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Thankfully, I didn't lose my job.

I told my boss I had gotten stuck in traffic on the way back.

I spent the rest of my shift replaying what had happened in my head. Unless I had heard wrong, Court Daniels was a fucking prostitute.

How does something like that even happen?

The boy I had seen around school was completely different from the boy I delivered chicken to.

That night, I dreamt of him.

It began how it had happened earlier, up until he pushed me against the side of the motel.

His hand made it's way down towards my pants, but I didn't push him away.

He gripped my length, and began to rub it as his lips met mine. I grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his face hard against mine as I parted my lips, our tongues tangling furiously.

He broke the kiss to trail small ones hungrily down my torso, until he was on his knees. He undid my pants and unleashed my member, slowly licking it from base to tip.

My body shuddered with pleasure as I let out a deep moan. His striking eyes held mine as he slowly engulfed it entirely.

A sudden loud crash jolted me from my dirty dreams.

"Jesus! What the fuck?!" I yelped with a start, sitting upright in bed.

My father stood at the foot of my bed, with two metal pot lids in his hands.

"Up!" He bellowed sternly. "And watch your language!"

I groaned, rubbing my tired eyes against the blaring sunlight. "Ughhhhh. Fuck off, dad..."

"...... You better have been dreaming about a girl..." He eyed me accusingly, gesturing to the tent I was pitching.

A devious grin spread across my face, as I reclined slightly, supporting my weight with my arms. "Let's just pretend I did, for your sake."

He growled angrily, storming out of my room without another word.

As soon as he was gone, I sat back up, and ran my hands over my face in frustration.


How am I supposed to be able to look at Court in school today after last night....

And that dream....

"Fuuuuuuuuckkkkkk.." I groaned once again, before slowly dragging myself out of bed.

I headed into the bathroom to shower and deal with my boner, before heading to get breakfast.

I could tell dad was in the toilet as I walked past, thanks to the smell.

I made a quick detour into the lounge where his coat lay over the back of the couch. I fished around in the pockets until I found his favourite monogrammed pen.

My dad hated to use the pens at the office, so he took his favourite one with him.

I quickly pulled the ink tube out, before putting it back together and slipping it into his pocket where I found it.

I just wished I could be there to see him chuck a fit when he went to use it.

Mum unfortunately insisted on taking me to school.

I would have preferred to walk, or catch bus... Or just not go.

"You look like shit, Law." Leon chirped happily, as I walked through the school gates.

"Thanks, Leonard."

He chuckled, adding a bounce to his step as his smile grew wider. "Ooh, someone's moody this morning!"

I stopped abruptly, holding my arm out to stop him, too. "Let's get one thing straight. I'm literally always moody."

"Things to look forward to, I guess?" He said with eyebrows raised. "So, do you always have bags under your eyes like that, too?"

I glared at him for a second before continuing to walk, making him fumble to follow. "No. First shift at work last night, then a......... Weird sleep."

"Oh yeah, I know the kind of weird sleep you're talking about." He giggled, waggling those damn brows cheekily.

I rolled my eyes at him, letting the slightest smirk creep across my lips.

It felt like we had been friends for ages already, even though it was only my third day.

After homeroom we parted ways, and I headed for advanced chemistry. I was planning to try my best to avoid Court, even though we had every class together.

"Okay, new kid! We have split into pairs for labs, so you can either be by yourself, or make a group of three." The professor called loudly as I entered the room. "Anyone willing to let Mr. Grace join their group?"

By myself. Definitely by myself. "I'll just-"

"-He can join us, Sir. My partner is hardly ever here, anyway." Court offered politely, his voice as smooth and gentle as ever.



Before I could protest, the teacher shoved me over into the empty seat next to Court.

Way to avoid the guy..

As soon as the teacher turned his attention away from us, Court leaned in a little closer.

"Hey, chicken boy."

Up this close, I felt like I could see straight into his soul.

There was no warmth in his eyes, even though his smile was so bright and gentle.

I didn't really know what to say. I wanted to be nice, but even when I try, it still came across as rude or as me being an asshole.

"C-Can you not call me that?"

"But you deliver chicken, and it's cute." He grinned maliciously.

Is this some kind of self defence technique? Being a cocky jerk?

Of course it is... It's my go-to move as well.

I was caught speechless at being called 'cute'. No one had ever called me that before, even when trying to be an ass.

I quickly composed myself, my own devilish grin appearing on my face as I leant in to whisper in his ear. "Shall I call you by what you work as too, then?"

His smile quickly faded and I could see the panic in his eyes, even though his face was neutral. "I-I don't have a job... Last night was.... Look, I can't get caught by my dad.... I can't exactly come out of the closet..... I have to go to a cheap motel if I want to fuck around."

He obviously wasn't aware that I had heard their conversation through the door, so I decided to push it.

"Aren't you dating that Gaby chick?" I asked quietly.

" Exactly..... I'm very, very far in the closet.... Like, almost in Narnia..." He hushed, his eyes practically begging me to believe him.

So I shrugged it off. "....... You're weird."

Not really my business anyway.

He grinned at me, relief washing over him. "Coming from the weird guy, I'll take that as a compliment."

The more I watched him, the more cracks I could see in his mask.

The biggest tell was his eyes.

If you looked close enough, his eyes never smiled with the rest of his face.

"So, how are you going with avoiding golden boy?" Leon grinned knowingly, as we found a table in the cafeteria at lunch time.

My voice was thick with sarcasm, as he took a seat across from me. "Oh, super well."

"Man, if I were gay, I would totally be into him." He sighed wistfully.

I fake choked on my food. "IF you were gay? I thought you were..."

"What!? No!" He exclaimed, before fumbling over his words. "N-Not that there's anything wrong with that-"

I cut him off with a sudden burst of laughter that I was no longer able to control. "Calm down. I'm just fucking with you. You stare at boobs way too much, by the way."

He glared at me, shoving food into his mouth. "Fuck you."

I was about to make some witty comment, when Court slid into the seat next to me.

"Hey ch-.... Lawson. Mind if I sit with you?" He beamed warmly at me.

I huffed, pushing his lunch tray that had been pressed against my arm, a few inches back. "I do mind, but something tells me you are going to sit here regardless."

"Well... Yeah..." He admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

Why is he suddenly so eager to be near me?

Is he worried I'll tell his secrets if he's not in earshot?

"Wow... Yeah.... Super..." Leon mumbled, completely in awe of Court.

I didn't understand how he had everyone thinking he was someone completely different.

"I thought we should get to know each other a bit better, seeing as we are going to be spending a lot of time together." Court smiled, making Leon mirror his expression.

"Yay. Aren't I just so lucky." I grumbled under my breath.

Leon delicately reached across the table and placed his hand on Court's. "Don't mind him, Court. He's always moody, apparently. He's like.... The definition of teenage angst, personified."

"Really? I never would have guessed from his charming disposition..." He laughed in response, making me glare silently at both of them.

He playfully shoved my shoulder as he chuckled along with Leon, and gave me a dazzling smile that lit up his whole face.

Even his eyes.

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