The Bootlegger's Daughter

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I Meet Someone Else

It took me a while to find my way as I was in a part of town I don’t normally go to, but once I found a main road I was all set. I walked to the speakeasy as quickly as I could, desperate to get away from the world. When I got there I knocked on the door. The other twin, Paul was working the door. I told him the password and was let in.

If you are curious, Paul looks just like Carl. Paul was wearing a fashionable suit and had a boater hat that matched Carl’s.

“Hey Lucy. How is my favorite girl doing today? Just don’t tell your cousin, Mary that I said that.” Paul said happily. I grumbled a reply and Paul gave me a look of sympathy. “Shame what happened to Sweet, he was a good man.” I didn’t say anything. If you couldn’t infer, a lot of people call Grandfather ‘Sweet’ and Paul was one of them. I didn’t reply to him. There was an odd silence where neither of us said anything. “Unless that’s not the thing that’s on that busy mind of yours?” He was trying to get me to talk to him although I wasn’t budging.

“Who is manning the bar?” I asked in a monotone voice.

“Someone you wouldn’t know, some new guy whose name is Samuel Fuller.” Paul responded, mocking my voice.

“Lady coming in to sing today?”

“Would I be working if she was?” Paul jokingly asked. I flashed a smile and walked over to the bar. The new guy walked over to me. He was young, had to be about my age. He had blond hair that was slicked back and was wearing a green suit.

“What would a pretty lady like yourself want to drink?” He asked me. I blushed a little.

“Who are you?” I asked him. I remembered the name Paul told me, but I love hearing someone’s name through their own voice, it makes it much more intimate.

“Your humble bartender.” He responded.

“Whose name is…”

“Sam Fuller.” Sam smiled and so did I. “Now what would the pretty lady like to drink.”

“Some whiskey. I don’t have any money on me but you can just add it to a tab. My name is Lucy Sweet.” I said. Sam’s face dropped. You could tell that he was scared because he just called his boss’s daughter ‘pretty’ two times. I smiled and Sam walked away meekly. He came back after a second with my drink.

“Not to be rude in any way, but are you Sweetie’s daughter?” Sam asked while ringing his hands. I smiled and Sam made a nervous one.

“Why yes I am.” I said. Sam nodded and looked down for a second.

“Maybe… maybe not mention to your father that I called you pretty.” Sam said nervously. I just smiled at him.

“Alright handsome.” I replied. I sometimes find myself to be quite funny in the spur of the moment. While you, my dear wonderful reader will most likely never find me funny, I think, or thought at the time that I am. So forgive me for my terrible jokes. Thinking of it now I should have included that in my warning in the beginning of my story.

Anyway, Sam walked away after some man called him over. I was left alone to my drink. It was just as peaceful as I had hoped and teasing Sam and drinking was just the thing to calm my nerves back down. By the time Sam came back to me roughly five minutes later, I had already drank about half of the whiskey.

“Wow you sure drink quickly for a little lady.” Sam remarked when he saw my glass. I didn’t take offence to his remarks as it was true. I just smiled and laughed a small bit.

“I guess I do.” I replied. Sam smiled back at me. He had a very pretty smile. It inspired me. “Mr. Fuller,” He had looked away for a second then when I said his name he looked right in my eyes and made a ‘hmm’. “Tell me about yourself.” He paused for a second and laughed a little.

“Well the first thing is I hate it when people call me ‘Mr. Fuller’.” Sam said. I smiled and took a sip of my drink. I know I put that I smile a lot, but he had this aura to him that just made one happy. “But I don’t know much about me. I was born out in Washington and ran away when things got boring.”

“You sure ran far.” I said.

“I didn’t need to, just joined the war. When it ended I didn’t come home.”

“Just how old are you?” I asked. This puzzled me as he looked my age. I knew boys under sixteen couldn’t enlist.

“I’m twenty-one.” My surprised face made Sam smile. He really looked at most seventeen. “I know, I have a young face. But I found myself here and in need of a job. I made a friend through Paul and he recomended me to Sweetie. And now here I am. Only problem being I seemed to pick a bad starting date.” Sam said. We both laughed a bit. There was a pause where I waited for him to say something else. “What about you, what is your story?” He asked.

“I was born here and have worked for my family all my life. But besides that I haven’t done anything exciting or memorable with my life.” I said.

“You mustn’t worry about that, everyone gets a chance to do something exciting or memorable with their life.” Sam said. I smiled and looked down at my hands that were laying on the bar.

“Thank you.” I said quietly. Neither of us said anything so I took another sip. I closed my eyes a little as I was doing so and when I finished I caught Sam staring at me. I smiled at him and him back at me.

“Hey, barman!” Some man at the other end of the bar yelled to Sam. “Bank’s closed and I’m waiting!” Sam walked away with a sigh and look back to me. I started to blush. Sam and I were not kissing or anything that would warrant the man to yell ‘bank’s closed’. Some people really are not patient.

But anyways I was getting bored sitting in the speakeasy. It had already been a long morning and I wanted something new. So I finished the rest of my drink and walked back to Paul.

“What time is it?” I asked him. He looked at his watch.

“Around 10:30. Why do you ask and why don’t you get your own watch?” Paul responded.

“Can’t a girl just get the time without being swarmed by questions?” I asked as I walked out the door and into the day. The wind had not yet died down and it felt as if the wind was pushing me to my next destination. I no longer controlled where I went, the wind moved my legs.

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