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Saboteur | C.S

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[COMING SOON] After dealing with the death of her sister, Emeline Manford makes the return back to Stoneshore Academy for one last time. For Emeline, she seems to have two goals in her mind: focusing on what's happening in class and trying to figure out the death of her sister, And the more she unravels about her sister the more and more secrets and discoveries she finds about her as well. Meanwhile, an anonymous personality known as Saboteur is blowing up at the Stoneshore Academy, exposing the students at the school. And as the sabotaging increases with this account, so does trying to find their identity. It begs to simply ask the question: How much exposure is too much? Emeline, along with nine other students, may be Saboteur's next victim, and everything isn't exactly what it seems for the ten at Stoneshore Academy, With friendships, comes breakups. With love, comes losses. With truths, comes lies. With privacy, comes publicity. And with lies, comes truths. You never know who's next, who to expect, and who to trust. -- Copyright 225lily All Rights Reserved

Drama / Mystery
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And now we’re onto the casting. As mentioned, there are 10 characters in total. It took me a while to get the casting for this, since it had gone through 2 different changes before I eventually got it right.

This is how I imagine the characters to look (as shown up above). However, you can imagine them as however you please.



REBECCA NADRINE (Anna Speckhart)



NAOMI SULGI (Lee Sung-kyung)

THADDEUS CONNELL (Callum Stoddart)

OSCAR BERROCAL (Joaquin Ibarra)

VIRGIL WICKHAM (Dylan Ravagnani)

ENNIS TILLMAN (Hugo Villanova)

JEAN STETSON (Kristof Kralik)

And that’s the casting and their aesthetics! Now, I should mention this as well: Yes, the characters aesthetics are indeed filled.

However, they are and aren’t at the same time. This is mainly due to spoilery material, plot twists, and such that happens during the course of the story that I cannot put in the aesthetics or it will give it away.

Now, I’m wondering if you guys can guess based on these aesthetics what they’re like? Personality wise? Perhaps as a character?

More on them (and this story) will be revealed when it releases!

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