The Bootlegger's Daughter

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Double Interrogation

I followed Miss Hayes back into the school and in my classroom. She went and sat down at her desk. In front of her desk was two chairs, one of which was occupied by Lillian with a handkerchief being held to her nose. Her hair was starting to dry by now too, although it was still pretty wet.

“Please sit Miss Sweet.” Miss Hayes said with still angry voice. I slumped into the chair. I know I should have been focused on being about to get lectured but all I could think about was that I wished I had kept Ada’s milk with me to keep on my eye. But then again, that would be giving more credit to Lillian’s punch.

“Miss Foster told me that you dumped her milk on her head and ran away. Then when she confronted you, you hit her.” Miss Hayes said. It took almost all of my willpower to not laugh. Even now months after this happened I still laugh at how dumb and predictable Lillian is. I knew I would have to deal with her exaggerations. But I did smile to Miss Hayes which she noticed. “Oh you think this is funny?”

“What I think is funny is that the story you were told is false. I never poured milk on Lillian, that was Robert. Then Lillian came over to me and yelled at me for not doing anything about it. One thing led to another and I called Lillian a Dumb Dora. Then she hit me and gave me a bruised eye that I can tell you are ignoring. I then responded with a hit that gave her a bloody nose. Then she ran off to find you. If you don’t believe me you can ask Ada, she saw the whole thing happening.” I explained. Miss Hayes looked a bit surprised that there were differing stories.

“I do not think bringing in a third party would be wise as I feel one side will be biased.” Miss Hayes started. Truthfully I stand by that opinion even now as if we did bring in someone they would be biased. “And I have no way of knowing which story is true. Although Miss Foster did leave out hitting you.” Then believe it or not Miss Hayes glared at Lillian. “I think the best course of action is sending both of you home so we can start anew tomorrow.”

“No! My mother will be so upset! I swear my story is true, I did not lie!” Lillian cried. It was quite funny.

“Now Miss Foster, even if you are telling the truth, you still have milk in your hair and it’s best if you go home and wash it out.” Miss Hayes replied. Lillian just sighed then slid out of her chair and left to go home. “Miss Sweet, I must say that no matter what you should not be fighting other students. But I do believe you if your family asks and there will be no other punishment to you after this. Similar to what I said to Miss Foster, you should go home and put something on your eye regardless.” I nodded and started to get up out of my chair to leave. “Have a good day.” Miss Hayes said. I mumbled a reply to her and left to go get my things. After that was done I walked home.

I didn’t care if I was sent home. Again, I am not a bad student and I like to learn but a break every now and then is nice. It was the first time I had walked home completely alone though and I found it quite nice. It’s peaceful to be by yourself, even if it’s just twenty minutes. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Anyway, I walked home and when I got there I tried to head straight up to my bedroom but was intercepted by Mary.

“Why are you home so early?” Mary asked suspiciously. Then she noticed my eye. “Oh my are you hurt?” She said with a little gasp.

“I’m fine. I called a girl ‘Dumb Dora’ and she hit me. So I hit her back and we both went home.” I explained to Mary. I had a feeling that I would be telling this story a lot so it was best I kept it quick.

“Well good for you for standing up for yourself and hitting back.” Mary replied.

“Thank you. Anyway, I’m going to head out, I only wanted to drop off my books.”

“Where are you going?” Mary asked suspiciously again. She always has been suspicious person. Always wanting to know everyone’s business and judging you accordingly.

“To the speakeasy. I need a drink after today. You know Father wants me to spend the evening with Sourman?” Mary sighed at me. She does this anytime I mention drinking. You would think someone in the bootlegging business wouldn’t be so bothered by someone who likes alcohol.

“You really shouldn’t drink, Lucy. Also, I do not like him as much as the next person but calling Leonard ‘Sourman’ is pretty rude. The twins have been rubbing off on you haven’t they?” Mary somewhat scolded me. I didn’t care and I wasn’t paying attention to her. Once she started speaking I had already left and went to my room to drop off my things. Mary just followed me around though and continued her lecture.

“So what if the twins have. Did you know Carl is working the door today?” I said as I walked out of my room and headed towards the front door to leave.

“No I didn’t know Carl was working the door. Are you sure you want to go there, Lady apparently is singing.” Mary said as I was about two feet from the door. But her comment made me stop in my tracks.

“Lady is singing?” I asked hoping I misheard Mary.

“Yes. I do not know why Sweetie lets her. She is honestly quite terrible.” Mary said with a fake happiness.

Lady Robinson is a woman who helps us. She can be nice and a valuable asset, but also annoying at times. Her name isn’t even ‘Lady’ although I’ll admit that I do not know what her given name is. I find it dumb to go by a name that has nothing to do with your given name. I know I have already criticized Sourman’s fashion sense, but Lady’s is as bad as his except in female form. She wears dresses that are out of fashion and only a few inches off of her ankles. She thinks it makes her look elegant, but it does the opposite. But the worst is her hair and makeup. I said I am bad at hair styling, Lady is five times worse. Her hair is not short so she keeps it in a bun and pins the front pieces into circles. It does not look good. Her makeup is also a mess and is applied too heavily. Overall a real face stretcher. But like Mary said, she is quite a terrible singer.

“I will have to deal with some bad singing.” I said as I left the house. Mary didn’t follow me but I am honest when I say that I thought that she might have followed me. You know it is silly that I say that I am being honest. I am sure I will continue to say that, but for the record everything I am writing is true. Well the names are not true, but everything else is. Of course you could always not believe me and think all of this is fake. Go ahead and think so, think this is some made up story that I inserted myself into, I really don’t care and will never argue with you.

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