The Bootlegger's Daughter

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Things Don't Go as Planned

The day after that I went to school. But just like every school day, I went to the speakeasy first. I’m sorry if this feels rushed but something tells me that you don’t really care to hear about me getting dressed and Mary doing my hair. This did of course happen, but I just don’t care to write about it. So I’m skipping ahead to the speakeasy.

Herbert was working the door that day. He’s nice and all but I don’t talk to him. It really is only with the twins that I joke with. I told him the password and went in. I’m sure David and my cousins were glad that I wasn’t messing around.

In the speakeasy was Frank Terry cleaning up. Because of his nerves Father doesn’t always give him jobs, but one time his wife, Mrs. Helen Terry, came over to Father and asked if he could do some simple task to get him out of the house. I only know that because she told me. I don’t remember where we were or why she told me that, but she did.

Father was sitting at the bar with Uncle Henry. They weren’t drinking, only talking in quiet voices with each other. When we walked through the door Father turned his head to look at us. Even if the door and our footsteps were completely silent Father still would have heard us because David was back to talking up a storm.

“Come here, Lucy.” Father said. I walked over to him with all the others still following me. “Would you like to do an important job for me tonight?” Father asked.

“I would as long as it’s with Sou- I mean Leonard.” I said. I did almost say Sourman which would have gotten me in trouble. Father still gave me a look knowing what I almost said.

“I would like to start our business with the McKays tonight.”

“Really! Oh I would love to!” I almost yelled.

“While you’re at school I want you to think of a name and a story so you can explain why you are singing to this girl.”

“You’ll need to get her a suit.” Uncle Henry said.

“Yes you’re right. Robert and David are too tall, maybe you can get one from John. But he’s taller than you too.” Father said. I don’t believe that I have mentioned my height yet. Embarrassingly enough, I am pretty short. While most girls who say they’re short are around 5’ 4’’ or so, I am barely 5’ 2’’. Even Mary’s taller than me. I will blame my mother for that. “When you get home we’ll find something for you.”

“Alright.” I said.

“That is all that is going to be done for today.” Father said louder my cousins and brother could hear. John brushed it off and continued talking to David, but he wasn’t listening. David and Robert were too busy being shocked that they weren’t being given a job.

“Father, are you sure that’s all you want done. Robert and I could gather up a group of boys and raid the McKay’s speakeasy.” David said. Father chuckled lightly then spoke in a serious tone.

“Don’t be too eager, David. You will not do anything about the McKays without my permission.” Father said. David sighed then kicked at some dust with his shoe. “Now go to school before you’re all late.”

The boys went to the door but I gave Father a kiss on the forehead before running off to join them. The day was still cold, I swear the weather is never what you want it to be here.

“Why do you want to raid a speakeasy, David? You know we don’t do raids very often. And like Father would even let you go on one let alone run one.” I asked David as we walked to school. If you don’t know a raid is when a group of men go into a rival business or something we want to take over and beat up the people running. Once they’re knocked out we steal some money and such. The point isn’t to kill or gain money, it’s to make the rival afraid of you. I’d always wanted to go on one, but they don’t happen often and Father doesn’t like women to go. Mary has gone on one because she was curious and managed to get one of the twins to give her a suit. But David wasn’t allowed to go either; Father thought it would be too rough for him.

“I heard Jack talking to Herbert about it yesterday. Jack thought that we should just raid their speakeasy. But Herbert told him that what we were going to do was just raid their home. But I liked Jack’s idea and wanted to see if I could do it.” David explained.

“Me too! I helped David plan it; told him how to ask and such.” Robert chimed in.

“Mary said it’s not pretty, I don’t know why you would want to go on one.” I said, trying to be a responsible person. Mary did get in trouble for going because her hat fell off and people saw that it was really her. All she got though was Father yelling at her for disobeying him.

“Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Do you really expect us to believe that you have never wanted to go on a raid? Come on, I know you have wanted to. I know you’re jealous of Mary’s little rebellion a year back when she snuck into a raid.” Robert said.

“Well… I wouldn’t say that I have never wanted to go…” I replied with a smile. I wasn’t going to lie to them, I just didn’t want to say the full truth that I had really wanted to go.

“You know my father said that the next raid that happens I can go on. I mean I’m fifteen, I am a man now.” Robert said.

“I thought you became a man at eighteen?”

“Oh what do you know.” I shrugged my shoulders and we continued walking to school.

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