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Wednesday morning, the entire senior grade stood outside the front gates, waiting for the buses to take us to camp.

It was 5am, and fucking cold as shit. The three coffees I had downed before arriving had barely done anything, and I was itching for a smoke.

Definitely not a morning person.

Court however, looked fucking gorgeous.

It wasn’t fair that he could look so perfect literally ALL the time, while I looked like a dishevelled mess.

It was coming into winter, so everyone had rugged up in thick jackets. Even though this school was excessively wealthy, they had opted to hold camp in the middle of the year because it was cheaper.

Two buses finally pulled up in front of us. The teachers went through the roll, getting each student to place their luggage in the storage hold underneath, before allowing them on the bus as their names were called.

“Oi, over here Law!” Leon waved me over to a seat he had saved for me. It was right in front of Court and Gaby, and across the aisle from Marcus and his friends.

I groaned, speaking in a hushed tone. “Can’t we sit somewhere else, Leon?”

“If you can find another seat, then sure. Good luck though, cos last I checked the bus was full. We’re just lucky Court saved us some seats.” Leon shrugged.


Court’s cheeks flushed pink as I took my seat in front of him. We hadn’t spoken much lately, I just didn’t know what to say to him. I wanted to ask him if he was okay, but he was always surrounded by people.

Marcus had spent almost the entire 2 hour bus ride staring at both Court and I.

It was really fucking annoying.

When we finally got to the camp grounds, we were split off into our cabin groups, which would also be our “team” for the rest of camp.

As if school camp wasn’t cliché enough, my cabin consisted of Leon, Court, Marcus and myself.

Fucking brilliant.

The cabins were quite nice, with four single beds per room, and a small bathroom attached.

I chose the bed closest to the front door, because I planned to sneak out for smokes as often as possible. Court chose the bed next to mine, Leon opposite mine, and Marcus opposite Court.

I really didn’t want to have to share a cabin with that asshole. I didn’t like the way he looked at Court.

Like he was a piece of meat.

Then there was the way he looked at me. I was used to people gawking, but his gaze made me sincerely uncomfortable, which had never really happened before.

“What a weird grouping. I wonder if someone flashed some money around in order to choose their roomies...” He looked pointedly at Marcus, whose grin widened in response.

“Just for those two... You were a fluke, Bao.”

I looked at Marcus, completely confused. “Me too?”

“Yes, you too. I find you intriguing, Grace.” He mused, winking at me deviously.

“Because it’s totally normal to be intrigued by someone that punched you in the face.... And don’t call me Grace.”

He bit his lip, and sucked in a sharp breath through his teeth. “Oooh, feisty.”

I rolled my eyes, as I dumped my old black duffle bag on the end of my bed.

The teachers had given us 30 minutes to get settled before breakfast was to be served in the mess hall, where they would give us a rundown on the next two days of “fun”.

We had to sit with our “teams” for meals as well. It was like some sick way to force people to be friends. A lot of the others had been split from their usual friend groups, apart from those -like Marcus- who had paid to have their choice of teammates.

Court and Marcus sat across the table from us, and I could tell something was up by the way Court’s shoulders stiffened partway through breakfast. My steel-tipped combat boot shot up and collided with Marcus’s shin, causing him to jump and yelp, while quite obviously lifting his hand from Court’s thigh.

“What the fuck, Grace!?” He seethed, trying to keep his voice low to avoid drawing the teachers’ attention.

“Ah, shit... Sorry, Tate... My legs get a little twitchy after sitting down for so long.”

Leon stifled a laugh, while Court gave me a small, thankful smile.

I winked back at him in response.

I. Fucking. Winked.

His smile grew wider and his cheeks turned an adorable shade of pink, while mine burned a deep, embarrassed shade of red.

Why the hell did I wink? First I awkwardly wave at him, now I wink? Kill me.

I couldn’t tell if Marcus was angry, or turned on. He just kept staring intensely.

The teachers’ loud voice drew our attention as she started her spiel. “Okay! First off, Welcome to Senior Camp! We will be staying here for the next two nights. There are plenty of fun activities planned, including paintball, night hiking, rock climbing, etc.”

“You are allowed to choose which activities you would like to do, but you must do them as a group. The night hiking will be done all together, and is compulsory.” She continued, as the room filled with groans from the students. “Breakfast is at 6:30am, lunch at 12pm, and dinner at 6pm. Curfew is 10pm, if you are caught outside of your designated room after that time, there WILL be consequences.”

