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I found myself liking this new kid Lawson more and more.

Not like THAT....

I mean, he was hot... In that grungy, mysterious, sexy bad boy kind of way.... But I was much more comfortable around him than I was anyone else.

He -kind of- knew at least part of my dirty secret, and he didn’t judge me for it. He didn’t instantly spread the hot new gossip like anyone else would have.

Friday nights were reserved as date night with Gaby, my girlfriend.

She was the queen of the school. Her parents were big in the business world, meaning she was loaded, and spoiled rotten. She had straight, honey blonde hair that hung down to her waist, full pink lips, and sweet, blue eyes that seemed to captivate everyone. Image was everything to her, meaning she was always on a diet, and always had a full face of make up on.

We generally went to a movie, had dinner together, and then..... Well.... Sex.....

It was unsatisfying and empty, pretty much like any of my customers, except with Gaby I had to pay for everything.

Gaby looked up at the cheap fluorescent sign above the door and scoffed. “Chuck’s Chooks? THIS is where we are eating tonight?”

“Yeah babe, the chicken here is really good apparently. Come on Gaby, try something different for a change.”

“.... If I get fat, I’m dumping you.” She said begrudgingly, flipping her hair before walking towards the door.

I chuckled, following her, “You’re so skinny, babe. You won’t get fat.”

Aawww thanks, Court. I love you baby.” She crooned, kissing my cheek.

“Yeah, love you too.” I said easily, giving her my usual well practised smile. “I’ll go order, you choose a seat, okay?”

“Sure, babe.” She agreed, strutting off to go find seat.

I walked up to the empty counter, and dinged the little bell for service.

Oh for fuck sake...” A voice grumbled from the kitchen, followed by a clanging noise.

Lawson finally emerged, his face dropping even more than usual when he saw me grinning at him.

“You’re going to get frown lines if you keep that up.” I stated cheerfully.

He half smirked, crossing his arms over his chest. “At least I don’t put on a fake smile.”


That actually kind of hurt. Then, made me panic a little internally.

No one ever noticed that the smile I wore was fake, but somehow he had.

“What do you want?” He sighed, quickly changing the subject.

Did he notice my panic as well?

“I’ll get the “fried 4 2" meal, please.” I asked, trying my best not to let any more cracks in my façade show. “That’s a pretty lame name for a couple meal...”

Lawson scoffed, rolling his eyes as he put my order through the till. “Have you not noticed? This entire place is lame. But it pays well.”

“Probably not enough, though...” I mumbled under my breath.

If only I could just work in a place like this, instead of.... That..

“Your food will be ready soon.... It’s been slow tonight, so I’m throwing in some extra chicken. It will just be going in the bin otherwise. You may as well take it.” He stated, his nonchalant composure not changing in the slightest.

Shit. Free food.

I didn’t want to look like I desperately wanted it, even though I really fucking did. I hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday so I could afford date night.

It had been a slow week for business.

“Oh, cool. Thanks. I mean, seeing as it’s me or the trash.. Hah..”

For some reason, acting cool around him was ten times harder than anyone else. Probably because his passive, deadpan expression was so hard to read.

“I’ll put them in a separate box. You can take a seat, I’ll bring it out for you.” He said, before heading back into the kitchen.

I sat across from Gaby, who was taking selfie after selfie.

“Get a good one yet?”

She jumped slightly at my words, being to focussed on herself to notice I had returned. “Oh, baby! I didn’t realise you were back. Take one with me! It will get way more likes if you’re in it!”

“You know I don’t do social media, or photos Gaby.”

She pouted, “You’re no fun! Who DOESN’T have social media these days?”

“Yeah... I know...”

I couldn’t risk customer’s finding me on social media, and trying to contact me. I used a different name when I worked to avoid the two worlds colliding.

Lawson walked over to us with our food, placing it in front of us without a word.

He looked Gaby and I up and down quickly, before trudging back to the counter.

“Is that what people call customer service these days? How rude!” Gaby exclaimed, loud enough for him to hear it.

I chuckled lightly, “He’s always like that. He just doesn’t give a fuck about what people think. He’s pretty cool, actually.”

YOU think he’s cool? Wow... He must be, then. How do you know him?” She said wide eyed, looking towards the direction Lawson had gone.

“Gaby....” I stared at her blankly. I forgot how oblivious she could be. “He’s in our grade.... At our school... In two of your classes.”

It was like a lightbulb flicked on in her tiny brain. “Oh! The new guy! That’s right! But... Why would he work here? It’s so.... Cheap... ”

She looked around the shop in disgust, before continuing in an excited tone, “I’m going to look up his insta profile!”

“Don’t cyber stalk him, Gaby...”

She waved her hand at me, dismissing my annoyance. “Oh shit, he has so many followers! Ooh, he plays guitar... And drums.... And sings.... He’s definitely getting a follow from me!”

She tapped at her phone enthusiastically, before holding her phone out to show me one of his pictures.

My jaw almost hit the floor.

Right in front of me was a black and white picture of perfectly toned, shirtless Lawson, in torn skinny jeans, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, while he held his middle finger up to the camera.

It was really fucking hot.

“Holy fucking shit.” I practically drooled, before quickly trying to cover up my thirst for the guy. “Ah... I mean... That is a lot of followers..”

She smiled, completely focussed on flicking through his photos. “He is going to be very popular with the girls, I reckon. He’s got that bad boy attitude that they all die for.”

She pinched a piece of chicken between her fingers, before tentatively nibbling on a piece.

“Ooh! This is really good!” She began scoffing the chicken down faster and faster, as I slowly ate mine.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Law watching from the counter.

He was probably checking Gaby out.

Everyone liked Gaby.

She was beautiful.

I scooted my chair over slightly to block his view of her. The thought of him checking her out annoyed me way too much.

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