my work. Mine. People were makin’ nice comments online about my work. I kept goin’ to the library to go online just to see the comments and count my votes. I couldn’t get enough.

I always had a sketch pencil and pad on me. I drew every time I got a chance. I thought maybe I could become a famous artist one day and everyone would love me. I could make lots of money and get outta that damn trailer park. Maybe my mama would love me too. Maybe I could help her get away from those men and get off those fuckin’ drugs and everything would be good for us.

I gotta job at the Dollar General. I had to make my own money. Mama always took any money I made from screwing those men. I didn’t wanna do that anymore. I didn’t care if mama got mad with me. Those assholes weren’t gonna touch me anymore.

I’ll never forget the day I got my first check. I tried to cash it at the bank but they said I needed to open an account. Shit, I didn’t know what to do about that. They said I needed to have an adult help me. I knew mama wasn’t gonna help me. She would just take my money anyway. My boss cashed my first check but said he wouldn’t do it again. Shit! I didn’t know what to do.

“You need me to help you open an account at the bank?”

Mr. Richards seemed kinda surprised. I told him I couldn’t get mama to do it.

“Why Rain? why won’t your mother help you open a bank account?”

I guess I shouldn’t have told him what I did about mama because the next thing I knew child services showed up at the door. I’ll never forget the look my mama gave me when the police took her outta there. She hated me now.

“You stupid little bitch! Just wait and see, you’re on your own now girl!”

The police jerked her back when she lunged at me.

“Why couldn’t you keep your fuckin’ mouth shut, Racine?”

She was so mad. Well, that’s the last time I saw mama.

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