Leon leant over to me, keeping his voice low. “Would be a good idea not to get caught sneaking out for smokes, Law.”

“Thanks, Leon. I would never have thought of that...” I rolled my eyes.

“You’re a real bad boy, aren’t you? I think you might be the first one I have met that wasn’t just all talk.” Marcus purred at me from across the table. He leant forward on his elbows, his eyes glistening with fascination.

I just wanted to yank his head forward and dunk his face in his bowl of oatmeal.

After breakfast, it was time for our first activity. We had opted for paintball first, seeing as it sounded the least lame.

We geared up, and headed out to the large arena that was filled with paint covered obstacles. It was team vs team, and we decided to split in two. I chose to go with Court, because I decided that I wanted to try to keep him and Marcus separated as much as possible. It didn’t seem like Court enjoyed being near him, and I was becoming very jealous.

“Why didn’t you go with Leon? You guy’s are friends...” Court asked, as we ran to find a good spot.

“Aren’t we friends too, Court? I can’t tell lately. You hardly talk to me anymore..”

He looked down at his feet, “I thought you didn’t like me anymore... After... You know...”

“After I caught you and Marcus fucking? Why would I hate you after that? We fucked too, remember?” I stated plainly.

“Oh, I will never forget that.” Court mumbled, barely audible.

“So, you going to talk to me like normal again?”

He let out a short, semi embarrassed chuckle. “Yeah. Sorry for being a bit of a dick...”

We shot at some enemies nearby, before ducking behind a small wall. There was barely enough room for the both of us, our bodies pressed against each other. If it weren’t for the stupid helmets, our faces would have been super close too, and everyone knows what happens then.

After winning paintball, we chose to swim at the lake before dinner and the night hike.

The water was so clear, it was like a freshly cleaned window. There were high rocks and trees surrounding it, giving off the feel of a secret hideout. It was big, but rather secluded and private.

Marcus lounged on the shore, probably trying to impress people with his body. He was toned, but Court’s was a thousand times better. We weren’t the only group there, and unfortunately Gaby was there too. I had wanted to try to get some more alone time with Court, but she stuck to him like goddamned glue.

The night hike was cold, wet, and annoying. I kind of loved it, purely because everyone else seemed to hate it so much.

We trudged through the wet mud, along a narrow trail through the dense forest. Each group had a flashlight, map, and compass, just in case we were separated from the main group. I had told Leon how I planned to try to keep Marcus and Court apart, and he agreed to try to help distract Marcus as much as possible.

“Fuck, it’s cold. This coat isn’t as warm as I hoped it would be.” Court muttered under his breath, hugging his own body as he shivered.

He was wearing an expensive black, double breasted, wool coat. I looked down at my worn black anorak, before pushing him to the side and quickly undoing his buttons.

“Woah, what?!” He yelped, completely taken by surprise.

“Stop moving..” I stripped off my coat first, followed by his, and swapped them. He was right, his wasn’t very warm, but at least he would be warm in mine.

He looked at me wide eyed, a faint blush tickling his cheeks. “O-Oh... Thankyou, Law... Will you be okay in mine, though?”

“The cold doesn’t bother me... Let’s just keep going before we get left behind.”

He looked so cute with his pink little cheeks surrounded by the large, white fluffy hood of my jacket.

As we walked, he edged closer and closer, until our shoulders touched. I could feel my own cheeks growing red as our fingers brushed against each other.

I wanted to hold his hand.

I stretched my pinky finger out tentatively, caressing the side of his hand. His eyes travelled from my face, down to our hands, and back up again. An adorable sheepish smile pulled up the corner of his full lips, as he hooked his pinky with mine.

We were almost back at the camp, when Marcus suddenly shoved between us, slinging his arms over both of our shoulders. “Aren’t you two just so cute. Careful Gaby doesn’t see, or princess’s good reputation will be ruined.”

“Fuck off, Tate. I don’t know what you’re talking about, we were just walking.” I grumbled in annoyance.

He leant over close to my ear, speaking in a low, sexy voice. “I see the way you look at Court, Grace. I didn’t think you were into that..... How about you give me a try?”

I elbowed him sharply in the ribs, making him gasp, and withdraw his arms. “Seriously, fuck off you twat.”

I grabbed Court’s arm, and angrily dragged him away from Marcus as fast as I could.

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