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I never expected that I would see someone from school in this area.

My neighbourhood was a seedy, derelict stain, on the outskirts of the city. A far cry from the perfect little town surrounding Roosevelt Academy.

“Whore! What’s taking so long!?” Growled my client from inside the motel room.

I grabbed the chicken, and slammed the door in the delivery boy’s face without paying.

“Oi, you need to pay for that!” He called out, banging on the door.

I turned to my client, and threw the box of food at him. “Here’s you’re damn chicken! You’re time’s up, so hand over the money, old man.”

I quickly began throwing my clothes on, praying the boy outside hadn’t left yet.

I needed to talk to him first.

“Damn, you’re a rude son of a bitch. I like that.... I’ll pay you double for another hour.” The man said menacingly, his lust obvious.

I paused momentarily. I needed that money for school. The fee’s were fucking expensive, not to mention living expenses. “Sorry sir, but I’m already booked up for the night. Perhaps we can arrange that for tomorrow night?”

He grunted in defeat, but didn’t say more.

I wasn’t booked up, but I had to make sure chicken boy wasn’t going to start telling everybody about this.

If I was ever going to claw my way out of this shitty existence I had fallen into, I needed to graduate, and get a scholarship to a decent college.

The customer handed over a wad of cash, before I quickly dashed out the door, slamming straight into the delivery boy.

“You need to pay for the fucking chicken, kid. I don’t care if everyone at school worship’s the ground you walk on. Pay up, pretty boy.” He seethed angrily, poking me in the chest.

I laughed dryly at his attitude, before grabbing his arm and dragging him around the side of the building.

I pushed him against the wall, and leant down to whisper seductively in his ear. “”If you promise to keep what you saw between us, I can make it worth you’re while...”

I had nothing of value to offer him for his silence, so I offered my body instead.

I was used to it already. I didn’t feel like it was mine anymore anyway.

I slid my hand down his chest, towards his groin.

Just before I could slip my hand under the waistband of his underwear, he swatted it away roughly. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

“What?” I said, thoroughly shocked by his obvious disgust.

No one had declined that offer before, and I had offered it too many times to count.

“What you do in your spare time is your business, and no one else’s. Just pay for the fucking chicken? Please? I would like to get back and avoid being fired on my first shift.”

“Y-you won’t tell?” I breathed shakily, honestly on the verge of tears.

“No, I won’t.” He stated firmly.

I let out a shaky sigh of relief as I handed over the money for the chicken. I knew better than to trust anyone, but I couldn’t afford no to this time.

“Right. Thankyou. Do you think you could... Maybe get off me now?” He asked awkwardly.

I didn’t realise I still had my body pressed against his, pinning him against the wall of the motel.

I quickly moved away, rubbing the back of my neck awkwardly in embarrassment. “A-Ah, s-sorry...”

I wasn’t used to someone NOT wanting to screw me.

It was hard to tell in the darkness, but I could almost swear his cheeks were a little red.

“It’s Lawson, right? You’re in all of my classes...”

“Yeah, lucky me, right?” He let out an awkward, half laugh. “This was definitely not the way I thought our first conversation would go.”

I quirked an eyebrow at him, “Yeah? Did you think about talking to me often?”

“.......... I’m going to leave now, and pray that I still have a job.... I would say that it was nice seeing you, but it really wasn’t..”

“See you at school, chicken boy.” I smirked, as he briskly walked over to his moped, flipped me the bird, and sped away.

I chuckled lightly as headed back to my 10th floor walk up shit shack.

I got to my front door, to find the lock smashed, and the door open.


I kept anything valuable on me at all times because break in’s were a very regular occurrence.

I rolled my eyes, and walked into my single room apartment, before beginning to clean up the mess of clothes and random crap on the floor.

“Fucking hell, they tore my school shirt. I can’t afford the spend another $100 on a new one.” I sighed, searching for a needle and thread, hoping I could patch it up well enough.

Two years ago, my father took me to my first business meeting.

He was the owner of a big hotel chain, and was trying to forge an international business deal by using me. He wanted me to ‘woo’ his client’s daughter to forge a connection between our families.

I was a nervous wreck, and ended up getting absolutely wasted by sneaking sips of alcohol all evening.

Partway through the dinner, I drunkenly stumbled off to the bathroom, so my father sent his personal assistant, Michael, to make sure I was okay.

Michael had been in charge of taking me to school and back, tutoring, and basically babysitting me for as long as I could remember, and we had gotten really close to each other.

He was 10 years older than me, but he was my first crush.

My father had decided to see what was taking so long only to walk in on me pinning Michael against the men’s room wall, my tongue down his throat.

He wasn’t fighting me off, and was returning my kiss passionately, but that wasn’t what my father saw.

My father beat me, disowned me, and threw me out of the house, all on the same night.

I was embarrassed by what my life had become, and what I had to do in order to survive. That was why I was doing everything possible to keep up the appearance as if nothing had ever changed.

I acted happy and carefree at school, but I was so beyond broken, that I didn’t even recognise myself anymore.

It was getting harder and harder to keep pushing through each day.

Maybe I can convince Lawson that I’m just a closeted gay guy that likes to fuck around, but has to hide it? Will it work, though?

I would rather he think of me like that, than him finding out I’m a broke, nameless whore.

I can’t handle people’s sympathy. It makes me hate myself even more.

Author's note:
So, for some reason, when I saved all of the chapters onto my computer from the previous app I was writing on, I must have missed this one... Hence why I manage to miss it on here when I first posted it a year or so ago...
I'm SO SORRYYY! It's kind of an important chapter too, what with Court's backstory and all.. I slapped myself in the forehead so may times last night when I realised what had happened.
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