Angels don't fade

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Ava has autism,so does Liam when they meet electricity is everywhere. Will Liam and Ava become inseparable or ill they have no zap between them at all. Sequel is called blur.

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Ava's P.O.V

I am 14 year old Ava Donaldson and I have autism.

Autism is a lifelong, non-progressive nerve-based sickness/problem usually appearing before the age of three years. The word “autism” means a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction.

Though I got it at 2, It is hard enough already to be the weird kid at school with no friends (But I have friend’s, Audrey and Tracy) so when having autism and having a T.A (Teacher assistant) everywhere you go just makes it worse.

If you saw me you would think I was normal, I have golden yellow eyes and very long wavy brown hair up to my waist and I always wear what is on trend!

Today I had Biology first which meant no Audrey, Tracy or T.A (yes about the TA nooo about Audrey and Tracy).

I make my way to the back desk and I sit down and wait for Mrs.Gregory, as I was getting my biology books out Nia and her group of bully’s come up to me and ask

“Hey Ava do you like bandanna’s?” Your probably thinking ‘What kinda bully’s are these?’

“I um ” Then I start to do this humming, it always happens at the worst times sometimes I can answer perfectly sometimes I can’t.

Mrs.Gregory ask Nia to sit down and then Joyfully says “Hello class”

“hello” The whole class (even me see what I am talking about) says glumly.

“Today a new student will be joining us, I will let him introduce himself”

A boy with straight golden blonde hair and green eyes says ” Heya, I am Liam Macklintan, I come from Australia and hoping to get a fresh start here.“I hear a little stutter in his voice but just ignore it.

Liam scans the room for an empty seat to see Nia pushing Noah of the chair next to her and pointing to it.

I overhear Nailah and Harper (Who are friend but not bff’s like Audrey and Tracy) say “Well I guess Noah is old news”

Liam walks to that direction to see an empty seat next to me.

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