The Bootlegger's Daughter

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The Big Family Meeting

I got up and left too, following Aunt Bertha and making sure to be very quiet when closing the door. I went downstairs where there was a considerate noise increase. Everyone was gathered in the parlor.

We call that room the parlor although we don’t use it as a normal parlor. There are no plush sofas or fancy woodworkings like other people’s. Instead there are some chairs and a table or two. The room doesn’t need to be fancy, it needs to fit a good amount of people.

The parlor wasn’t full when I first got down but it was filling up. All of my family was there (except for Matthew of coarse), Lady, Sourman, and the three men who were at supper were there. I sat in a chair looking down at my hands while ringing them together. I periodically looked at the clock in the back of the room to see the time. I watched it go from ten minutes till to five. I was starting to get excited.

At five till the twins and Sam came in. The should be everyone. The speakeasy closed early to make sure everyone was here. No member of the family was left out. Sam looked very nervous being in the crowded room full of people he hadn’t met and just started working with. But he spotted me and came over.

“Hello again Lucy.” Sam said to me once he walked over.

“Hello.” There was a pause. I took out a cigarette and fumbled trying to get my lighter to work. Sam took out his and lit the cigarette for me. “Thank you” I said. I took a deep breath and blew out the smoke. “Are you excited for the meeting?” I asked him. Sam took out his own cigarette and lit it as well.

“I would prefer it to not be on my first day but here we are. I am interested as to what it is all about. Do you know?” I shook my head.

“I only have guesses.” I said. My guesses where that the meeting would be about what happened to Grandfather and what was going to be done next as in terms of the funeral and such. I also thought it would be about what the family would do next. We couldn’t let the McKays get away with this scott-free. They had to pay. I was correct of course about the basic setup of the meeting. Although I wish I was wrong about them paying.“Did you have a nice time working?” I asked trying to make small talk before the meeting started.

“It was alright. Not much happened. Some people were upset that we closed early but thankfully Paul and his brother were there to help.”

“You don’t call them the twins?” I asked. “I thought everyone did.”

“They aren’t twins.” Sam said in a confused voice.

“They’re Irish twins. The Irish twins who are not Irish is the joke.”


There was a pause in the conversation but was covered up because Father walked in. He was talking to Uncle Henry and David was walking off to the side of them. David didn’t talk much that day which was odd because he normally is very talkative.

“Everyone!” Father yelled to get people’s attention. Everyone turned to look towards Father. David tried to join the rest of us in the crowd but Father grabbed the back oh his collar and kept David next to him. Uncle Henry did join us though.

“Before we get to the reason you all have come, there is an important announcement I need to make. After my father’s untimely death I was thinking that something similar could happen to me. Therefore I have made the decision that my son, David E. Sweet will take over in the event of my death.” Father said. There were some murmurs among the crowd. David isn’t scared of being in front of people but that day just by looking at him you could tell that he wanted nothing more than to go back and hide somewhere in us. David whispered something to Father that I believe was along the lines of ‘May I sit down now, Father?’ Father nodded and David left and hid himself.

“Now as you all know, Joseph Sweet was murder yesterday by the McKays.” There were angry whispers about how terrible that was and that the McKays need to pay. “The funeral will be in about a week or so. I hope you will all come. I am not disclosing information the police have told me but if there are any questions come talk to me personally.” Father had this way of saying thinks very matter of factly even when it was sad, like news about his father dying.

“Why did they do it?” Jack yelled out. Father glared at Jack. I looked over at him. He wasn’t embarrassed or anything, in fact he looked mad and determined.

“That is information that is not going to be shared.” Father said in a strict voice.

“Wouldn’t the children like to know what happened to their grandfather?” Jack asked getting madder.

“They are content with-“ Father said before Jack interrupted him.

“Does your new understudy know or are you leaving Sweetie Junior in the dark too?”

“That is enough!” Father yelled. Jack was silent but livid. Father sighed loudly. “Now I’m sure you all want to know how we can fight back against these bastards. I figured the best way we could take our revenge was by doing the same to them that they did to us, except bigger. I think that to make it hurt even more is that we should execute it in their house. And to add fuel to fire the person who lets us in will be one of them.”

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