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Gaby had decided that Chuck’s Chooks was her new favourite, and that we would go there every Friday night for date night.

Yay for my wallet, not so yay for me, seeing as Law probably hated me now.

I couldn’t meet his eyes after what had happened. He always seemed to catch me at my worst, and he was the absolute LAST person I wanted to see me like that.

No one wants to look bad in front of the person they like, but I was yet to look good in front of him.

“Oh shit! Lawson, what happened to your hands!?” Gaby gasped, a look of horror on her face.

My eyes snapped to his hands, that had deep, angry lacerations across his knuckles and fingers.

I automatically reached out and grabbed one of his injured hands in mine, but he quickly yanked it away, shoving it into the pockets of his jumper.

He looked at the floor and grumbled a reply, his cheeks tinged pink. “I got in a fight.... With a wall.... Some asshole made me angry.”

“You.... Punched a wall? Who the hell managed to make you angry enough to punch a wall?” Gaby asked in astonishment, before turning to me. “Baby, you should teach them a lesson! You should have your friend’s back.”

I was already teaching the asshole a lesson.

I had been mentally beating the shit out of myself since midday.

I was so ashamed that I couldn’t just stand up to Marcus. I wanted to so badly. I wanted to just tell Law everything, but the truth was too embarrassing.

Law and I locked eyes, an awkward silence settling over us.

Ahem... So.... What would you like to order?” Law said, more like a statement rather than a question.

Gaby had bounced right back to her usual perky attitude, completely oblivious to the thick, awkward tension in the air. “The BIG bucket, please!! Friday’s are my new cheat day!”

" ....... Cool.” He mumbled in response, as he put the order through the register.

We took a seat, while Law went out back and prepared our order.

Gaby blabbed on and on about the latest gossip she had heard.

I felt like complete, absolute shit. I was such an asshole to Lawson. Enough to make him do that to his own hands out of anger.

"-Don’t you think?" Gaby looked at me expectantly.

Fuck. What did she say? “Hmm?”

“Camp..... ”

“...... Camp?”

She huffed, and crossed her arms. “Were you even listening to a word I said, Court? I swear, you hardly ever listen to me anymore. You’re always spacing out!”

“Ah.... Sorry....” I mumbled guiltily. She definitely wasn’t wrong.

“Ugh, whatever.... Senior camp is next week....... Wednesday to Friday, remember?”

“Oh... Right...” Fuck... Another thing I have to pay for this week.

Lawson walked over with our food, obviously having heard our conversation. “That’s next week? Fuck, I’ll have to remember to tell Chuck I can’t work...”

“Y-You’re going too, Law?” I stuttered.

“..... It’s compulsory for all seniors.... I’m a senior... So yes, Court. I will be going.”

I looked down at my hands as I twirled them together nervously. “Oh, yeah.... Stupid question...”

Gaby stared at me like I was a complete idiot, while Law set the food on the table for us.

“..... Enjoy...” He grumbled, before quickly going back.

As soon as he disappeared back into the kitchen, Gaby dug in, and launched straight back into conversation.

“You’ve been acting weird lately, baby.”

So she did notice. She didn’t ask why, though.

I could see her eyes wander to the slight graze on my cheek occasionally, but she never once asked what had happened, and if I was okay.

I knew she didn’t really care.

“Oh, I hadn’t noticed. ” I answered nonchalantly.

“Mm... Since when were you and Marcus so close?”

I clenched my jaw quickly at the mention of his name, before regaining my composure. “We’re not.... We just have... Business...”

“Ohhhh, right.... His dad’s in hotels too, isn’t he?”


I could feel Laws eyes on me from the counter. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the feeling of him watching me.

It was making me feel hot.

My mind drifted to thoughts of him. His hands on my body, his lips against mine, the way my skin tingled when his breath hit it-

“-COURT!” Gaby yelled, catching my attention.

“Huh? What’s up?”

She huffed once again, clearly annoyed with me. “Hurry up and go pay! I finished eating like, 5 whole minutes ago.”

“Oh... Yeah... Right....”

I walked over to the counter to pay, while Gaby gathered her things and double checked her makeup.

I thanked god that I had worn a jumper that was long enough to hide my hardening bulge.

“H-How much?” I silently cursed myself for stuttering, my cheeks burning as he eyed me curiously.

“Oh uh... $18.99 for the big bucket.”

I handed him the cash before heading out the door, giving him an awkward half wave as we left.

He did the same.

Why did he look cute when he was awkward, but I just looked like a dick head.

I had to take extra customers over the weekend to scrounge together enough for the weekly instalment of school fees, and the remainder of the money for camp.

I was excited at the thought of Law being at camp. As awkward as things were between us lately, I hoped we would be put in the same cabin group.

Seeing Law was literally the only thing I looked forward to anymore. Just being close to him made things seem less shit.

He was the only thing stopping me from ending my life.

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