His Fighter

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Chapter 1

Have you ever wondered what kind of person will your life be if it were a person ?

For me it has always been this unlucky and unpredictable.

" Selii? Ale weeh there yet?" Says the sweet voice of my sister , Natalie. She is 31/2 years old. She is basically my life .

I turn my head towards her and give her a smile.

She looks bored and tries to distract herself by playing with her seatbelt.

We are shifting to another city , hoping to start a new life , leaving our past behind .

" Just 15 mins more princess." I reply and connect my phone with the radio and ply her favourite songs again. Her face lits up and she starts bobbling her cute head with the music. She has the same hair colour as me , dirty blonde . But she has my mother's eyes , brown colour. But I have my father 's eyes , blue colour .

We are moving to a new town named bloomingdale . It's pretty far from our old town , which is kind of good.

I turn towards my street where the house is .

And park in front of the house and look at Natoalie , she is looking outside the window with her curious eyes , when I stop the car , she looks at me with her excited smile .

" Is that oul new housch?" She says excitedly. I nod and she squeals ,

" It's sooo bigggg!!"

I nod and ask,

"Do you like it ?" She nods excitedly and urges me to open the lock , so she can open the door and get out of the car. I laugh and open the lock and she runs towards the entrance of the house.

I shake my head at her excitement and park the car properly into the garage , this time I could earn and save good money for this house , and plus the landlord was a good lady who gave me this house for a good deal . I plan to stay in this place for a long time . Natalie deserves an environment where she can make trustworthy friends , learn new things and grow and have a proper childhood .

I lock the car and pick up our bags , before heading towards Natalie who was running around our small garden .

" Wanna go inside and check out our new house?" I ask. She nods excitedly and skips infron of me towards the door .

I walk behind her and open the door with the key and step into our new house with a huge smile on my face .

We settle the bags and she runs upstairs choosing a room for herself and started to unpack , I did the same with my room .

The whole day went into cleaning the rooms , setting down the kitchen and the living room.

I had already received a fully furnished house , which I was thankful for .

I made dinner for both us . We sat on the kitchen counter , talking about what we wanted to do with the house , and how excited we were to meet new people of this town and go to school.

I had already taken admissions for both of us online.

My high school isn't exactly that far from her school and it also provides after school daycare . So I can pick her up after my school.

I am in the senior year of school and is really excited and as well as nervous for high school year to end , cause I haven't exactly thought about anything after high school.

It has always been providing food and a house and an education to Natalie.

Anyway we will see what comes ahead , lets first deal with Tomorrow and how we are going to start new in Bloomingdale .

I put Natalie to sleep and plan everything for the week ,

1. To find a job

2. Getting the books for the school that is going to start in 3 days

3. The timings

And my eyes close with the plan and thoughts wandering in my head and the sleeping pill settling in.

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